Apostle Joshua Selman Sermons

Apostle Joshua Selman Sermons

Apostle Joshua Selman Sermons

Apostle Joshua Selman Sermons are delivered with a deep knowledge of the scriptures and wisdom from above. Listening to his sermons could be one of the best things you’ll ever do. Apostle Selman is a wise and highly knowledgeable Nigerian televangelist and preacher of the Holy Gospel. He is highly solicited around the world for his deep understanding of the Holy Scriptures. Chances are very high that you’ll enjoy listening to his teachings. His ability to demystify the hidden mysteries in the Holy scriptures keep many wondering. However, we can only thank God for blessing him with such a level of understanding. We must add that he is very good at teacher the scriptures. He stands today as the Founder, General Overseer, and senior pastor of Eternity Network International (ENI). Apostle Joshua was moved by the Holy Spirit to start his ministry back in the year 2011.

Apostle Joshua Selman Sermons could turn out to be what you really need to get back on track. It is without doubt that you’ll greatly benefit from his preaching which is full of wisdom and knowledge. He has successfully made it into serving God. It is said that the best people to get advice from them are those who have achieved what your heart runs after. This is the case with Apostle Selman who stands today as a successful man of God. He is a spiritual father to many people who desire to get into a more personal relationship with God. Thus, you can be sure to get inspired by Apostle Joshua Selman sermons. From the different testimonies in his ministry, we can realize that most of his congregants have had their lives changed by his powerful sermons.

Why listen Apostle Joshua Selman Sermons

Perhaps you fall among those who wonder why they should listen to Apostle Joshua Selman Sermons. If this is the case, we’ll recommend that you change your mindset. There is really much to learn from this man of God who is the president of Eternity Network International (ENI). ENI is a Christ centered organization which is also known as “Koinonia”. In Nigeria and Africa at large, we notice that Koinonia is one of the fastest growing christian organizations. Koinonia has been in existence for about 7 years. It provides a christian weekly meeting where people from around the world can come and experience God’s power through deep worship. We can as well add that it is a place of intimacy with God where people receive their miracles, and blessings. It also provides a suitable environment for spiritual growth.

Apostle Joshua Selman Sermons are worth listening. He is an indisputably anointed man of God who is accompanied by the manifesting power of the Holy Ghost. Apostle Selman is popularly known in Nigeria, Africa, and the world at large. Google’s current research data reveals that Apostle Joshua Sermons are highly solicited around the world in different countries. Even though he has neglected the importance of social media platforms, he still remains as one of the most solicited. The efficiency of his sermons come in such a power that they turn to change minds, heal, and bring deliverance to those listening. This supports the fact that Jesus’s power is not limited by time and space. Its difficult to deny the power working hand of God in his life. Apostle Joshua is a man of balance who neither too rigid or extreme. He is very friendly and welcoming.

Apostle Joshua Selman Sermons


  • Impartation is the transference of possibilities.
  • If worship did not change you then you did not worship.
  • The infinite wisdom of God is engaged by praying in the spirit.
  • A spiritual man is one who places utmost value on the word of God.
  • The level of your walk with God reflects in your love for people.
  • A worshiper is not a musician or a singer, he is rather a person who understands the dynamics of hosting God.
  • The only entity capable of making men know God is the Holy Spirit.
  • Worship is a ladder in the spirit which we can use to ascend dimensions in the spirit.
  • The display of the gifts of the spirit is never an accurate measure of spiritual growth.
  • God is glorified in kingdom advancement and not denominationalism.
  • Spiritual growth is not determined by your regularity in Church or longevity in the christian faith.
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Intimacy with God

  • Intimacy with God is the first price required for sustainable greatness.
  • True intimacy with God is a product of time spent in his presence.
  • Genuine intimacy with God requires your willingness to be sacrificial for him.
  • Intimacy with God requires making him your priority.

God’s kingdom

  • God never trust people he has not tested.
  • The hidden wisdom of God is engaged by praying in tongues.
  • In God’s kingdom, you rise by the level of light you access and engage.
  • Everything in God’s kingdom is faith dependent.
  • Believers are called to be demonstrators of God’s realities.
  • A track record is what validates you for qualification.
  • It takes enlightenment (light) and empowerment (anointing) to produce results.
  • The mind of God is a compendium of the infinite wisdom of God.
  • Stability in God’s Kingdom is gotten by understanding.
  • God makes men peculiar by introducing them to his marvelous light.
  • The anointing backs up the sent word of God to cause a performance.
  • It is wrong for kingdom ambassadors to negotiate with life, we legislate.


  • In every relationship, there must be clarity and definition of all motives.
  • True love is a choice. It is an act of your will.
  • Relationship is a stream of income. pay the price to keep valuable relationships even when it is ego stinging.
  • Everything in life produces on the basis of relationships .
  • Motives, when not properly defined in a relationship can lead to frustration.


  • To be successful, you must submit to God’s scriptural chain of authority.
  • You reproduce the grace at work when you are genuinely connected with the Holy Spirit.
  • The primary purpose of authority is protection, promotion, and provision.
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Apostle Joshua Selman Sermons on Life Success

  • Genuine Knowledge brings dominion.
  • We win in life by strategies.
  • The world celebrates and rewards men of value.
  • Action is the bridge between problems and testimonies.
  • The epicenter of wealth is dominion.
  • Every dimension of greatness has a price to be paid.
  • One of the keys to great people is their disloyalty to any information that does not produce results.
  • Kingdom wealth are resources that facilitated kingdom advancement.
  • Challenges are a proof that your current mental capacity has stretched its capacity.
  • The true secret of success is in your understanding of kingdom mysteries.
  • When you achieve your desired result, it signifies an accurate application of kingdom principles.
  • Through prosperity shall God’s agenda be spread abroad.
  • Nothing changes by itself. Time does not impact knowledge.
  • It is risky to not know how to respond to life threatening situations.
  • Something you do not know is responsible for your limitation.
  • The pain obtained from the place of failure will preserve your success.
  • The proof for your unattachment to things is your willingness to let them go.
  • You become a physical reflection of your most dominant thought.
  • Knowledge brings dominion.

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