Miracle Money

Miracle Money

Miracle Money

Miracle Money is a vital topic in Christianity which is misunderstood by many people. Different spiritual leaders and mere followers of Christ have been arguing on the authenticity of miracle money for years. These arguments result from the fact that some people believe in it and others do not. Our intention for creating this piece of writing is not to setup another room for an argument on miracle money – there are so many already. We are simply trying to pour more light on the topic for those who are willing to learn. In our writing, we’ll make use of the Bible which is an authoritative voice when it comes to knowing and obeying God. Talking about the Bible, it’s worth noting that your level of understanding of any Biblical concept is determined by your experience or relationship with God.

Apostle Paul was right when he said that solid food is not for children. Instead of being quick to reject and condemn without carefully analyzing, you should rather follow the advice from the Biblical book of proverbs. Your convictions on this very topic are determined by your definition of miracle money. With a wrong definition, it is just normal to think that miracle money is not Biblical. Still with a wrong definition, chances are high that the devil will lead you into embracing non-Biblical concepts of money. By so doing, you’ll likely wander away from the righteousness that we ought to have through Christ. You are right in questioning the authenticity of miracle money because the scriptures invite us to test every teaching with those of Christ before embracing it. Relax and continuously unfold our writing in order to learn more about this Christian financial topic.

Miracle Money – Everything you need to know about Miracle Money from God

Walking in higher spiritual dimensions with God

In Christianity, you can choose to be pragmatic or perplexed about the things of God. As for me, I choose to see a cup as half full rather than half empty. It is in this light that we point to the scripture that says “With God, All Things Are Possible” (Matthew 19:26). A good understanding of this scripture proofs that miracle money is not and impossibility for God. The real question to ask here is its definition and not entertaining doubts in your heart. Differentiate miracle money from ritual or satanic money and you’ll understand that receiving it is very much possible than you can even imagine. When you get things mixed up, it’s just but normal that you develop fear and reject everything about the supernatural power of God to intervene in your finances.

Miracle Money is not an impossibility before God

The scriptures are clear on the fact that all things are possible for God. It is still in the light of the scriptures that we hereby say that all things are possible to he who believes in God. Instead of entertaining doubts, pray that a mature faith be stirred up and released upon your life so that you can enjoy the fruits of walking with God in higher spiritual dimensions. In this dimensions, you receive spiritual blessings which are manifested in the physical realms. It’s high time that we turn away from hypocrisy. How can a person believe God for a health miracle but entertain doubt for a financial miracle? It is the same God who is able to do all things. As you believe in him for a blessing in all parts of your life, do not exclude the financial sector.

My heart is filled with sadness when I come across people who are bluntly refusing to accept or believe in the possibilities of God. The scriptures clearly point out to the fact that we receive from God according to our capacity to believe in him. You can’t receive something from God which you are not convinced that he is able to do it. Faith is the link between the impossible and the possible. With faith in God, you can achieve the impossible. We are talking here of a God who made Elizabeth who was called barren fruitful, a God who divided the red sea and created a path for his children to travel across, a God who did not keep his only son from becoming a sacrificial lamb to save the world, a God who created Heaven and Earth together with all what it has.

Biblical Financial Miracles

The Bible contains several financial miracles which were executed by great men of God under his directives. Jesus Christ himself while on Earth accomplished several financial miracles worth remembering. And because Jesus Christ is alive and has not changed, we can call on him and he will do more in our days. This is very possible because Hebrews 13:8 tells us that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. That is, he is able and he is still doing the things which he use to do in the past. All what is required from us is faith. For it is our believe in God that equips us with what it takes to receive divine blessings. Below are the financial miracles which were performed by Jesus Christ and those who were out to prepare his coming:

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1. Upon deepening the net into the water at the command of Jesus Christ they caught so much fish that the net was about to break (Luke 5:6).

This scripture holds a vital spiritual lesson which we are going to reveal. We’ll start by asking who was Simon Peter? He was a fisherman whose personal and family needs were all met through his fishing business. Unto Peter, fishing was his job just as you and I do have our own jobs today. The scriptures tell us that at the command of Jesus Christ, Peter’s net caught more fish than he could carry or store. In as much as Jesus Christ did it for Peter, he can also do it for you. It does not matter the business or job you are doing, as long as it is morally upright and pleasing to God, at the command of Jesus Christ, you can reap from it more than your store rooms can contain.

