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How to receive the power of the Holy Spirit


The Power of the Holy Spirit is one of dominion, victory, healing, deliverance, success, blessings and above all salvation. These are things which we long to have. We are made heirs of these heavenly things through the power of the Holy Spirit. It is for this reason that people want to know the ways to receive the power of the Holy Spirit. You must not stress up yourself because there are many ways on how to receive the power of the Holy Spirit. Just continuously read as we unfold them to you. Remember to subscribe for further teachings.

God promises to give us special power if we will turn to Him from our evil, wicked, and unholy ways. This special power which is imparted on us by the Holy Spirit will help us in facing extraordinary challenges in living our daily Christian lives. Since the ascension of Jesus Christ into heaven, this power has been a major tool in accompanying and making possible the impossible things on the ways of those who are witnessing the gospel to the ends of the world. That’s why Jesus Christ in Luke 24:49 requested that His disciples should wait in the city until they were clothed with the power of the Holy Spirit before they could step out to witness what they had seen and heard.

As a child of God who is a witness of Jesus Christ, you eventually need the power of the Holy Spirit in order to live a victorious life. The reception of the power of the Holy Spirit is not a one-time scenario as we can read from Acts 2:4 that tells us that the Apostles who were filled with the power of the Holy Spirit regularly came together to seek additional power for greater threats and missions that were ahead of them.

As followers of Jesus Christ today, it is our duty to assist in the Heavenly Father’s vine yard because the harvest is ready but there are very few workers to gather it in (Luke 10:2). This is to say that it is our Christian duty to continuously spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the World in order to safe souls from the fire of hell. For us to successfully accomplish this mission, we will need to ask and wait for Jesus Christ to fill us with the power of the Holy Spirit in accordance with Acts 1:8 where Jesus is asking His witnesses to wait until they are filled with the power of the Holy Spirit which will accompany them to the ends of the world as they preach the Gospel.

Ways to receive the power of the Holy Spirit

Let us now look into our subject matter of how to receive the power of the Holy Spirit. Below are some helpful ways:

1. Consume and get fully soaked in the word of God

This is one of the best ways to receive the Holy Spirit. It moves the heart and hand of God to open the heavens and allow His power to over shadow you. God equips you with the power of the Holy Spirit in order for you to successfully proclaim His message all round the world. Thus, if you are not verse with His teachings, it is needless to expect the power of the Holy Spirit because you won’t receive it. Jesus Christ himself spoke spirit and life giving words to us (John 6:63). Hence, by soaking our whole bodies and spirits in to the word of God that brings life, it will eventually build our faith which will in turn permeate us to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit.

2. Believe and stand firm on all the promises in the Word of God

As it is often said by prophet TB Joshua, our duty is to obey God’s laws while God’s duty is to fulfill His promises towards us. Apostle Paul tells us in Galatians 3:5 that miracles and wonders are done not thanks to the law but by hearing the words of Jesus Christ by faith. In addition, he further explains in Hebrews 11:6 that it is impossible to please God without faith. In other words, we are saying here that it is impossible to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit without having faith.

3. Let love lead

If we are mightily empowered by God yet lack love, all the fruits that we bear are sour and not acceptable in His presence. That is why Jesus took all His life on Earth emphasizing on the importance and significance of Love in the Christian race. At this point, we must say that there is no way that we can please God without love. By reading from John 15: 12, we hear Jesus requesting us to love our neighbors just as He did for us until the extent of taking our place on the cross. A heart filled with love offers sweet scents that are pleasing to the Lord. Hence, we must cultivate love towards one another if we are serious about putting into practice the ways on how to receive the Holy Spirit.

4. Regularly seek the face of God

The scriptures say that Jesus Christ came back filled with power after his 40 days of fasting in the desert. This is an example that shows us the importance of regularly isolating ourselves from the world in order to seek God’s face. One of the keys to receiving God’s power is certainly an extended prayer which goes alongside with fasting. Hence if we are serious about receiving the power of the Holy Spirit, it will be wise to keep aside few hours for God during the day, few minutes within the hours of the day, and few seconds within the minutes of the day. As Christians, we must regularly pray without ceasing in order to overcome the challenges and trials brought on our way by Satan and his agents. This will help us to remain focus in seeking the face of the Lord who will in turn bless us with the power of the Holy Spirit.

5. Make your body a temple for the Holy Spirit

Receiving God’s power once is not sufficient. You’ll need to continuously dwell in Him while He also dwells in you in order to continuously empower you for greater challenges and causes which you must follow. John 14 reveals the benefits of dwelling in the presence of God. There is much to gain by keeping yourself clean for Him to dwell within. In other words, it explains how knowing and obeying God is vital in having a life that is filled with the supernatural power of God. In John 15, Jesus Christ is calling on us to abide in Him while He also abides in us. He further tells us that He is the vine and we are the branches. And that just as the branch cannot bear fruits without the vine, we cannot live a life of power without his presence. Furthermore, he encourages us to remain linked to Him in order to bear good fruits of power which are pleasing to our Heavenly Father.

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How to receive the Holy Spirit


The Christian journey on Earth is a challenging one. Jesus Christ knew this and decided to send us a helper in the name of the Holy spirit who will be our companion in good and hard times alike (John 16:7-8). This creates room for questions like how to receive the Holy spirit, and ways to receive the Holy spirit. For sure every Christian needs the Holy spirit in order to successfully carry his/her cross on daily basis. It was sent by God to comfort us, heal us, deliver us, and above all teach us the truth about Him.

When it comes to receiving the Holy Spirit, there are many ideologies in the Christian milieu. These different ideas brought up by several individuals have ended up confusing many people on how to receive the Holy spirit. But when we check on how to receive the Holy Spirit as per the Bible, we realize that the process is very clear, simple, and not confusing.

How to receive the Holy spirit according to the Bible

Whatever we are doing as Christians, it is highly recommended that we base ourselves on the teachings in the Bible. So let’s hear what the Bible has to say about receiving the Holy spirit.

1. Get a Bible

Getting the Bible is the first step in knowing how to receive the Holy spirit. The Bible represents the truth about the things of God. While many people have complicated the process of receiving the Holy spirit, the Bible holds the simple truth about this subject matter. That’s is why you must start studying and meditating on your Bible every day. This will keep you safe from the false doctrines that have extended throughout the whole world.

A glance at Act 2:28 informs us that if we repent, receive Jesus Christ as our Savior, and get baptized, we will receive the Holy spirit. This Biblical passage clearly reveals the whole truth about receiving the Holy spirit. But do we really understand the full meanings of the two key words in the verse? Are we able to clearly follow the two steps in order to receive the Holy spirit? Don’t stress up as we will develop and unfold these points below.

2. Get to repent

Repentance brings us into the main subject matter of receiving the Holy spirit as promised by Jesus Christ. Repentance is derived from the Greek word ‘’metanoeo’’ which literally stands for “changing one’s mindset”. By this, we mean being sorry for what you did, accepting that you were on the wrong path and turning from not seeking to obey God’s laws to obeying and bringing others to obey them too.

