David Oyedepo Ministry

David Oyedepo Ministry, House, Net Worth, Biography, Cars, Private Jet, Wife, Children and Contact Details

David Oyedepo Ministry

Get to know everything about David Oyedepo Ministry, David Oyedepo House, and David Oyedepo Biography. We’ll also provide you with information on David Oyedepo Net Worth, David Oyedepo Cars and David Oyedepo Private Jets. Also get informed about David Oyedepo Wife, David Oyedepo Children, and David Oyedepo Contact Details. These contact details are aimed at helping you to reach out to the man of God if need arises. He has been assisting many people around the world both spiritually and financially. And we believe that your case won’t be an exception. Wipe your tears and turn to the Lord and He will definitely bless you. In your search to meet the man of God, you must take greater precautions. This is because many people are using his name and photos to start fake Facebook accounts, and websites aimed at stealing your hard earned cash.

David Olaniyi Oyedepo is popularly known today as Bishop Oyedepo. Some people simple call him David Oyedepo. He is the Founder and General Overseer of the Living Faith Church Worldwide. This Megachurch is popularly known around the world as the Winner’s Chapel International. Its headquarters are sited in Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria. And for those who are not aware, Nigeria is one of the African Countries. David Oyedepo stands today as the Senior pastor of the Living Faith Church Worldwide. It is a 50,000 seat church auditorium. The Winner’s Chapel International was reported to be the largest single church auditorium in the world. This report was done by the Guinness Book of Records. This man of God is affectionately called “Papa” by his congregation. This is their way of perceiving him as a spiritual father and leader.

David Oyedepo Ministry

David Oyedepo Ministry is eventually one of the largest in the world. Several names describe or represent this mega large ministry. We can refer to it as the Living Faith Church Worldwide, Winner’s Chapel International, or Faith Tabernacle. Bishop Oyedepo who is the Founder and General Overseer of this ministry is not only a Gospel Preacher. He also stands as a Christian Author, Architect, and a successful or accomplished businessman. However, the man of God those not allow his other duties and responsibilities to interfere with his relationship with God. Whatever he does or plans to do, he always makes sure that the Christian faith is not tempered with. He is highly credited by his congregants for being a good shepherded.

David Oyedepo Ministry is made up of the Winner’s Chapel International Network of Churches. Over the years, Bishop Oyedepo had worked day and night to see unto it that the gospel is taken to all the four corners of the world.. He did this by creating branches of his church in different cities, and countries around the globe. Today, his church is spread in over 300 cities, in all the states of Nigeria. The church also has branches in several cities located different African Countries. One might think that the list is over but it is not. As we can perceive Oyedepo’s Megachurch branches flourishing across Europe, United States of America, and the United Kingdom as well as Dubai. The growth of David Oyedepo Ministry does not seem to be moving towards the end. As days unfold, his ministry is rather growing and quadrupling.

The Mandate of David Oyedepo Ministry

Bishop Oyedepo’s Megachurch with all its extensions around the world claim to have received a heavily anointed Mandate from the most high God. This special mandate for ministry which we are talking about was received by David Oyedepo in an 18 Hour Vision from God. During this long and powerful vision, God commanded Bishop Oyedepo to liberate mankind from all forms of captivity. God also mandated him to restore the health of those suffering from all forms of infirmities. In addition, he was also mandated to restore all broken destinies and overcome the devil with the name Jesus Christ. And behold, since the beginning of this mandate, we’ve been hearing testimonies of liberated destinies which were under the captivity of Satan and his agents. The powerful evidence of the mighty hand of the Lord in his life is one which can’t be argued or questioned.

Here are the exact wordings of the mandate received from God by Bishop Oyedepo “The hour has come to liberate the world from all oppressions of the devil through the preaching of the word of faith, and I am sending you to undertake this task“. This is the commission that brought into existence what we have today as the Living Faith Church Worldwide. And because God has given him victory over Satan through Christ, his megachurch is called The Winner’s Chapel International. You might ask why international? Oyedepo was not commissioned or sent only to the Nigerians but to citizens of all Countries. He is out to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ which has no limit and whose power can not be limited by space and time. This is all that we had to say about David Oyedepo Ministry.

David Oyedopo Biography

David Oyedepo Biography

Bishop Oyedepo is an outstanding Christian spiritual leader. Being the Chancellor of Landmark University and Covenant University, he was reported in 2011 to be the richest pastor in Nigeria by Forbes US Magazine. In addition, he is one of the most power and influential preachers in Nigeria. These are some of the few reasons why people ant to know David Oyedepo Biography. Relax and stay calm as you scroll down our writing. We’ll certainly reveal all that you need to know about this man of God who has greatly impacted the Body of Christ. Bishop David Olaniyi Oyedepo was born on the 27th of September 1954 in Osogbo, Nigeria. Although born in Osogbo, he is a native of Omu-Aran, Kwara State, Nigeria. He hails from the clan Odo-Oro (Place of wealth). This clan in-comprising his family lineage all believe in the power of hard work.

