20 Powerful Faith Quotes By Bishop Benson Andrew Idahosa

20 Powerful Faith Quotes By Archbishop Benson Andrew Idahosa

20 Powerful Faith Quotes By Archbishop Benson Andrew Idahosa

The name Archbishop Benson Andrew Idahosa is one that can’t be forgotten in a generation that desires to worship a living God. Yes, I mean a living God. Although gone, his message about the living God is still laying hands on many and taking the faith of many to maturity. In fact, his messages are clothing young men and women with the power to uproot the evil in this generation. He was the kind of preacher that we find 1 in the midst of every 1,000.

With mere words backed by the One Who Sent him, he was able to call down physical and spiritual fire from heaven, instantly call blindness, paralysis, or death on anyone standing on the way of the Holy Gospel or one preventing the Truth from being known (Here, one can only remember how Prophet Elijah called down fire on a whole army sent to stop the work of God in his days).

In the days of Archbishop Benson Idahosa, raising the dead, healing all kinds of sicknesses, opening the eyes of the blind, restoring the speech of the dumb, opening the ears of the deaf, and opening the eyes of the blind were indeed the children’s bread. Father, we miss your days. Just as Elijah left something behind, do not accept to dwell peacefully where you are without pleading with God to continue what you started in our generation. We do not want the Power and Authority that accompanied you and Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola to leave us. The world can only praise God and marvel at the things that He did through you:

  • A man who called down rain and it rained.
  • A man who commanded the rain to stop and it did.
  • A man who commanded the dead to rise and they did
  • A man who drove away hundreds of witches and wizards in Benin and thousands in Nigeria as a whole.
  • A man whose presence demons, wizards, witches, and familiar spirits could not withstand.
  • A man who communicated with the invisible and visible.
  • A man who called the invisible into existence and it came.
  • A man whose words were a mixture of fire and power (1 Corinthians 4:20)
  • A man who shook the heavenly places as he went around doing the things everyone had concluded impossible.
  • A man who fought not for a title but was crowned the Father Of Faith In Africa.
  • A man that this generation and that to come will remember and give thanks to God for sending him.
  • A spiritual father and guide to thousands if not millions.
  • A man whose anointing is too heavy for a mere human to carry.
  • Filled with the Epikaizo Anointing and clothed with the power of the Allos Parakletos, Benson Idahosa went about doing good.
  • A man whose anointing, grace, power, and authority in Christ is still roaming the Earth looking for young men and women who are willing to follow Jesus Christ and run the Christian race in dimensions no one has ever heard of nor experienced.
  • A man who saw the defeat of Satan before being taken away from the Earth.
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20 Powerful Faith Quotes By Archbishop Benson Andrew Idahosa

  1. Faith does not make things easy, it makes things possible.
  2. Faith will move God and man; it will take you through when everything else fails.
  3. To practice faith, the first person you must defeat is yourself.
  4. Faith does not suspend our sense of good judgment, it reinforces it.
  5. When your language changes, your condition changes.
  6. Faith is not a superstition or an intention; it is action.
  7. Life is full of choices but faith in God will affect them all, for Christ can do all things.
  8. What you need to succeed is already there. Just lean on God. For your Faith’s sake, God can disappoint the devil.
  9. Living a daily life of absolute faith in God is the only secret to great success.
  10. If you are afraid to do it, it cannot be done.
  11. The name “I AM” is like a blank check. Our faith can fill in whatever the Lord is to us personally.
  12. Whatever your situation or circumstance, set your eyes by faith on the Lord, keep looking to Him, and continue looking until the tide turns in your favor.
  13. With a stone in your hand, the Word in your mouth, and faith in your heart, the giant will fall.
  14. If you must succeed you must learn how to take yourself out of conflict and put yourself in confidence.
  15. Faith in God is the most dynamic force in humanity.
  16. If science says that it can conceive and build, then faith declares that it can believe and create.
  17. The distance between you and success is the length between your heart and mouth.
  18. Fake it till you make it” Just keep doing it even if it doesn’t yet look like it. Have Faith and just Believe.
  19. Fear and anxiety may force you to make a false move, but remember, “Where there is faith, there is no fear.”
  20. Faith is the bricks and mortar with which we build our relationship with God.
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