3. Get to be baptized

Baptism is an outward sign that shows an inward change within the heart of a person who has decided to abandon the wicked and evil ways of this life and carry his/her cross to follow Jesus Christ on daily basis. Baptism comes from the Greek word “baptizo” which literary means “to immerse or to submerge in water”. Jesus Christ our leader showed us an example by being baptized in river Jordan by John the Baptist. Any spirit filled believer can get you baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

4. Ask God for the Holy Spirit

When we read from Luke 11:9-10, we hear Jesus Christ telling us that whoever ask for the Holy Spirit will definitely receive it. Having this in mind, let’s step out and request the Holy spirit from our heavenly father. He who is so good will eventually give us His spirit without measure.

After carrying out the steps above, we must believe that we have received it in immeasurable standards. We will have to live a holy life in order not to grieve the Holy spirit who is now living within our bodies which have become new temples. We ought to seek God’s face by regularly studying the Bible to know and obey His ways.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Biography, Wife, Children, Ministry, and Net Worth

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Get to know everything about Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Biography, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Wife, and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Children. Also get to know about Pastor Chris Oyakhilome House, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Cars, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome House, and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Private Jet. We’ll also provide you with information on Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Wife, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Children, and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Ministry. In addition to this, you’ll also be informed about Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Net Worth and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Contact Details. There is really much to know about this pastor moving from his childhood to the preacher he is now. However, you don’t have to worry. That’s why we hereby make this piece of writing. Just continuously unfold with us, and you’ll certainly enjoy.

Chances are very high that you had previously heard of this preacher. He is highly popular across Africa, Asia, Europe, and America. This is eventually due to the wonders and miracles that God is using him to perform through Christ. He has been into preaching for so many years today that his sermons are full of wisdom. That’s why you’ll easily get people asking for Pastor Chris Oyakhilome preaching or sermons. Heavily anointed into ministry, he has been able to make his way to the list of best gospel preachers in the world. In addition, he has also been able to make his way to the list of richest pastors in Africa and the world at Large. He is highly loved around the world for his deep understanding of the scriptures. In addition, God has always been with him to make his words come through.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Biography

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Biography

Chris Oyakhilome who is popularly known as “Pastor Chris” was born on the 7th of December 1963. Today, he stands as the Founder, General Overseer, and Senior Pastor of Love World Incorporated. His ministry is globally known as Christ Embassy. It initially had headquarters in his home country precisely at Lagos, Nigeria. However, it is no longer the case today as he relocated his ministry to Johannesburg, South Africa. His ministry is more of a wide and international type. By this, we mean to say that it is not limited in one country. It has branches in several parts of the country. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Ministry includes a Healing School. It also has a global daily devotional which is popularly known as “Rhapsody of Realities“.

Still on Pastor Chris Oyakhilome biography, history holds that he was born into the family of Tim Oyakhilome. He was born and raised in Edo State, Nigeria. For those who might not know, Nigeria is one of the African Countries. Chris happens to be the eldest son of his parents. Highly loved by his parents, he was educated to the highest level. When he reached the age for studies, his father registered him in one of the primary schools in Nigeria. He successfully went through this school with good results. This encouraged his father to register him in a secondary school. Chris continued in the same spirit of hard work until he graduated with good grades. This brought joy to his family members who decided to send him to the Ambrose Ali University. This university is situated in Ekpomo, Edo State, Nigeria. Today, Chris holds a PhD.

Some of his Family members

Chris has a junior brother who is also a famous preacher of the gospel. His names are pastor Ken Oyakhilome. He is an active member of the Believer’s Love World Incorporated. He was formerly the pastor of the South African branch of Christ Embassy. But when his senior brother relocated from Nigeria to South Africa, he moved to overseer the church’s branch in Texas. Being a pastor in the Texas branch of Christ Embassy, he has successfully grown a large following. He moved from a few members to the great number he has today. He is also loved by his congregants for his knowledge in the things of the Most High.

Chris also has a junior sister who is actively involved in his ministry. Her names are Katty Worghiren (Nee Oyakhilome). Nee Oyakhilome has been given a good number of administrative positions in her brother’s ministry. She is currently the director of the Loveworld Creative Art Academy, Loveworld Music Ministry, and the Loveworld Children Ministry. She has been managing these positions for a good number of years. We can say that she’s doing absolutely great in this ministry. Since her nomination, she has been working hard to take these church’s departments under her control to a higher level. The results are quite impressive.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Ministry

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Ministry

There is really much to say about Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Ministry. Records hold that Chris started his ministry back in the days when he was studying at Ambrose Ali University in Ekpomo, Edo State, Nigeria. During startup, his ministry was Believer’s Loveworld Fellowship. It is later that he reviewed and updated the ministry’s name to Believer’s Loverworld Incorporated. God being with him from the beginning, he was able to move from a few congregants to thousands in a twinkle of an eye. Today, he counts millions of congregants around the world. An eye without faith in Jesus Christ would perceive controversies in the miracles performed by Chris. However, this is not the case with us as we believe that Jesus Christ is still the same (Hebrews 13:8).

It is in this light that we’ll say here that God has been using Pastor Chris to change the lives of many. In the name of Jesus Christ and by the power of the Holy Ghost, Chris has been curing sicknesses which are more than doctors and science in general. In addition, he does many other things of the spirit like deliverance, healing, and blessing. An example of such is HIV/AIDS. However, such miracles and wonders have called lots of critics unto his ministry.These critics are come from people whose faith can’t permit them to believe that we are serving a Living God to whom nothing is impossible.

The case against the pastor’s ministry

Following a complain which was fired by the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) in 2011, the South African’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) banned Christ Embassy from airing claims of faith healing. In their report, TAC claimed that Christ Embassy was using the television to spread false claims that they could heal diseases which were more than doctors like HIV/AIDS. They further supported their report with the evidence of a woman who died upon stopping he drugs against an extreme variant of drug-resistant TB after she was convinced by Christ embassy of being healed. The further added that this woman also contaminated her own children before she died.

Extra accomplishments of the preacher

Chris is a prolific author with a formidable sales machine. A significant part of his fortune comes from book sales. His formidable sales machine at hand gives him more chances of making greater sales that those who do not have. Apart from being a preacher, he is highly credited for his inspirational and motivational writings. Today, he owns several books and inspirational messages in the form of audio DVDs and CDs. These items are on sale and they really boost his income. As of the time of writing, reports hold that he is the most followed African Personality on Twitter. It is without doubt that the preacher knows the power of Social media. He has already gathered a following of 1,316,000 on Twitter. Reports from Twitterholic.com ranks the preacher’s account (@PastorChrisLive) first in the whole of Africa. This very account is ranked 1,268th in the world.