History holds it that David Oyedepo was raised in a mixed religious family. It happened to be that his father by name Ibrahim was a Muslim healer. On the other hand, his mother by name Dorcas was a member of the Eternal Order of the Cherubim and Seraphim (C&S) Movement. By then, it was a branch of the Aladura Movement in Nigeria. It is also reported that he was raised by his grandmother in Osogbo who was a devout Anglican Christian. The basics of christian life and the theory of one God was deposited in David oyedepo’s life by his grandmother whom he loved very much. In addition to this, his grandmother also dug and belt a solid christian foundation in his life which letter became the basis of his christian journey with God and Ministry in God’s service.

David Oyedopo Educational Background

Still on David Oyedepo Biography, we can’t afford to omit his educational background. It is true that very little is known about this man’s early years on Earth. His primary and secondary education remains an unresolved mystery to many. But we’ll strive to reveal the little that we know. His family sent him to school at an early age and he was brilliant enough to make it to the university. After graduating from the secondary school with good results, he furthered his studies in architecture at the Kwara State Polytechnic which is currently referred to as Kwara State University. After graduating with amazing results, he worked for a while with the Federal Ministry of Housing at Ilorin before resigning upon dedicating his life for God’s service as a missionary of the gospel.

Still on David Oyedepo Biography, we’ll add that he obtained a PhD in Human Development from Honolulu University, Hawaii, USA. This is a clear indicative that he is an outstanding Nigerian intellectual. He did not step into ministry because of hunger neither because he lacked something doing. Given his intellectual level, he could work with almost all the high class companies and institutions in Nigeria. But he abandoned all these certificates that he had gathered for years to follow God. And today, God’s blessings in his life can testify his obedience to God’s call. Looking at him today, we realize that he has been blessed from all angles moving from his spiritual life to the financial life.

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Oyedepo’s Christian Journey

The 19th of February 1969 represents the day that Bishop David Oyedepo was born again into the Christian Body. By then, he was merely 15 years of age. His decision of giving his life to Jesus Christ was greatly influenced by one of his secondary school missionary teacher by name Ms. Betty Lasher. Ms. Betty Lasher took special interest of him and decided to talk to him about Jesus Christ. After giving his life to Christ, he started preaching in the year 1970 and since then he has not turned his back to the gospel. History holds it that he rejected a charm from his father and developed whitlow on one of his right hand fingers. In the secondary shcool, he challenged God to heal him of tuberculosis upon realizing that his friends moved their beds away from his. And God eventually healed him.

The Evolution of David Oyedepo Ministry

Oyedepo’s ministry dates back to 1981 after an 18 hour vision in May 1981. According to him, he encountered God in this vision who gave him the mandate to preach the word of faith. In addition, God also mandated him to liberate the world from the oppression of Satan and his agents. It is this divine vision that led to the creation of the Living Faith Church Worldwide (LFCW). Back in 1981, LFCW was called Liberation Faith Hour Ministries. Two years later, Oyedepo and his wife were both ordained to be pastors. Their ordinations was made by pastor Enoch Adeboye who is the General Overseer and senior pastor of the Redeemed Christian Gathering of God (RCCG). Worth noting is that Adeboye also commissioned the New Church. It is at this point that the intensity of Oyedepo’s anointing and mandate began manifesting in amazing dimensions.

Through loyal dedication in God’s service, Oyedepo was anointed and ordained Bishop after 5 years. After this ordination, his church which was also known as the Winner’s Chapel International started receiving visitors from all corners of the world. In short, we can say that his congregation was always flourishing. He started his church in Kaduna and later moved it to Lagos which was by then Nigeria’s Capital. This relocation took place in the month of July 1989. Bishop David Oyedepo Ministries International includes: Estates, Four Private Jets, Shopping stores, Processing Plants, Bakery, Educational institutions, Restaurants, commercial properties and many more.

More things to know about David Oyedepo Ministries

The Faith Tabernacle or Canaanland which is headed by Bishop Oyedepo is situated in Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria. This 50,000 church building is housed by a land of about 20 kilometers square. It also houses a large campus, The church’s youth chapel, the Church secretariat, a full boarding mission secondary school known as Faith Academy and primary school known as Kingdom heritage model school. These schools are equipped with the best possible teachers and educational materials aimed at training good citizens that fear God. They also have faculty buildings and other resident in ultra-modern hustle facilities.

