Apostle John Chi Biography

Apostle John Chi Biography, Ministry, Wife, Children, and Contact

Apostle John Chi Biography

Get to know everything about Apostle John Chi Biography (Apostle John Chi Wiki), Apostle John Chi Wife, and Ark Of God Ministry John Chi. We’ll also provide you with information on Apostle John Chi Wedding, John Chi Living Water, and Apostle John Chi Contact Details. In addition, we’ll also write about Apostle John Chi Children and his entire Family. Chances are high that this is not your first time to hear about this great man of God. He was mentored and anointed into the office of God’s servants by Senior Prophet TB Joshua. John Chi was once a wise man at the Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN). Although he is no longer operating as a wise man at the SCOAN, this has not stopped him from moving ahead with the mission that God gave him to accomplish for the Kingdom’s sake.

John Chi is currently more than ever active in the things of God. This time around it is in Cameroon, his home country, and no longer in Nigeria where he was mentored. Coming back to Cameroon from Nigeria, he was welcomed by some of his own who assisted him in establishing a ground for the things of God. This is not to say that he was welcomed by all, as some of his own made it a priority to persecute and condemn his works. We can pick out from the scriptures the saying that “when God is with a person, no one can successfully be against him/her”. Note that you can be against someone that God has chosen but you can never successfully be against him/her. When God says Yes, no one can say No. Let’s now unravel the mysteries behind Apostle John Chi Biography.

Apostle John Chi Biography

There is much to learn from Apostle John Chi Biography. Relax as we take you through this piece of writing. John Chi hails from Esu-Wum, Menchum Division, North West Region of Cameroon. He was born on September 26, 1976, from a union between Mr. Chi Victor and his Wife Chi Lucy Ekange. John Chi successfully graduated from the primary school in the year 1989 but due to lack of finances, he did not pursue his secondary education. As a result of this, he left for the South West Region of the Country where he worked for Honorable Efite Andrew as a House Help (locally called house boy). Little did he know that God was behind the scene making a way where there seemed to be none.

He humbly worked for Honorable Efite Andrew for as long as he was in that town. It so happened that one day, he saw a crowd listening to a preacher and moved closer to them. This was at Mutengene. Before he could notice, the preacher had spotted him out of the crown and began prophesying. The prophecy went thus “God is going to use you mightily, make you a great and famous prophet that will be known all over the world.” And as it is always the case with the majority, John Chi also took the man for a fake pastor. A couple of days later, a Sierra-Leone pastor who headed the Church which John Chi was attending said the very thing about the call on his life. The pastor further declared a period of fasting which John Chi accepted but was unable to remain faithful till the due date.

Handling God’s Call in his life

Still on Apostle John Chi Biography, we’ll also present the first part of his calling and how he handled it. When the Church fasting ended, the leading pastor called on John Chi to accept God’s call in his life. A little confused, John Chi was not very Okay with the idea. This did not discourage the pastor who told John Chi to follow him to his country so that he could teach him the ways of God. Still perplexed about the idea, the pastor further requested John Chi to be humble enough to accept the calling and allow the rest for God. In December 1999, John Chi and the pastor embarked on a journey to Sierra-Leone. From Cameroon, they first landed in Nigeria and the pastor lodged John Chi in his friend’s home and left for a while.

One early morning, the half-paralyzed head of the house called John Chi telling him that God revealed a vision for him. He was anxious about hearing what God was about to tell him through the head of the house. It was them that the man told him not to continue the journey to Sierra-Leone because that’s not were the revealed star that God showed him was found. The man recommended John Chi to join the SCOAN Free Evangelical School which he did. After his first day at the SCOAN Evangelical School, he realized the need to know more about Jesus Christ, the savior of the world. Back home that very night, John Chi prayed and begged on God to reveal to him who Prophet TB Joshua was. After his prayer, he fell into a trance in which he found himself in a room lit by the rays of a large star.

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The Trance about TB Joshua

While John Chi was still in the trance, he heard a voice saying “Stand up and go outside”. Without hesitation, he stood up and went outside. It is then that he saw three men dressed up in white who were all looking to the sky and saying “Hosanna to the God of Prophet TB Joshua”. There stood the latter starring at him. He regained himself and stood up with the very song that was on his lips before he went to sleep. The next day, John Chi was still caught up in another trance were he saw a man standing beside his bed. The man’s body was shining like bronze and his eyes blazing like fire. This man took John Chi to Cameroon where he showed him the different places to be developed.

The trance ended up with the man saying that “Whatever you ask the Father in my name, I will do”. After some time, the pastor who brought John Chi returned home for them to proceed to Sierra-Leone but John Chi requested to continue fellowship at the SCOAN. The pastor agreed and proceeded all alone to his home country leaving behind John Chi in the hands of Prophet TB Joshua. The construction of the SCOAN main auditorium began and John Chi was actively involved. One famous day, a man called on John Chi to accompany him to Prophet TB Joshua’s Office. The latter solicited that John Chi moves to his village. He accepted the proposition and went together with some two other brothers. From there, John Chi was sent to AKURE for over a year.

John Chi’s plans to start a business venture in Cameroon

When the mission at AKURE was over, he taught of moving back to Cameroon to start a business venture. But before he could start executing his plans, he had a dream in which prophet TB Joshua came to him saying that “You are not going anywhere, for now, you are supposed to be in Vendor Class”. He woke up and explained the dream to Mr. Mbawa Patrick and some others in the sitting room. One of those who heard the dream, Mr. Joachim, went to the SCOAN and narrated the dream to the coordinator who related it to prophet TB Joshua. John Chi was invited to the SCOAN for further inquiries about the dream. After some time, he was admitted into the vendor class at SCOAN. This could only fill his heart with Joy for having received such an honor from Prophet TB Joshua.