Chris has his ministry’s personal social networking site which is popularly known as Yokoos. Through this ministry’s social networking site, the pastor is able to reach out to those who dwell in different countries. We can perceive this as his way of spreading the gospel to the four corners of the world. A glance at this site will reveal that it has a very high social following. It releases the latest information about Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Church.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Wife

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Wife

We can’t afford to omit Pastor Chris Oyakhilome wife from our writings. She had greatly contributed to the pastor’s success. His wife was always there to bring him comfort and encouragements from the beginning. Her names are Pastor Anita Oyakhilome. They lived happily for a good number of years until the devil stepped in their midst with the idea of divorce. And today, both partners have been separated through divorce. It is in this light that we’ll recommend that you read our article on Pastor Chris Oyakhilome New Wife.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Children

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Children

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Children have been a great source of motivation and encouragement for him. In short, we can say that Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Family was a blessed one until the devil stepped in and caused separation. His marriage with Reverend Anita Ebhodaghe was blessed by God with 2 children. Their names are Sharon Oyakhilome, and Charlyn Oyakhilome. Both children live in the United Kingdom with their mother. Sharon is the elder sister of Charlyn. Sharon is highly credited as a gospel singer. She recently got engaged with her Ghanaian husband, Philip Frimpong who grew up in the United Kingdom. The pastor brought up these two children in the light of God’s love and obedience. Today, they bring him much joy and happiness.

Brief recount on the pastor’s separation with his wife

Chris got married to Anita Ebhodaghe in 1991. They previously met each other at the Ambrose Alli University in Edo State, Nigeria. Back in thos days, Anita was studying English which she graduated Major. Anita’s mother came from Switzerland while her father was a Nigerian. She happens to be the first daughter in a family of five. After marring Pastor Chris, they were happily living until things started turning the other way round. It was on the 9th of April that Anita filed a divorce at the Central Family Court in London. This was after they had been living together for 25 years as husband and wife. However, the divorce took a longer time to be executed. This was after several attempts to bring both partners together. It was on the 8th of February that the divorce was finalized.

Immediately after the divorce was finalized, she quickly regained her maiden name, Anita Ebhodaghe Schafer. Prior to their separation, she was an active member of the Believer’s Loveworld. Records hold that she was a legally registered trustee of the Believer’s Loveworld in Nigeria and the United Kingdom. She was also a member of the Church’s Central Executive Council. In other words, we’ll say that she was a governing arm of the Church. In addition, she was the head of the Christ Embassy Church in London. We’ll recommend that you read our article on Pastor Chris New Wife.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome House

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome House

Many people want to know about Pastor Chris Oyakhilome House. I hope that you are not among those who think that men of God should dwell in the hot deserts or better still sleep on streets. This is not the case with Chris, because he owns a pretty nice house. The type of house that you will certainly want to live inside. Truth be told, he is among the pastors that God has greatly blessed in terms of finances. Yes, in addition to being blessed spiritually, he has been blessed financially too. Today, he stands among the richest pastors. He has a pretty nice house in Johannesburg, South Africa and in Lagos, Nigeria. Reports hold that most of the materials used to decorating the inside of his house in Lagos were imported.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Cars

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Cars

Being a man of God does not set him out as one who will walk on foot from one town to the other in the name of the gospel. Things have changed. In other words, we are in the modern era. And for sure he needs a means of transportation in as much as you and me.That’s why you should not be surprise to hear about pastor Chris Oyakhilome cars. For sure he has a good number of cars. Records hold that these cars are quite expensive and that he has about 30 Jeeps. The pastor is quite generous in terms of car giving. He has given stylish cars to outstanding christian singers who say the light of the day through his ministry. Some of these singers are Victor Ike and Ada Ehi. This is just to name a few.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Private Jets

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Private Jet

Are you surprise to hear about Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Private Jets? If you are, then ask yourself how he will attend to all the branches of Christ Embassy that have been planted around the world. I guess you know how long it takes to schedule an international flight and the complexities that are involved in the process when going with a flight company. In 2006, pastor Chris purchased an airline which he renamed Skypower. Today, he has two private jets. It was in 2006 that his first private jet came while the second followed in 2017 as a gift from his church’s department of music and art. This was their way of thanking him for having been with them as a father all through the years.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Net Worth

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Net Worth

Being precise in coming up with pastor Chris Oyakhilome Net Worth is not the easiest thing to do. However, estimates of his Net worth fall around $50,000,000. This estimate was made by Forbes. You must not be surprise to hear this amount because the pastor has diversified interests.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Contact Details

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Contact Details

Being a man of the people, chances are high to hear people asking for Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Contact Details. The search for Pastor Chris Contact has led many into the hands of thieves who made away with their money. That’s why we’ll recommend that you take greater precautions. Many people want to meet with the man of god for different reasons. Some want to meet him and testify the goodness of God in their lives. Others are seeking for blessings, deliverance, and spiritual guidance. For whatever reason you want to meet with him, we’ll advice that you get his contact details from Christ Embassy’s official website. This is because there are many thieves out there who have used his pictures and names to create fake Facebook accounts and website in the name of Christ Embassy. You can be sure that they won’t hesitate to make away with your cash.

Pastor Chris Contact

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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome new wife

pastor chris oyakhilome new wife

Many people want to know about pastor Chris Oyakhilome new wife or simply pastor Chris new wife. Perhaps you are among. However, wanting to know about your pastor’s wife is not a sin. So relax and feel free. We’ll unfold so many interesting things in this article. Just sit back on your wheel chair and scroll down with us. Chris Oyakhilome as we all know is popularly known around the world as Pastor Chris. He was born on the 7th of December 1963. He is the founder and general overseer of Christ Embassy which is also referred to as Love World Incorporated. Pastor Chris is an ambassador and preacher of the Gospel which was revealed by Jesus Christ. He has millions of followers from all angles of the World. This number has amplified the desire to know about pastor Chris Oyakhilome new wife. Also read about Pastor Anita New Husband.

As we all know, pastor Chris Oyakhilome was happily married to Pastor Anita Oyakhilome until the Devil added the word “Divorce” in their marital dictionary. Both partners were great preachers of the Holy Gospel. They worked together as Senior pastors of Christ Embassy. Their marriage was indeed a reference to many people until they separated through divorce. It is at this point that many questions started popping up from among their church members. While some people are contented with throwing stones of condemnation at these two pastors, others are deeply praying for a reconciliation among them. Not very far from the reality, others are very happy to see them apart. Whatever the case, we hereby write to answer most of the questions you might have about this subject matter.

What led to pastor Chris Oyakhilome new wife

We won’t sound serious if we just start talking about pastor Chris new wife without unfolding the details that led to his separation with Anita. It is true that we were not expecting this from them given their spiritual level and understanding of the Holy Scriptures. But now that it has happened, are we out to judge and condemn them? I don’t think this is what we are out for. God has not given us power to pass judgement on others neither to condemn them. On the other hand, we are not innocent. This is to say that we have all wronged God and merit punishment just as the scriptures reveal. Thus, instead of trying to judge or condemn our two pastors, we should rather pray and fast that God’s will be done in their lives. We must not forget that before being pastors, they are first humans.

The great shock of Christ Embassy

Upon hearing that pastor Chris had divorced his wife, his church members were all shocked. None of them was expecting him to go this far. Although the wondered why and how a man of God could do such, they quickly understood that no one is perfect apart from God. Pastor Chris divorce and Pastor Anita divorce reveals that marital issues can as well arise from Christian homes. Thus, a call for every christian couple to pray without ceasing as recommended by Apostle Paul. This will keep them safe from temptations and satanic attacks aimed at destroying their marriage. Let’s come back to our main character. Let’s come back to our main character. The truth is that nothing happens without a reason. Pastor Chris did not just wake up one early morning and decide to divorce his wife. There is obviously a long and worth reading story behind this.