Another thing worth knowing is that the canaanland estate has up to four profit establishments. These profit establishments which are operated by the Church include a petroleum station, a bakery, a bottled water processing plant, shopping stores, and restaurants. In addition, they also have several residential houses that provide accommodation for the over 2,000 church employees. They also own several guesthouses aimed at making life easy for their visitors. While you might be thinking that the list is over, we’ll say that it is not. For the estate also incorporates four banks. Among these banks, three are branches of external commercial banks while one is a community and micro-finance bank which is operated by the Megachurch.

Dominion Publishing House (DPH)

Dominion Publishing House (DPH)

Faith Tabernacle International operates its own publishing house known as Dominion Publishing House (DPH). Through this publishing house, Bishop Oyedepo has written and released over 70 Christian, motivational, and inspirational books. DPH also publishes Christian magazines, mini books, and other faith writings. Today, DPH can boast of over 4 million prints which are in circulation. Oyedepo is the Chairman/Publisher of Dominion Publishing House. Some of his best selling books in the world include; possessing your possession, pillars of faith, Born to win and many others.

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Oyedepo’s contribution to western education

Kingdom Heritage Model School, Canaanland, Ota

The Kingdom heritage model School located in Canaanland, Ota came into existence through a vision received by Oyedepo from God. This school dates back to the 13th of January 2003. During the dedication ceremony of this school, bishop Oyedepo told all those who were present that the school is aimed at training and preparing spiritual giants who can stand to defend, bring dignity and honor to their fatherland. Right from the start of the school up to date, it has never lacked pupils. The day it started, 150 children were registered in each class. And since then, the school has gained a reputable face before parents and the government.

Faith Academy

Faith Academy

Faith Academy dates back to the 25th of October 1999. This secondary school stands as a continuity of the Kingdom heritage model primary school. It has a vision of training intellectually competent and spiritually prepared leaders of tomorrow. The school environment has been prepared to meet up with modern standards so as to facilitate comprehension among the students. Below is a brief presentation of Faith Academy:

  • 80 classrooms for both junior secondary and senior secondary schools;
  • 2,400 capacity male and female hostels with water heaters and orbit fans;
  • 2,400-seater dining hall;
  • A super-modern Administrative block with a special air condition board room;
  • Modern equipped multipurpose science laboratory capable of hosting 95 students at a time;
  • A well equipped Home economics laboratory;
  • Super equipped agricultural science, biology, physics, and chemistry laboratories;
  • A music laboratory with modern musical instruments;
  • Special Introductory technology workshop for metal work, wood work, and automechanics;
  • An advanced computer center consisting of 50 computer units;
  • An air conditioned modern library complex;
  • A sports complex;
  • Air conditioned staff rooms; and
  • A cold room for the storage of food items in the kitchen.


Covenant University, Landmark University, Crown University

Bishop David Oyedepo has set up three universities without government assistance. These universities are:

  • Covenant university at Ota, Nigeria;
  • Landmark university at Omu Aran, Nigeria; and
  • Crown University at Calabar, Nigeria.

Worth noting is that in the Webometric 2014 ranking, the Covenant University was ranked second of all state, federal, and private universities in Nigeria. It was also ranked 25th in the whole of Africa.

Bishop David Oyedepo Foundation (DOF)

Bishop David Oyedepo Foundation (DOF) is a Christian not for profit organisation. This Christ-centered organization has a goal of reaching out to the less privilege in Africa so as to ameliorate their living standards. They focus on bringing a change to Africa as a whole with hopes of boosting its economy. However, they are not only focused in Africa alone. The organization also looks forward to meeting the primary needs of the less privileged persons in different continents.

The David Oyedepo Foundation (DOF) offers a scholarship program to individuals who desire to acquire a first degree at the prestigious Landmark university and Covenant University in Nigeria. This scholarship covers the full academic fees for a time period of 5 years. In some categories, this scholarship covers travelling and living expenditures as well. This holds for the entire duration of study. Beneficiaries of the DOF are called David Oyedepo Foundation Scholar (DOF Scholar).

