Prophets in South Africa

Prophets in South Africa

Prophets in South Africa

Get to know about the famous prophets in South Africa and their corresponding ministries. It is without doubt that Africa is a blessed land in terms of religion. Lots of blessings were left in Africa by Jesus Christ after spending his first two years on Earth in Egypt. Today, Africa stands as one of the continents with practicing Christians. A good number of famous prophets in the world hail from Africa. We can’t omit South Africa when talking of African countries with famous prophets. You can as well get online prophets in South Africa. Most of these prophets have been into ministry for many years while others recently joined. It is not because there are false prophets out there that we have to conclude that all prophets are false. Remember that Jesus Christ did not say that all prophets that will come after him are false.

He rather said that many false prophets will come after him. Hence, we do not only have false prophets in our days but we also have those sent by God to help in the body of Christ. That’s why we should not be quick is judging and condemning anyone who comes in the name of Jesus Christ. We should respect the scriptures by testing their spirits before believing or rejecting them (1 John 4:1). We test their spirits by making sure that their teachings are in the same light with those of Jesus Christ. In short, the duty of a true prophet is to remind us of the teachings of Jesus Christ. It is only a false prophet who will bring new and unsound teachings to mislead God’s children. However, being quick to judge and condemn their works can lead us to unforgivable sins (Luke 12:10).

List of Famous Prophets in South Africa

Pastor Alph Lukau

Alph Lukau is the Founder, General Overseer, and Senior pastor of Alleluia Ministry International (AMI). His ministry is situated in Kramerville, Sandton, South Africa. During the month of February 2019, he used the authority in the name of Jesus Christ to bring back a dead man to life. This miracle went viral on the internet and received comments of all sorts from different people. Those who believed gave glory to God while those who did not believe attributed it to Satan. Whatever the case, God is our judge. Alleluia Ministry International is a Christ centered organization which is Prophetic, and Apostolic. The ministry believes in the wonder working power of the Holy Ghost through the anointed name of Jesus Christ which is above every name. Many people move from different parts of the world to AMI for healing, blessings, deliverance, and prophecies. For more info, read pastor Alph Lukau biography.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

We can’t talk of prophets in South Africa without mentioning Shepherd Bushiri. Shepherd Bushiri is popularly known around the world as Major 1 prophet. He is the Founder, General overseer, and Senior pastor of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) Church. Major 1 started his prophetic ministry back in 2010. The ministry began in his home country, Malawi. And just as the saying goes ” A prophet is never accepted home” was applied to Shepherd Bushiri. His own people did not welcome him but rather made life very difficult for him. In response to this treatment, he relocated from Malawi to South Africa. He is highly loved by his congregants for accuracy in the prophetic. In addition, there are thousands of testimonies praising God for having used his servant to bless his children. For more info, read prophet Shepherd Bushiri biography.

Prophet Petro H A Kathumba

Petro H A Kathumba is one of the prophets in South Africa who hails from Zimbabwe. He is the Founder, General Overseer, and Senior pastor of Heavenly Ambassadors Children Of God God’s Graced Kingdom (HACOG). His ministry is located at Johannesburg. He is also a professional movie writer, director and producer.

Prophet Sunday Egozi

Sunday Egozi is the Founder and General Overseer of Springs Of Life Assembly International. His mission is that of guiding his congregants on how to please their creator. He presents the salvation which comes from Jesus Christ through the Prophetic and Apostolic mandate which was given to him by God. In addition, prophet Sunday Egozi allows himself to be used by the Holy Spirit to restore stolen blessings, open new doors, and perform wonders. His ministry uses the authority in the name of Jesus Christ to overcome spiritual afflictions, and every satanic manipulation aimed at putting God’s children in tears. Sunday Egozi has an HND in Marketing Management from Obafemi Awolowo University. He also has a degree in ministry.

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Prophet-Sj Kumalo

He is one of the popular prophets in South Africa who serves in the presence of the most high. SJ Kumalo founded the Victorious Standpoint Ministry. Through his ministry, he reaches out to many in the name of Jesus Christ. He has been operating as a South African prophet for many years today. This man of God is highly loved and respected by his congregants.

Prophet maggie 

A journey to Prophet Maggie’s healing school will reveal the anointing in her life. She stands out with the authority in the name of Jesus Christ to deal with every problem, worry, disease, or limitation that is preventing you from reaching your divine destiny. In her Christ-centered ministry, many people receive their breakthrough and deliverance from tormenting spirits, marriage issues, poverty, disappointment, and Incurable diseases.

Prophet PFP Mostsoeneng

PFP Mostsoengeng is the General Overseer of Incredible Happenings. He hails from Tshongweni, Katlehong, South Africa. Mostsoengeng was born on the 8th of April 1968. He received a call from God at an early age of 16 to serve in his presence. Although very young, he did not resist this call but accepted it with all his heart. He started praying for his school mates during break and even after school. Coming from a poor home, he did not focus on lamenting but believed that God would change his story. Records hold that he used to sell fruits and vegetables to assist his family. Popularly known as Mboro, he currently runs a ministry with thousands of members in South Africa. That’s why we could not afford to omit him from our list of prophets in south Africa. Today, he is a mentor and spiritual father to many.

Prophet Thabiso Ngwenya

Thabiso Ngwenya is the Founder, General Overseer, and Senior pastor at Twelve Christian Apostolic Church located in South Africa. He is a mentor and spiritual father to many. His ministry is centered around the manifestations of the Holy Spirit. His congregants come from different areas to receive healing, deliverance, breakthrough, and blessings from God. Prophet Ngwenya has a Doctor of philosophy from the Foundation Academy Charter School.

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Prophet Gwarimbo

Gwarimbo is one of the prophets in South Africa who leads the Prophetic Revival World Ministries. Through his ministry, many lives are changed. The captives are set free, the weak are strengthened, the oppressed are comforted, and prophetic directions are given to those who need them. He previously served as a full time pastor under the mentorship of Dr E.H Guti who is the Founder of Zaoga Foward In Faith Ministries International.

Prophet Ambrose

Ambrose is the General Overseer at Life Light Love Church Pretoria. He is a servant of God who works towards winning more souls for the kingdom of God. Ambrose is a mentor and spiritual father to many. His ministry is one of the fast growing Christ centered organizations in South Africa. That’s why we could not omit him from our list of prophets in South Africa. He has been into ministry for many years and he is highly loved by his congregants.

Prophet Joseph Chukwuemeka

Joseph Chukwuemeka is a servant of the most high God whose heart is after the winning of souls into God’s kingdom through the Holy Gospel. He spreads the good news about our lord Jesus Christ to both believers and non-believers while letting love lead. Prophet Joseph is the General Overseer at God Of All Solutions Ministries. His ministry operates on the basis that nothing is impossible for God to do. They focus on love because God is love and everything about him is love. He received his theological studies at St John Cross Seminary School, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Prophet Peter Oladitan

Peter Oladitan is the Founder, General Overseer, and Senior pastor at Impact Tabernacle Ministries. He is a famous televangelist in South Africa who is highly loved by many for his deep understanding of the scriptures. Peter Oladitan was born and raised in a Christian family. He was introduced to the gospel at a very young age. Being convinced by the Holy Spirit, his love and desire to serve God became even more intense. Upon getting the call of God in his life, he did not resist but went forward to start his ministry which has known a great success.

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