Authentic pastor Chris and Wife divorce story

Pastor Chris and wife divorce story is definitely not the easiest one to recount. The present divorce which we have today started back since 2014. However, it was not that serious by then as church members could only dwell on speculations. It was on the 28th May 2014 that Christ Embassy Church members started suspecting abnormalities in the marital home of their pastor. Upon realizing that the frequency of perceiving both partners together had dropped, they were filled with different worries. In addition to this, they also noticed that both partners were not frequently attending parties and feats together as it was the case in the past. However, this could only leave them in suspense although they were not expecting to hear the worst.

Many Christ Embassy Christians around the world did not content themselves with folded arms. They gathered the courage and sent messages via Facebook and other communication means requesting to know what the problem was. Unfortunately, they received no answers to their questions. This could only leave both the church members and administrators in suspense. Things continued in this way for almost a year. Behold, Pastor Anita was not seen beside Pastor Chris for this length of time. As usual both partners maintained a silence mood. And as a result, their church members had different ideas and thoughts about this matter. Fast analyzers were already envisaging pastor Chris and wife divorce. And this is eventually what has led us to a piece of writing entitled pastor Chris Oyakhilome new wife.

Pastor Chris finally breaks silence

Concerning pastor Chris divorce and Pastor Anita divorce, things were maintained under the roof until the 16th of May 2014. This was the date when pastor Chris finally responded to the worries of his followers. In this message which was addressed to his church members, he clearly pointed out the fact that he was not please with the behavior of his wife. He pointed out that his wife’s friends were causing her to take on actions that were not pleasing to him. He also added that his wife’s friends were negatively influencing her to see him in a bad light. These are some of the things which led to why pastor Chris divorced is wife.

Still on why pastor Chris divorced her, we’ll say that according to the Man of God pastor Chris, his wife Anita was not in accord with his vision of the church. In other words, we’ll say that she was not following the vision of the church. The pastor further points out that he did not appreciate this way of doing things. This did not bring back Anita on the path as she continued to reach out to her friends who were boosting her to see the worst in Pastor Chris and his church. These are some of the challenges which led to why pastor Chris divorce his wife. Perhaps there are other hidden reasons why Pastor Chris divorced her, but these are those which were revealed to the public. And this is what has led us to writing about pastor Chris Oyakhilome new wife.

Anita Oyakhilome initiates the divorce procedure

It was back in 2014 that Anita Oyakhilome filed the divorce. However, things did not run as fast as she had planned since the court took much time before responding on the matter. It was in February 2016 that the marriage was finally dissolved after several failed attempts to put them back together. Not very long after their official separation, Anita’s pictures and information were deleted from the Church’s official website. As it is always the case, people gave several suggestions and thoughts why the couples divorced. Among the different reasons for their divorce, was that of adultery from both sides which was circulating and going viral on the internet. But it happened that the Church denied and classed it as a false internet rumor.

Why Pastor Anita requested for divorce

We cannot talk today of pastor Chris Oyakhilome new wife without considering Pastor Anita. She had greatly contributed to who pastor Chris is today. So let’s pour more light on why Pastor Anita divorced pastor Chris. According to Anita, she had lots of difficulties living with pastor Chris whom she treats as an abusive man. She wrote on her blog that the only error she committed was that of inspiring people to be better in life. She further wishes pastor Chris success in all his activities although they are no longer together. Still on her blog, she further pointed out that life is full of lots of challenges. She listed some of these challenges to be broken relationships, job loss, and marital problems. And that only strong people had the ability to completely transform these challenges into opportunities that will lead them to starting something new.

Pastor Anita further writes that life is a wonderful gift from God. And that this gift is given irrespective of a person’s gender, age, and social background. According to her, a strong person should always follow his or her dreams. She further encourages everyone to appreciate the gift of life and to have it in mind that no condition is permanent. She concluded her blog message by saying that her mission is to inspire and encourage people towards successes. And that nothing can stop her. In other words, she’s highly determined to accomplish her mission irrespective of the things happening to her. We realize that she did not go deeper into the root cause of her separation with pastor Chris. She rather spoke out of a positive mind with the believe that live continuous. Get to know Pastor Anita New Husband.

Biblical views on Marriage

There are lots of controversies in modern Christianity about what God wants from men and women concerning marriage. In addition, there are lots of debates whether divorced people may remarry according to the christian faith. Whatever the case, we must not rearrange the biblical scriptures to suit our evil ways and intentions. The scriptures are very clear on this subject matter. And we should stop developing unhealthy and unsound doctrines which will mislead the people of God. Instead of making debates on worries that won’t take us anywhere, let’s always refer to the Bible which is our standard for life. It holds the practices which are approved by God among his people.

That’s why we’ll recommend that you open your Bible to Matthew 5:31-32 “It was also said, ‘Anyone who divorces his wife must give her a written notice of divorce.’ But now I tell you: If a man divorces his wife, for any cause other that unfaithfulness, then he his guilty of making her commit adultery if she marries again; and the man who marries her commits adultery also“. This is not my teaching. It is rather that of the one true teacher, Jesus Christ. We as Christians ought to hold firm to this teaching in every situation. There is no reason for a Christian man to divorce his wife apart from unfaithfulness. Failing to respect this will make you guilty before God.

What the Bible says about Divorce

Divorce is another hot topic in the christian religion that has lots of controversies which have been generated by men and their evil nature. Let’s hear what our teacher, Jesus Christ has to say about Divorce by opening to Matthew 19:3-6 “Some pharisees came to him and tried to trap him by asking ‘Does our law allow a man to divorce his wife for whatever reason he wishes?’ Jesus answered ‘Haven’t you read the scripture that says that in the beginning the creator made people male and female? And God said, ‘for this reason a man will leave his father and mother and unite with his wife, and the two will become one. No human being must separate, then, what God has joined together“. By saying this, Jesus takes the side which is completely against divorce. God hates divorce.

Biblical views on Remarriage

Remarriage is another great controversial topic in modern Christianity. Religious views differ from one christian group to another. Hence, creating lots of unsound and unhealthy doctrines. Let’s hear what Jesus Christ has to say about remarriage by opening to Luke 16:18 “Any man who divorces his wife and marries another woman commits adultery; and the man who marries a divorced woman commits adultery“. What else do you want to hear about this topic of remarriage apart from your own personal teachings. If you love God, here is his voice about remarriage. It’s sufficient enough to act as a light for the faithful to travel their journey to heaven.

Still on this topic, we can read from Apostle Paul who spoke under the influence of the Holy Spirit in 1 Corinthians 7:10-11 “For married people I have a command which is not my own but the Lord’s: a wife must not leave her husband; but if she does, she must remain single or be reconciled to her husband; and a husband must not divorce his wife”.

