How to visit the SCOAN

How to visit the SCOAN

The Synagogue Church of All Nations abbreviated as SCOAN is a worldwide Christian ministry which is leaded by Prophet T.B Joshua and supervised by Jesus Christ Himself. With Jesus Christ at the head, every impossibility is made possible according to the will of God. This generates questions like how to visit the SCOAN, how to visit the synagogue church of all nations, and how to meet Prophet T.B Joshua.

The Synagogue church of all nations is situated in the city of Lagos within Nigeria which is one of the west African countries. Being an Apostolic, Prophetic, evangelic, and pastoral Christian center, you can be 100% certain that if you connect yourself to them with faith through any means be it physical or spiritual your situation will change in the name of Jesus Christ and by the power of the Holy Spirit.

It is not strange neither would you be the first because millions of people have received their miracles through faith by simply praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua through social medias, televisions, reading his books, and using the morning water which he has blessed through the authority that Jesus Christ gave him. The synagogue church of all nations stands out today as a Christian ministry with uncountable numbers of miracles, wonders, healings, deliverance and above all wined souls for God.

Apart from connecting to the SCOAN through any of the above mentioned ways, you can as well find a way on how to meet Prophet T.B. Joshua by visiting the SCOAN as an international visitor. In order to make a successful journey to Lagos in Nigeria and meet with Prophet TB Joshua as an international visitor, you will first have to schedule your visit in advance before making any journey. Please you must not make any preparations to the SCOAN without first scheduling and receiving a confirmation letter from them that they are waiting to receive you. If you do otherwise, you’ll be running the risk of not meeting Prophet tb Joshua or being received at the SCOAN. While some people contest this procedure, we simply see it as a way to remain organized while doing God’s work given that millions of people around the world want and are asking how to visit the SCOAN.

If the procedure is not controlled or well organized, we shall find ourselves in a situation where there is no accommodation for the visitors hence allowing them in the hands of theft and rubbery. In addition, Prophet T.B. Joshua being a human being can’t be everywhere at the same time talk less of receiving everyone. So let us get into our main subject matter of how to meet prophet T.B. Joshua or how to visit the SCOAN (how to visit the synagogue church of all nations).

How to visit the synagogue church of all nations as an international visitor

If you are serious about how to meet Prophet T.B. Joshua as an international visitor who wants to partake in a service at the SCOAN, you’ll have to start by scheduling your visit with them. You can do the scheduling through the following steps:

Prepare answers for your personal health questions

If you are an international visitor who wants to apply for a place at the SCOAN with intentions of staying in the church’s premises, you’ll obviously need to answer a few health questions when submitting your application at Visit Us. This should not bother you because many people reach out to Prophet T.B Joshua for either one health problem or the other. This is just one of the reasons to visit the SCOAN. There are many more, some people upon hearing the testimonies of others simply want to come and witness the power of Jesus Christ with their own eyes and give thanks to God. Others see a visit to the synagogue church of all nations as a spiritual retreat which will fortify them to overcome the different challenges that lay ahead in their Christian journey. Others come to give testimonies of what Jesus Christ has done in their lives through Prophet T.B. Joshua. Many come in order to put an end to their evil practices and get delivered from satanic bondages. Others come to seek spiritual guidance while others come to be delivered and freed from addictions.

We cannot forget the point that others come to test and trial Prophet T.B Joshua while others come to find reasons to criticize him. Whatever be your reason for visiting the SCOAN, just have in mind that with God, you reap what you plant. We must also add that these were only few reasons why people visit the SCOAN. There are many more that we can’t fully uncover.

Fill out the online questionnaire

The online questionnaire is your visitation application which you can easily access through the SCOAN website at Visit Us. Through this link, you’ll be applying for the international visitor program. It is worth noting that there are several ways through which people visit the SCOAN base on different objectives, goals and geographical regions. You must always base yourself on truth when filling it and remember to fully answer all the questions being asked as this will permeate the Emmanuel team to review your application and decide if they should welcome you or get back to you for more information.

Before stepping in to fill this form, keep your basic statistic information (name, nationality, age, and gender) handy together with your contact information (e-mail address and telephone number). You’re also recommended to write down the contact information of at least one of your relatives. You’ll also be asked if you are suffering from a particular illness. If yes, you’ll need to tell them how intense it is and for how long it has been disturbing you. You’ll also be asked if you are HIV positive. If you plan going there with one or more persons, each person will have to fill his/her own questionnaire form separately and indicate at the end of the form at the comments section.