David Oyedepo Net Worth

David Oyedepo Net Worth

It won’t be nice if we conclude our write-up without revealing David Oyedepo Net Worth. Being who he is, many people are wondering how wealthy he is. This moves from laymen on the street to his personal followers. According to Forbes USA Magazine, Bishop Oyedepo is the wealthiest preacher in Nigeria. You do not need to be astonish. It’s not strange at all for a man who started 3 Major Universities without the help of the government. We must not forget that apart from being a preacher, he is an accomplished businessman. In other words, we refer to him as a successful entrepreneur. Hence, David Oyedepo Net Worth is normally suppose to be very high given that he does not only depend on the many churches he has all over the world. David Oyedepo Net Worth is estimated at $150,000,000.

David Oyedepo Private Jet

David Oyedepo Private Jet

For sure you also want to know about David Oyedepo Private Jet. We’ll be lying if we say that David Oyedepo Private Jet does not exist. That’s why we’ll go straight to the point by saying that Bishop Oyedepo’s Megachurch owns 4 private jets. It is not strange given that he has churches all over the world. For sure, he needs a fast means of transportation to meet up with the proper functioning of his churches. Even if he would not have a jet as a pastor, won’t he also have one as a businessman? We all know that he is an accomplished businessman so it’s not strange to talk of David Oyedepo Private Jets.

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David Oyedepo Cars

David Oyedepo Cars

Let’s not get everything mixed up. Being a man of God does not stop him from having cars. Else you want to tell me that he should be tracking on foot from one town to another just because he is a man of God. In addition, he has churches in all the states of Nigeria, and obviously needs a fast means of transportation. What more could he use than cars. So why are you complaining about David Oyedepo Cars. Cars are no big deal. A little bit if hard work will permeate everyone to purchase his/her own cars. So let’s no longer worry about David Oyedepo Cars. They are there for a purpose.

David Oyedepo House

David Oyedepo House

Most of us live in pretty nice houses yet we do not want to catch a man of God in a pretty nice house too. This is the case with David Oyedepo House. The truth is that he lives in a pretty nice house in Nigeria. He also has houses in different countries too. That’s why we should not only talk about David Oyedepo house as if he had just one house. God has blessed him spiritually and financially. The results are evident.

David Oyedepo Wife

David Oyedepo Wife

We can’t afford to omit David Oyedepo Wife in our writings. From the beginning of his ministry unto date, both partners have been operating together as pastors. If Oyedepo is where he is today, it is because of the support and comfort offered to him by his wife. That’s why we’ll say that she has played a significant role in his life. So who is David Oyedepo wife? This gentle and loving spiritual mother is known by name as Florence Abiola Akano. However, this was her name before she was ordained pastor by Enoch Adeboye. She’s known today as Faith Abiola Oyedepo.

David Oyedepo Children

David Oyedepo Children

David Oyedepo got married to Faith Abiola Oyedepo whom he met at the motor park by the age of 22. They got married in 1982 and behold God’s marital blessings visited them. Today, they are happy parents of four. All David Oyedepo Children were brought up in the christian faith and love of God. His children bring him much joy and happiness. Among David oyedepo Children, we can figure out two handsome boys and two beautiful girls. Their respective names are David Jnr, Isaac, Love, and Joyce. In May 2007, his two sons were ordained pastors by Kenneth Copeland. Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr is happily married to Kemi Olubu Oyedepo. As of the time of writing they are having 2 children, male and female. Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr heads the London branch of Winner’s Chapel international. He also stands as the General Overseer of the European Network of Churches.

On the other hand, his brother Pastor Isaac Oyedepo is currently heading the South African branch of the Winner’s Chapel International. He got married to Ayomitide Omogbadegun in 2010. As of the time of writing, they are blessed with two children. Love Oyedepo Ogah recently got married to one of Bishop Oyedepo’s personal aides. Although she is not yet ordained as pastor, she’s regularly observed assisting in his father’s church in several ways. Joyce Oyedepo who is the last born among David Oyedepo Children is a pure product from the Faith Academy. As of the time of writing, she is studying in the United States of America. Whenever she returns to Nigeria, she’s regularly perceived assisting in her father’s church.

David Oyedepo ministry Live service

You can make a turn to Nigeria or checkout for a local branch to attend one of David Oyedepo ministry live service. It’s quite interesting and I don’t think you’ll regret doing it. However, you can as well watch David Oyedepo ministry live service on TV.

David Oyedepo Contact Details

David Oyedepo Contact Details

You can get David Oyedepo Contact Details by visiting his official website. This could obviously be because you want to meet with the man of God. Many people claim to have had their lives changed by having him pray for them. And we don’t think you’ll be an exception. But you must be careful when researching for David Oyedepo Contact Details as you could get into the hands of thieves who are using his name and photos to make a living. They create fake Facebook accounts and websites using his photos to to make away with people’s hard earned cash in the name of the Bishop Oyedepo.

Authentic David Oyedepo Contact Details

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