Who is pastor Chris Oyakhilome new wife

We’ve said much up to this level. Our wordings and points of views were supported by Biblical chapters and verses. It is in this same light that we’ll say that according to the Bible or Holy Scriptures, pastor Chris Oyakhilome new wife can only be Pastor Anita Oyakhilome. This is possible through reconciliation as recommended by Jesus Christ. Thus, instead of us to sit back and pass judgement on them or send critics, we should pray and fast for God’s intervention in their broken marriage. And that their reconciliation would make their love more stronger and long lasting.

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Difference between faith and faithfulness


“No one can please God without faith, for whoever comes to God must have faith that God exists and rewards those who seek Him” – Hebrews 11:6 Properly figuring out the difference between faith and faithfulness will help you to better run the Christian race and strive towards obtaining the ultimate gift of everlasting life. Although the Bible provides us with clear differences, a lot of people still find it difficult to properly figure them out. That’s why we hereby write to assist everyone in perfectly knowing the difference between faith and faithfulness.

The consequences of not properly knowing the difference between faith and faithfulness can lead a person to slow down in the Christian race or develop doubt about the power of God. A lot of Christians today who are faithful in serving God often ask themselves a lot of questions when they are plunged into hard times. After prayers, many ask themselves why God is not coming to their rescue whereas they have been doing their best to faithfully serve Him.

At some point in time, they’ll even ask themselves why God don’t want to help then out of their problems whereas they have abandoned most of their personal things to focus on His’s. Such situations have greatly led to the development of sadness and bitterness from within many Christians today. This sadness and bitterness even increases when they perceive those whom they believe to be less faithful than them enjoying successful and fulfilled lives.

Difference Between Faith and Faithfulness – What you should know

Whatever the case, we must not mix up things in our minds. The whole truth is that faithfulness is one of the greatest virtues which every serious Christian must develop and exhibit. And we can also be certain of the fact that God will bless and credit everyone who remains faithful to Him. But we must not also forget that the more faithful you are to God, the more responsibilities and charges you are given to exhibit. That’s why you should not be comparing yourself with someone who is not faithful to God. In short he has very little to no charge. That’s why Jesus Christ explained in Luke 16 that the more our faithfulness becomes, the more our responsibilities will become too.

Still in the same light of thinking, we’ll say here that faithfulness does not necessarily change your life or brings solutions to the challenges that you are facing. That’s why you can be faithful yet still being sick or experiencing some other challenging issues. What you need here is faith. Faith is what actually changes your hopeless or challenging situation into a joyous one. But we must also say here that it is impossible for us to separate faith with unfaithfulness. Because faith comes as a result of being faithful to God. It comes as a result of learning God’s word, putting it into action, and taking Him for who He says He is.

The Supernatural Gift From God

Faith is a supernatural gift reserved for the faithful. That’s why it is said in 1 John 5:4 that faith is the victory that overcomes the World. Note here that it is not faithfulness but faith. That’s why your sickness, challenges, hardship, poverty, and sadness won’t necessarily respond to your faithfulness but will certainly respond to your faith. It is faith in God’s words that eventually brings changes to your situation.

Although we cannot fully separate faith from faithfulness we can at least bring out the clear difference between faith and faithfulness. And that’s what we’ve been doing since the beginning of this writing. Hence, you should eliminate the negative feeling of being neglected by God despite your faithfulness to Him and start speaking life into every challenging situation that you are facing through the power that Jesus Christ has given us and in accordance to His Word. Remember to build a strong faith in God and you’ll stand a better chance of successfully facing any challenge in life. We must note here that challenges are not there to kill us but to fortify us to better appreciate the blessings of God when they come our way. We recommend that you read our article on activating faith to move the impossible.

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How to put your faith to work


“To have faith is to be sure of the things we hope for, to be certain of the things we cannot see.” – Hebrews 11:1

When it comes to ways on how to put your faith to work, you can only turn to the Bible for instructions. It completely teaches us on how to go about growing our faith and putting it into work. The Bible tells us that faith is the substance of the things which we hope for and a certainty on God’s promises. In addition, it refers to faith as a supernatural gift from God which permeates us to fully depend and relay on His promises even when what we are perceiving with our physical eyes is proving the contrary.

Faith means that the things which we hope for are presently in our reach through Jesus Christ. This is a call to the demonstration of faith on the scene. And for us to demonstrate our faith, we must put it into work. At this point, it’s just obvious that you are questioning yourself on how to put your faith to work. The Bible answers this question in a clear manner. Faith is also taking Jesus Christ for His words. It has to do with acting upon the words of Jesus Christ.

If we should take Jesus Christ for His words when He says that what we hope for is now ours, then we do not have any reason to sit back. Rather, we out to step out and receive our blessings from God. We act on the words of Jesus Christ because we have first believed in Him. What is He saying about your present situation? Step out and receive it with faith because He never fails.

Still on how to put your faith to work, we’ll take an example to bring more light for a better understanding. Let’s take a case where you pray and ask God through Jesus Christ to make you bold and give you a better understanding of the gospel as well as feed your mouth with His words whenever you are talking to His people. This is a very nice prayer, perhaps you were not initially brave enough in being His witness. But there is something that we must point out here which is your attitude after prayers. It is without doubt that your attitude after prayers greatly influences and determines if you have received the answers to your prayers or not.

Jesus Christ says in John 14:14 that whatsoever we ask in His name, we must believe that we have received. Hence, after prayers you must not only believe that you have had your answers but also start acting as one who has received the answers. On coming back to our example, you cannot pray it today, tomorrow, and forever. Once you have requested boldness and knowledge from God in doing His work, you’ll have to step out and start doing it. This is how to put your faith to work and open the flow gates of heaven for additional blessings.  This also applies to all your prayer requests which are directed to God through Jesus Christ.

Always remember that faith acts now because it has already taken possession. It is for this reason that Apostle James says that faith without action is dead (James 2:17). Hence, genuine faith is that which takes God for His words and acts upon them. Genuine faith goes with a corresponding action. And it is in this light that you can learn what it takes to put your faith to work.

If you say that you have a genuine faith that can move mountains, then you are saying that you truly believe God for who He says He is. You completely believe that He has done all that He says He has done. And in the same light, you trust in all His promises to come. By this we mean that you know God will do all that He says He will do. If you are then serious about how to put your faith to work, each time you’ll finish praying, you’ll have to believe that your prayers have already been answered.

We’ll conclude by saying that we can also perceive faith as obeying God’s instructions. That’s why we cannot separate faith from obedience. And with obedience you can be sure that you truly have faith in God. And faith in God is irrespective of what we see in our surrounding. We suggest that you read our article on activating faith to move the impossible.

Praying in tongues open the supernatural dimensions


“Those who speak in strange tongues do not speak to others but to God, because no one understands them. They are speaking secret truths by the power of the Holy Spirit.” – 1 Corinthians 14:2

The power of speaking in tongues dates back to the teachings of Jesus Christ through His Apostles in the Bible. We are clearly told that praying in tongues makes a believer to move in the supernatural and impossible dimensions. There are lots of ways through which praying in tongues will change your life forever. The importance of speaking in tongues as well as the benefits of speaking in tongues are amazing. Unfortunately, praying in strange tongues which was a major spiritual tool in the mouths of the Apostles of old has become one of the most controversial topics in modern Christianity.