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Wait to receive a confirmation before making any journey to the SCOAN

Successfully filling and sending the questionnaire is the first step. The second step has to do with waiting patiently for the SCOAN officials to review your questionnaire and get back to you with an answer on if you can come and when you can come. Never make any preparations to travel unless you have received a confirmation from the official SCOAN members to do so. This is to say that you must not consider making any travel plans talk less of booking a flight without previously receiving a confirmation letter that the SCOAN awaits you as an international visitor.

If you have any worries and need clarifications about how to meet Prophet T.B. Joshua or how to visit the synagogue church of all nations (how to visit the SCOAN), you can easily refer to frequently asked questions (FAQs at For those who want to visit from any of the European Countries and are facing difficulties, they can forward their questions to [email protected].

Apply for an international passport

SCOAN is located in Lagos, a city in Nigeria which is one of the west African countries. If you are not yet having an international passport, see on applying to have one. This will cost you a sum of money depending on where you reside.

Apply for a Visa to enter Nigeria

Remember to apply for a Visa to enter Nigeria only after the SCOAN officials have contacted you to come. Every person residing out of the west African countries will need a Visa to enter Nigeria. Don’t panic because the process of getting a Visa into Nigeria won’t be the hardest thing to do. You’ll simply need to apply for a tourist visa through the Nigerian Embassy. In applying for your Visa, remember to include your official invitation letter with the visa application.

When applying for the tourist visa into Nigeria, you’ll have to send your application and fees to the Nigerian Immigration Service Website at After filling and making payments online, you’ll have to print out the form if you are out of the west African countries and submit the hard copy to the Nigerian Embassy in your country together with prove of your initial online payment. You’ll also be requested an amount when depositing the hard copy depending on your country.

Remember to include your current passport, your letter of invitation, two passport size pictures, and evidence of enough funds to assure your stay in Nigeria. If it happens that you won’t be residing at the SCOAN premises, you’ll be asked to present your confirmed hotel reservation ticket.

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Book your flight

Once everything is ready for you to travel. You should schedule your flight with any airline of your choice. After doing this, you will be given information about the journey which you’ll have to communicate to the SCOAN officials so that they can send their members to wait for you at the airport.

Prioritize accommodation within the Church premises to that in the hotels

You are recommended to make arrangements to stay within the church’s premises in one of their established guest rooms. They are well equipped to meet the modern standards of the society. The church premises have family rooms, dormitories, and private rooms from which you can choose depending on your needs. Each of its room is well equipped with a toilet, a hot shower, and an air conditioning system. The church in itself has a large dining room that serves three full meals on daily basis. The church also has a shop from which you can purchase your extra drinks, toiletries, and snacks depending on your personal needs.

How is life in the SCOAN for international visitors

Many people always ask how life looks like at the SCOAN. We will start by saying that there is nothing strange or extraordinary apart from living a Christian life of prayer and experiencing the supernatural power of God. International visitors are usually welcomed for a stay of 5 to 6 days upon arrival on a Wednesday or a Thursday whereby they are invited to attend the visitor’s program. During stay at the SCOAN, visitors can expect to attend several church services, watch testimonial faith building videos that display the supernatural works of God, and listen to lectures from Prophet T.B. Joshua who is the leading founder of the Synagogue Church of all nations. While at the SCOAN, you can visit different prayer grounds, prayer hurts, and carryout lots of spiritual faith building activities.

Choose your cloth’s wisely

In choosing your cloths, you must have in mind that you are visiting a house of prayer and must be dressed decently. You must also take into consideration that Nigeria has a hot and humid climate. Temperatures in Nigeria usually range between 26 and 35 degrees Celsius. Hence, you’ll need something cool, loose, and comfortable if you don’t want to be overheated up.

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Come with enough cash to meet up with your extra needs

The synagogue church of all nations will eventually provide you with the basic necessities but they won’t take charge of your extra needs and wants. That’s why you should prepare enough cash for some of your extra needs. While residing at the church’s premises, you’ll need to pay for your internet and telephone facilities. Also remember that anything purchased from the church’s shop must be paid in cash. The synagogue church of all nations accepts payments with different currencies like the dollar, Euro, and pound sterling.


You must be very careful when asking questions like how to meet with Prophet T.B. Joshua, how to visit the SCOAN or how to visit the synagogue church of all nations. The reason why we are asking you to do so is because there are so many people who are out there roaming the streets and are very much ready to give you answers that will lead to the loss of your hard earned cash into their pockets. Prophet T.B Joshua and the SCOAN have become so popular that many people are creating fake Facebook accounts and websites in his name in order to request for money. You must be wise and make sure that any communication linked to the SCOAN is being carried out through their official website

This brings us to the end of our writing on how to meet Prophet T.B. Joshua, and how to visit the synagogue church of all nations (how to visit the SCOAN). We wish you the best in your journey to meet the man of God and we pray that God through His son Jesus Christ grant your heart desires.

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