John Chi’s 2010 vision on the Mountain

In 2010, while John Chi was executing his usual assignment on the Mountain, he had a vision that got him really scared. In the vision, he died and his spirit left his body. It was then that he found himself in front of a large gate with Angel Michael acting as the gatekeeper. Many people who had died were all standing together with him in a queue. Angel Michael had a large book and each time he calls a person to come forth, the book will open and the person’s life on Earth will be cross-checked. Those who were qualified had the gate opened for them while those who were not worthy were sent to a desolate place. When it was John Chi’s turn, Angel Michael opened the gate and asked him to go in.

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Upon entering the gate, he was shown a temple where everyone was dressed in white. No long from the time he entered, Angel Michael came in from the gate telling them that the High Priest was soon going to come out. While waiting for the High Priest, everyone who was present diligently listened to Prophet TB Joshua’s Message. When the High Priest came out together with the elders, Angel Michael was among them. The High Priest was led to the throne where John Chi tried to look his face but could not. But as for the wounds on his hands and feet resulting from the Crucifixion, John Chi could clearly see them. He could also see a few people who came in through the gate together with him.

The High Priest assigns John Chi for a Mission

Not very long in the heavenly trance, the High Priest started commissioning them. Upon calling the first person, he assigned him an evangelist and gave to another the ability to pastor his church. When it was John Chi’s turn, the High Priest pointed at him saying “I am sending you as a Prophet”. He also gave him a small cross and demanded to know his heart desire. John Chi requested grace to serve in his presence and it was granted unto him. After this, John Chi began descending to the Earth and immediately he touched the ground, he woke up from the trance. Although terrified by the vision, he told his colleagues about it.

After a few days on the mountain, he still had another vision in which he died and his spirit left his body. The spirit watches his casket being carried in a limousine. But before the vehicle could leave for the village, it split into two. The front part of the limousine was caring his corps while the rest of it was carrying his spirit. At the village, he could see the grave which was dug and his corps carried for burial. At that very time, his spirit went into the grave to see the corps for the last time before burial. Surprisingly, he instead saw but the faces of Prophet Elijah, Prophet Ezekiel, Apostle Paul, and Apostle Peter. He could identify their names on their foreheads. Upon waking up, he told his colleagues. One week later, Prophet TB Joshua Anointed them in the Office Of Men Of God.

Ark Of God Ministry John Chi

Ark Of God Ministry John Chi

Ark Of God’s Covenant Ministry (AGCOM) is the fruit of a divine revelation that was given to Apostle John Chi. Out of an unmerited favor, God called John Chi and used Prophet TB Joshua to anoint him into the office of an Apostle. He was overwhelmed with the desire to take the Gospel to many people but little did he know how to go about. In his supplication to God for a vision on how to go about, he experienced a remarkable encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ in the second week of July 2013. In the vision, he was on his knees praying for God’s direction when a heavenly voice came to him saying “look here”.

Without hesitation, he looked up to heaven and saw the Lord Jesus Christ kneeling down before the cross. On the cross was written Revelation 11:19 and the Lord said to him “this is your commission”. And at once, he woke up and realized that it was 6 am prompt. John Chi shared this vision with his spiritual father, Prophet TB Joshua who advised him to embrace a prayerful retreat for interpretation. He started by reading Revelation 11:19 – “Then God’s temple in heaven was opened, and within his temple was seen the ark of his covenant. And there came flashes of lightning, rumblings, peals of thunder, an earthquake, and a severe hailstorm.” Upon reading this, he understood that the Ark was a perfect platform to share God’s light with the world. The reason why we are talking today about Ark Of God Ministry John Chi. He also runs Ark Of God TV.

Apostle John Chi Living Water

Apostle John Chi Living Water

Apostle John Chi living water is brought before all in the likeness of that which is sent out by his spiritual father, Prophet TB Joshua. It is a unique symbol to anoint and keep aside men or women for God’s special intervention. The water is simply a symbolic action that has at its roots the driving force of the Holy Spirit which is brought on the scene through a mature faith. Ministering this water in faith leads to healing, deliverance, breakthrough, and blessings. Check out the scripture that says everything is possible for the man who believes.


Apostle John Chi Wife – Apostle John Chi Wedding

Apostle John Chi Wife

We cannot complete our writing on Apostle John Chi Biography without making mention of Apostle John Chi Wife or Apostle John Chi Wedding. For sure being a man of God is not a call for celibacy. Get the words of Apostle John Chi concerning marriage “God wanted a love relationship. so he created Adam. Adam was lonely, so he created Eve. This was consummated with Christ. This means union with Christ is the basis of our unity with one another. As a Christian, marry Christ first before Christ can choose your partner (husband and wife ). This is the good road to the good life. No one can make it alone.” It was with joy that the AGCOM Christians welcomed the wife of John Chi, Mrs. Adewunmi Ester in their midst.

Apostle John Chi Children – Apostle John Chi Family

As of the time of writing, little is known about Apostle John Chi Children and the entire family.

Apostle John Chi Contact Details

For any transaction concerning the man of God, make sure you carry it out on his official website at www.Johnchi.org. This will prevent you from the hands of evil men using the name of John Chi to scam. Below are Apostle John Chi Contact Details:

1. English lines
  • +237 651 40 39 63
  • +237 653 76 11 10
  • +237 650 75 96 59
  • +237 675 07 08 14
  • +237 655 74 95 75
French line
  • +237 672 94 42 16
Europe & North America Contact
  • +44 776 881 6668
  • Buea, South Western Region, Cameroon
Church Times
  • Sundays from 08h00
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