Whatever the case, we can be certain that the lots of resentments surrounding the aspect of speaking in strange tongues have all arisen under the supervision of Satan in order to fight its ability to take believers into a higher spiritual dimension of overcoming the impossible situations of life. This rejection goes into the same light with that of the prophetic ministry which some modern Christians have kept aside due to bad experiences, misuses, and misunderstandings.

It’s quite evident that Satan is working to keep the believers ignorant of the power that Jesus Christ has released on to them. That’s why this horrible creature works together with its agents to create misunderstandings, bad experiences, and failures on the way of Christians who are trying to benefit from these gifts. But one thing that we are sure is that these gifts create disorder in the Satanic kingdom else they’ll no be fighting it. As a Christian, you must have probably asked yourself how important is speaking in tongues. On the other hand, several Christians regularly ask from their leaders the importance of speaking in tongues or the benefits of speaking in tongues. The whole truth is that praying in tongues will change your life for the best and increase your spiritual level in Jesus Christ our lord and savior.    

A Biblical look of praying in tongues

If we must be honest enough to speak or reveal the Biblical truths about the power of speaking in tongues or its importance, we’ll base ourselves on the New Testament starting from the day of Pentecost when this special gift marked the birth of Christianity. When reading through the New Testament we notice that the majority of writings and teachings were sent out by Apostle Paul who deeply encouraged Christians to speak in tongues as he himself spoke more than any other believer in those days.

Apostle Paul tells us that the process of speaking in tongues equips the believers and creates a direct communication line with God the Father on a unique level and also empowers the believers to live a supernatural life in Jesus Christ. Speaking in tongues creates confusion in the kingdom of darkness and overpowers the Christian to overcome every evil spiritual force. Speaking in tongues takes you into a spiritual dimension and allows the Holy spirit to rightly pray through you as it uses the mind of God.

Speaking in tongues is not a one-time experience or something we do once after our baptism of the Holy Spirit. Apostle Paul saw it as a way to express what his mind could not express before God. He saw it as a way to communicate directly to God without having Satan hear even a single word talk less of getting its meaning. And the moment Satan cannot get what you are speaking with your heavenly father, he’ll be fighting the wrong fight. Regularly praying in tongues does well in fortifying your body and spirit to successfully go through the Christian race. As a believer Jesus Christ who is one with God lives within you through the Holy Spirit. Hence, you can always request the Holy Spirit to take control of you and talk to God through you in a language not understood by men neither by Satan and his agents.

Ways by which praying in tongues take you into the supernatural and impossible dimensions

As a believer who adopts the act of praying in tongues, you can expect a supernatural divine intervention in your life. This act will greatly open new doors in your life and boost your Christian faith. Below are the main aspects which are brought into existence by speaking and praying in strange tongues as the spirit of God leads.

Praying in tongues create a direct private communication line with God the Father

Apostle Paul teaches us in 1 Corinthians 14:2 that by speaking in strange tongues as moved by the Holy Spirit, we are not speaking to men but directly to God. In addition, this process is also known as the act of carrying out the Anonymous Prayer. By anonymous here, we mean that not even Satan can monitor or hear a single word from your prayer. Hence, he won’t know what you were saying or requesting from God, talk less of being able to develop a successful strategic plan to fight your heart intentions.

Still in the same line of thinking, we’ll add here that when you are praying in tongues, you are speaking through a direct line to the President of the Universe. Here, we are not trying to discourage anyone from praying to God with their native language. You should always feel free to talk to God with the language of your choice. But you must not forget the power or benefits that reside in praying to God using strange tongues as directed by the Holy Spirit. The whole truth is that at times we do not really know how to pray to God. Prayers that go in accord with the perfect will of God are the best prayers and are instantly answered (Romans 8:26-28). God’s spirit that resides within us best knows the heart of the Father. That’s why we are recommending you to yield to the power of the Holy Spirit in order to efficiently Pray.

Praying in tongues reveals God’s supernatural mysteries

“But it was to us that God made known His secret by means of His Spirit. The Spirit searches everything, even the hidden depths of God’s purpose” – 1 Corinthians 2:10

Speaking in tongues is a spiritual exercise that awakens the spirit of God from within us and puts it into work and action. The Holy Spirit knows everything in Heaven, on Earth, and below the Earth. In short, the Holy Spirit knows everything including the Secret taught and things of God. And we can all remember that Jesus Christ said in John 14:26 that when the Holy Spirit will come upon us, He will teach us everything that we need to know.

In other words, we can perceive the Holy Spirit as the spiritual search engine of the things in heaven, on earth, and everywhere. If you are verse with Google, you’ll better understand what we mean here by search engine. Thus, let’s welcome the act of praying in tongues so as to awaken the Holy Spirit in our lives which will reveal to us the mysteries of God. That’s why God spoke through His Prophet in Jeremiah 33:3 saying that we should call on Him and He’ll answer us and show us so many things which we know nothing about.

Praying in strange tongues opens your mind to a new living understanding of the Bible

“When, however, the spirit comes, who reveals the truth about God, He will lead you into all the truth. He will not speak on His own authority, but He will speak of what He hears, and will tell you of things to come.” – John 16:13

In as much as the Bible can simply be a historical book in the hands of many, it can also be a spiritual book that brings life in the hands of others. Are you perceiving the Bible as a historical record of facts? Or you are simply perceiving it as a novel worth reading? If this is how you perceive the Bible, then you are wrong. And that’s why you are not experiencing any major divine intervention in your life.

Praying in tongues will boost the Holy Spirit to guide us into the revealed living truths that are recorded in the Bible just as Jesus Christ did promise. That’s why we must always pray and ask on God to reveal His Holy Will to us as we read His teachings. The power of praying in tongues is enormous.

Praying in strange tongues will open doors for the other Revelatory Gifts of the Holy Spirit

“The spirit gives one person a message full of wisdom, while to another person the same spirit gives a message full of knowledge. One and the same Spirit gives faith to one person, while to another person he gives the power to heal. The Spirit gives one person the power to work miracles; to another, the gift of speaking God’s message; and to yet another, the ability to tell the difference between gifts that come from the Spirit and those that do not. To one person he gives the ability to speak in strange tongues, and to another he gives the ability to explain what is said” – 1 Corinthians 12:8-10

Praying in strange tongues will likely open heavenly flow gates to release other Revelatory Gifts of the Holy Spirit into your life. These revelatory gifts include a word full of wisdom, a word full of knowledge, prophecy and fully discerning of spirits. When you pray in strange tongues, you are not praying on a natural dimension but rather you are praying on a purely powerful spiritual dimension. That’s why you should not be alarmed when praying in tongues to receive a supernatural insight about something. In such spiritual dimensions, you can be led by the spirit to pray over specific situations in the lives of others, you can get a revelation on how to bring solutions into issues that people are experiencing in their lives, you can also receive revelations about cities, countries, and nations. Whatever the case, when God reveals a situation to you, always get back to Him in prayers to ask what He wants you to do about it. In addition, while praying in tongues, you can discern evil spirits around that are disturbing the lives of some individuals. In most cases, the Holy Spirit will lead you on how to drive them away.

