Sermon on Paul and Silas in Prison

Sermon on Paul and Silas in Prison
Sermon on Paul and Silas in Prison

Our Sermon on Paul and Silas in Prison will demystify and reveal what it takes to grow your faith. Through our sermon on Paul and Silas in Jail, you’ll also get to learn what it takes to experience God’s sovereign power. The story of Paul and Silas is worth reading by every Christian. It is of greater importance to those who have consecrated their lives to God’s service.

Paul and Silas were faithful to God even while they were in prison. Their faithfulness led them to experience God’s sovereign power in a supernatural way. After going through a trial in pains and suffering, their faith in God was strengthened as they were filled with more of God’s power. Although everything around was not going as planned, their trust in God was not shaken.

In our sermon on Paul and Silas in prison, we’ll point out the importance and rewards of faithfulness to God. God loves and helps all those who remain obedient to his teachings. And just as he saved Paul and Silas from the hands of their enemies, he will do the same for you. Start by learning his ways and honoring his Holy name. By so doing, he’ll protect you even while you dine on the table with your enemies.

Never allow your condition to determine your faith or trust in God. Satan is always working hard to make things appear out of control so as to catch all those with weak faiths and make them fall. Always remember that God is the rock of ages that never fails. Stand firm on Him and you’ll never be overcome by any satanic agent. Keep in mind that victory in Christ is victory indeed.

Sermon on Paul and Silas in Prison

The mission God gave to Paul and Silas

Paul and Silas were servants of the Most High. They had consecrated their lives to God’s service. Upon proving their faithfulness, Jesus Christ gave them the mandate of preaching the Holy Gospel and winning more souls. They happily received this mandate and took it seriously as they went around preaching, healing the sick, and freeing those in captivity. It so happened that they drove an evil spirit which was giving supernatural abilities to a lady to see the future. After driving this spirit, the lady could no longer work as a fortune teller for her owners.

They got mad at Paul and Silas to the extent that they wanted to kill them. Out of anger, they dragged them to the Roman Officials for trial and punishment. Before the officials, they accused Paul and Silas of misleading people with forbidden doctrines by their laws. They added that Paul and his companion were caught in the very act of causing trouble in the city.

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Upon hearing these accusations, the Roman Officials were angry and had Paul and Silas severely whipped. As if this was not sufficient, they had them bind with heavy chains and thrown into prison. Instead of complaining and lamenting, Paul and Silas thanked God for having accomplished his will. At midnight, they were singing and praising God when Freedom came from heaven. There was a violent Earthquake which was so intense that all the prison doors were scattered. The chains binding the prisoners also fell off for the glory of God.

You might be wondering why they prayed exactly at midnight and were liberated. Midnight is the hour of the third clock in the heavenly places. In other words, it is the hour of Battle in heavenly places. Also read why Paul and Silas prayed at midnight.


In our sermon on Paul and Silas in Prison, we cannot afford to omit the aspect of faith. For it was their faith that led to the manifestations of God’s mighty power. The next question you might possibly be asking yourself is what is faith? Faith is the certainty in God’s yet unfulfilled promises. It is the absolute trust in God that he will always keep to his words. Learn how to put your faith to work.

Remember that God spoke through the prophet, Isaiah, that He will provide help to all those who remain faithful to Him. These reassuring words gave hope and certainty to Paul and Silas. They refused to look at their strength and surrounding situations but chose to focus on God alone. And as we can see, they were not disappointed. Their enemies fell in shame before them in acknowledgment of God’s power in their lives. You can as well learn what it takes to activate your faith to walk in impossible dimensions before men.

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Although everything around Paul and Silas was giving them reasons to be discouraged, they were not. They were innocently whipped to the extent of leaving wounds on their bodies yet they remained standing on the rock of ages. Satan gave them sufficient physical reasons to be discouraged by they did not. They refused to be led by their physical eyes in accordance with the scripture that says children of God live by faith and not by sight.

Although they had severe wounds and pains on their bodies, they did not stop praising God. Their pains and persecutions gave them a bigger reason to pray and sing the more. Their voices reached heaven and brought back divine intervention. It’s time for you to stop complaining and start praising God. For he is aware of your suffering and hardship. There is power in praise. Have faith that he will not live you without a blessing just as he did with Paul and Silas.

The Power of midnight prayer

Apart from faith, midnight prayer is another vital lesson to learn from the sermon on Paul and Silas in Prison. There is power in midnight prayer to set free and destroy all satanic plans. Satan and his agents generally step out at midnight to execute their main plans. This is the hour in which many destinies are buried and stars covered. It is the hour of the third clock which usually involves battles in the heavenly places.

Christians ought to learn from Paul and Silas and start taking midnight prayers seriously. Remember that Jesus Christ has given us the power and ability to overcome all evil principalities in his name. Claim all your stolen blessings and send destruction to all plans of the devil against God’s children. For more info, read why Paul and Silas prayed at midnight. You can as well read about Paul and Silas Sermon.

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