The Bible tells us that Simon Peter had worked all night without catching even a single fish. This keeps me wondering what he would have used to meet the needs of his family if Jesus Christ did not shake heaven to release financial blessings on him. Chances are high that you are already perceiving where we are driving to. By meditating on this Biblical story, you’ll realize that the fish which Peter was ought to catch was destined for commercial purposes. That is, Peter was to sell or exchange the fish for money. By offering him commercial fish, Jesus Christ was indirectly offering him money. That’s why it won’t make sense to argue the fact that Jesus Christ offered to Simon Peter a huge sum of miracle money from God. Just as Simon Peter obeyed the command from Jesus Christ and received his financial blessing, you can also do same.

2. Go to the lake and catch the fish that shows up, you’ll find enough money in its mouth to pay our temple tax (Matthew 17:27).

Brethren, who told you that financial miracles are coming from a false Christian doctrine that originates from Africa? Instead of blind-fully believing all what you are told, pickup your Bible and find out the truth. For it is the truth that will set you free. It is only in the truth that there is no condemnation. Unfortunately, we are more into believing what others tell us than finding the truth for ourselves. That’s why people quickly believe that miracle money comes from the theology of prosperity being taught in Africa. 1 Thessalonians 5:21 says that as Christians, we must always test every teaching in the light of the gospel which was revealed by Jesus Christ. That’s why you’ll be making a mistake to believe people without finding out whether their message reflects the Key teachings of Jesus Christ.

Matthew 17:27 tells us how Jesus Christ commanded Peter to go to the lake and get money from the mouth of a fish in order to pay their temple tax. Think for a second how this will sound today if a man of God or Prophet tells a person to go and get money from the mouth of a fish. This will go viral over the internet and we’ll hear people shouting everywhere that the person in question is a false prophet. It is painful to see how little our faith is before God. Haven’t you read the scripture that says, anyone who believes in me will do what I do and even do greater things (John 14:12). The saying is not mine but Jesus’s. He is able to empower a man to do the things that the Apostles deed in witness of what they saw him doing.

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3. God saves the poor widow’s two children from slavery by blessing her with miracle money through Prophet Elisha (2 Kings 4).

In all situations, God is able. Your physical situation does not really matter, for what matters is what God is saying about your case. Do not be discouraged by what you see or hear because it does not really matter. Put your trust in God who never fails and you’ll live to testify his goodness. Avoid entertaining doubts in your heart because all things are possible for God to accomplish. He did it in the past, he is still doing it, and he will continuously do it even in times to come. God is a ware of your troubles and he will not leave you without providing help. He is aware of your poverty and he will not leave you without a financial blessing. All you need to do is to turn to him and ask for help just as the poor widow deed and received her financial breakthrough.

In 2 Kings 4, we are told that there was a poor widow whose husband upon dying had not paid his debts. In his absence the lender came pressurizing his widow to pay back the money. He even threatened to take the widow’s two male children for slavery if she failed to payback his money. Upon hearing this, the widow was troubled and turned to God through his servant Elisha. She clearly knew that it was impossible to pay it back since she had no business or goods to sell. She knew that only God could do something in the face of impossibility. And behold, God did not fail her. God sent prophet Elisha who upon hearing her problem commanded her to take the small jar of olive oil in her possession and fill all the big jars she could gather and sell for money.

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Is Miracle Money Biblical

Many Christians are worried about whether miracle money is Biblical or not. Just as we previously said, it really depends and what you call miracle money. All the above examples are revealing ways through which God miraculously provides money to his children when they are in need. The answer to the question on whether Miracle Money is Biblical or not really depends on how you define it. If your perception of miracle money is that of living a lazy life and sleeping all day long while expecting God to make money appear in your wallet or room, we’ll say that it is not Biblical. Such is more of ritual money than Biblical money. Ritual money is one which the devil offers in a way that seems easy but comes with lots of sophisticated and evil conditions. A person can never enjoy such money.

On the other hand, if you perceive miracle money as a divine favor in your financial life, then we’ll say that it is Biblical. The scriptures say that we should prepare our plans and present them before God for divine favor or blessings. In accordance to this scripture, you can come before God requesting for his blessings in your financial life. God is willing and ready to bless you with new financial opportunities. Our conception of miracle money is that of calling on God to bless your efforts and supernaturally intervene in your finances.

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