Praying in tongues empowers you for spiritual warfare against the principalities in the kingdom of darkness  

“Do all this in prayer, asking for God’s help. Pray on every occasion, as the spirit leads. For this reason, keep alert and never give up; pray always for all God’s people.” – Ephesians 6:18

Praying in strange tongues eventually empowers you to completely agree with God’s everlasting victory over all the powers and principalities in the kingdom of darkness. As Christians we are not free from attacks coming from the kingdom of darkness. Being Christians even gives Satan and his agents a greater reason to attack and destroy our faith in Jesus Christ who is the savior of the World. It is now left for us to strive and stand firm in our faith so as to overcome him through the victory of Jesus Christ on the cross. Unlike the false doctrine that teaches that being Christians implies wealth, fortune, no suffering, no hard times on earth, Jesus Christ himself told us in John 16:33 that we can be sure that tribulations will come our ways as His servants but we must hold to our faith because He has already overcome the world and supreme victory is His and that of His followers.

The Holy Spirit who is our companion in the Christian race is always there to provide us with gifts and blessings to overcome all challenges and attacks from the kingdom of darkness. One of these spiritual warfare gifts is the ability to speak in strange languages which are not understood by the enemy neither by men but only by God. That’s why we should regularly invite the Holy Spirit to pray the heart of our Heavenly Father through us so as to overcome the Devil and his malicious attacks in our lives.   

In conclusion to our writing on the power of speaking in tongues, we’ll say that the benefits of speaking in tongues are so numerous and important in our Christian journey. We hope that we were able to answer your question on how important is speaking in tongues. We recommend you to read our article on how to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Difference between a weak and a strong faith


“His faith did not leave him, and he did not doubt God’s promise; his faith filled with power, and he gave praise to God” – Romans 4:20


Faith is the substance through which we please God. Without faith, it is not possible to please God. By reading from Romans 10:17, we are told by Apostle Paul that faith comes by hearing the word of God. But did you know that it is very possible to have a lot of faith which is weak? Yes, of course it is very possible. We observe an example of such when Jesus Christ commanded peter to come to Him by walking on water. Peter had been regularly listening and seeing Jesus rendering impossible things possible. Although he knew it was possible to walk on water, his certainty was not deeply rooted that’s why at some point in time he started sinking as we can read from Matthew 14:27-31.

We can look it from the other way whereby we have a young boxer who regularly consumes much food but does not exercise his muscles. It is obvious that his muscles will develop massively but remain weak. And whenever he encounters a small fit and well-toned guy, he’ll easily be beaten even though he is big. The reason for his defeat is quite simple, he is big but weak.

With this in mind, we can further move ahead to bring out the difference between a weak and a strong faith. A weak faith comes as a result of not exercising faith or not even having faith at all. It is obvious that if you hear God’s word and don’t act on it, you’ll always have a weak faith. It is for this particular reason that you can easily memorize all the Bible passages about a particular topic yet still lack results.

You will always remain with a weak faith until you start acting on every word that comes forth from the mouth of God. With a weak faith, you can be sure to stagger every time that the storms of life strike you. But whenever you make up your mind about taking God for who He says He is and firmly walking on His words, your faith will be made strong.

We consider Abraham as the father of faith because his faith was really strong. Upon hearing the voice of God in his life which promised him that he’ll be a father to many nations, he started calling himself “father of many” even when he did not yet have a physical descendant. From Romans 4:13-25, we hear the Bible say that Abraham had a strong faith even when there was no hope. Even though he was almost 100 years, his faith was not weakened upon looking at his physical conditions or the fact that Sarah could not have children. Instead, he remained tight to what he received as message from God and had full confidence that God will fulfill his promises.

When your faith is strong, you readily accept, believe, and walk on every word that God gives you. The point is not about getting the word into your notepad or into your heart. Rather it is the application of the words that you hear that makes your faith strong. That’s why you should speak forth the words that you hear irrespective of the contrary circumstances around you. It is only in this way that you can build a strong faith.


In the name of Jesus Christ:

  • My faith is strong;
  • I put into practice every word from God in my life;
  • I do not walk by sight but by faith; and
  • God has fulfilled all his promises in my life.


Lord Jesus Christ may you have mercy on us and strengthen our faith.

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Activating faith to move the impossible


“I am telling you the truth: those who believe in me will do what I do – yes, they will do even greater things, because I am going to the Father. And I will do whatever you ask for in my name, so that the Father’s glory will be shown through the Son. If you ask me for anything in my name, I will do it.” – John 14:12-14


From our reading, we clearly hear Jesus Christ telling us what it takes to walk in the impossible dimensions unto the eyes of men. As Christians, we have been given the Divine ability to do the things which Jesus Christ did and even greater things depending on our ability to believe or have faith in what He says. This leads to questions like what is faith, how to grow my faith, and how to activate my faith so as to walk in a spiritual dimension that is full of the power of the Holy Spirit.

When it comes to using faith to move the impossibilities, Prophet T.B. Joshua of the Synagogue church of all Nations (SCOAN) has interesting teachings which he applies and we can see what the hand of the Lord is doing in his life. Jesus Christ passes through him to give sight to the blind, heal the sick, set free the captives, deliver the oppress and above all teach what it takes to safe one’s soul. Hence we shall reflect on most of His teachings on how to activate my faith or how to grow my faith while having the Bible as our principal base.

What do I mean by having faith in God?

While others will ask what is faith, some will prefer to focus on the meaning of Faith. This brings us to asking the question of what Jesus meant by having faith in God? By faith in God, He meant that:

  • We should fully trust God for every single word of His that we hear;
  • We should have complete confidence in God;
  • We should absolutely rely on God alone;
  • We should take God for who He says He is;
  • We should completely believe in God;
  • We should fully obey all God’s commands without exception; and
  • We should consecrate much of our time in Knowing God.

How to activate my faith to move the impossible

The Scriptures tell us that faith has to do with having a deep and firm certainty of God’s yet unfulfilled promises (Hebrews 6:15). Meditate on this saying and you will realize that it does not say faith comes as a result of God fulfilling His promises. It rather says that faith is believing that God has completely done everything that He had promised us in His word and is presently resting with nothing to do again. Hence, for me to say that I have faith, I must be certain that God has already done what He had promised to do even if the physical conditions are showing the contrary.

As a generation who has worn the right to be called children of the supreme God through Jesus Christ, we are destined to walk by faith and not by sight. We mean here that:

  • When you are in hardship, instead of complaining, you rather see it as a reason to thank God;
  • When you are financially down; you give praise to God for blessing you with your financial needs;
  • When you are in pains, you thank Jesus Christ for having given you good health; and
  • When you are troubled, you refuse to focus on the trouble but rather prefer to focus on Jesus Christ the savior.

Satan is always setting up new traps to catch us by giving us numerous reasons to look at life, its adversities, and storms, from the human angle of perception. And for sure immediately you start perceiving your situation from the human eye, your heart will be filled with fear, discouragement, doubt, and anxiety. Hence as Christians, we should make sure that our belief sees beyond our present situations no matter how tough they may seem. In most cases, God pays a visit to his people through hard times so that they can better learn His ways.

A man or a woman of faith is one with a difference. (Acts 13:22). The way they perceive things is different. Where others are seeing impossibilities, they are seeing possibilities. Where humans think it is finish, they are seeing a new beginning. When people are filled with discouragements and fear, they are animated by the confidence that God never fails and are ready to step out without fear.

When Jesus Christ tells us in John 14:12 that if we have faith in Him, we can do the works he did and even greater things, he truly meant that with faith, His mighty power and strength becomes ours thereby truly making us one with Him. Prophet Isaiah clearly tells us what is faith when he says that it is the force that moves our words to work (Isaiah 55:11). As Christians, Jesus Christ has inserted power in our mouths. This power is fully released by the believe in our hearts.

There are many ways on how to grow my faith or how to activate my faith and start walking in the impossible dimensions. The full meaning of faith is complete obedience. The reward reserved for those who have faith is the capacity to do what Jesus was doing. Faith or believe or complete obedience to the gospel will make you to operate in the dimensions in which God operates (Acts 3:16). Your capacity to do wonders and miracles in the name of Jesus Christ actually depends on your degree of believe in Him. Remember to subscribe for more teachings of these kind which are hardly found elsewhere.

A man of faith is one who walks with the following tools:

  • Forbearance;
  • Endurance;
  • Patience;
  • Confidence;
  • Perseverance; and
  • Persistence.

If you are serious about activating your faith to walk in the Godly dimensions through Jesus Christ, you must take all the above tools and meditate as you put them into daily practice. Always welcome things that are contrary to God’s promises in your life as a way to boost your Christian faith and cultivate the attitude of Jesus Christ. In your Christian journey, remember to stay calm and focused without thinking of making a single step backward even when things seem not to be unfolding according to your heart desire.


Lord Jesus Christ, we belief, help our unbelief.

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Having a taste of the Epikaizo power of God


Epikaizo PowerEpikaizo

The angel answered, “The Holy Spirit will come on you, and God’s power will rest upon you. For this reason, the Holy Child will be called the son of God” – Luke 1:35 (Epikaizo power and Epikaizo Anointing)

Reflection on the Epikaizo Power and Epikaizo Anointing

There exist many dimensions in which we can experience God’s power. Here, we will discuss on the Epikaizo Power and the Epikaizo Anointing. They are supreme dimensions in which Christians can experience the mighty hand of God. You might be asking yourself what is Epikaizo Anointing or better still, the meaning of Epikaizo Anointing? By anointing here, we do not mean a physical act. It is more of a direct spiritual touch from God. And whoever talks about the Epikaizo anointing talks of the Epikaizo power of the Supreme God. There is no need to panic or worry, we hereby write to help you understand this spiritual blessing.

At this point, you might likely ask yourself questions like what is the epikaizo anointing, what is the Epikaizo power of God, and how can I get the Epikaizo power of God?. We’ll start by saying that it is the overshadowing power of God. It represents the spiritual realm that is closest to eternity. That is why when Angel Gabriel came to Mary, he talked of an overshadowing power from the Highest. This is a clear example of the Epikaizo power of God which was tasted by Mary as it rested on the Son that she bore. The Epikaizo Images at the beginning of our article portray what it looks like.

The Overshadowing effect of the Epikaizo Anointing and Epikaizo Power

The Epikaizo power of God is one which comes with such might and great impact that when it overshadows you, all traces of fear within you are eliminated and you start walking in the realm of impossibilities. This is the type of power that moves the heart and hand of God to bringing changes to nations and cities. But receiving such power from God requires people who are determined for His cause and are ready to give up their lives for the sake of the gospel. The scriptures say that when Stephen was being stoned to the point of death, he did not give up His faith, rather he accepted to die for the gospel’s sake and at that point, he saw the heavens opened within which he saw Jesus Christ standing at the right hand of God the Father almighty (Acts 7:56).

Even the scriptures say that no man sees God and lives. Thus it took Stephen a special anointing and grace to see Jesus Christ and God’s glory in heaven. What kind of spiritual power can we attribute such a grace apart from the Epikaizo anointing from God? We must attest that Stephen did not regret even for a second neither did he allow fear to cross his heart even for a millisecond. He accepted the sentence of death with joy in his heart for the greater love of God and the spread of the gospel.


We can get another example by reading about Moses who had the audacity to request that God repent of His anger. And behold, God did turn away from His anger. This is a phenomenon which can’t be understood by the human mind. Moses must have certainly been carrying something within Him. And what could this be apart from the Epikaizo anointing or the Epikaizo power of God. This power makes communication with God very easy and gets the Holy Spirit at work when you call upon God.

In addition, when we read from Joshua 10:12, we hear Joshua addressing to God and commanding the sun to remain still until they wipe out all the enemies of Israel during the war with the Amorites. This was a clear command that was directed to God who created the sun and gave it a normal routine. But behold, God respected Joshua’s command and the sun remained still until they had overcome their enemies. There is no power which we can attribute this to apart from the Epikaizo power of God or simply the overshadowing power of God in his life. This power gave him the ability to speak and make things done for the glory of God’s name.

The shining light of God’s Holy Presence

We have also read the scriptures which say that when Moses came down from the mountain, his face was shining like the sun while his clothes like bright light and no Israelite could dare look him directly. He had to be isolated for a while so that the glorious light of the lord and overshadowing power could reduce before he could meet with his followers (Exodus 34:29). This is another demonstration of God’s supreme power which can only be attributed to the Epikaizo and nothing else. In such a state, even Satan could not approach Moses. The mountains and oceans could not hurt him neither. They could only give him way.

How to experience the power of God?

This might likely lead you to asking how to experience the power of God. Others might go up to the extent of asking how to experience the Epikaizo anointing of God. By investing more time in meditating on God’s word, you create open doors for the Epikaizo anointing which comes with the mighty power of God. By regularly consuming God’s word, you are creating a big fire from within which will indeed develop much light in you. And the scriptures say that Satan hates light. And for this reason, he will flee away from you thereby allowing room for a greater spiritual expansion.

Jesus Christ promised to give us whatever we ask of Him in order to bring glory in the name of God the Father creator of Heaven and Earth. Hence, if our heart intentions are boosted by love and the desire to be witnesses of Jesus’s gospel, we simply need to ask from the Father through the name of the Son. And once this is done, we believe that our prayers have been answered. Hence, we continuously dwell in the light of the Lord and pray that He leads us to wherever he wants us to do His work through the might of His power in us.

Spiritual replenishing

When operating in the overshadowing power of the Lord, we are called upon to regularly get back to Him for more strength in other to face greater challenges as it was the case of the Apostles whom Jesus entrusted the gospel after his ascension into heaven (Acts 2:4). We recommend that you read our article on how to receive the power of the Holy Spirit.


Lord Jesus Christ may you prepare us just as you prepared your 12 Apostles and when it is the right time to do your work, overshadow us with the Epikaizo power of the Holy Spirit.

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