Pastor Alph Lukau Private Jet

Pastor Alph Lukau Private Jet

Pastor Alph Lukau Private Jet

We’ll inform you on everything about Pastor Alph Lukau Private Jet. As we all know, Pastor Alph Lukau is the Founder, General Overseer, and Senior Pastor of Alleluia Ministries International (AMI). AMI is a Christ-centered house of prayer which has its headquarters in Sandton, South Africa. It’s General Overseer, Pastor Alph Lukau was born in the Democratic Republic Of Congo, Central Africa. He has been into ministry for over 20 years. God has been with him and blessed his ministry with an exponentiation growth in different countries around the world.

It is worth pointing out that apart from being a preacher of the gospel, Pastor Alph Lukau is a successful International businessman. In the past, he ventured into business and today, he is reaping the fruits of his labor. His success in business was so alarming that it caught the attention of many. While others were wondering how he was able mange churches and businesses at the same time, others were throwing stones at him while others joined him in praising God. However, this did not change anything as his businesses have continued to flourish in success giving him a Net Worth of $1,000,000,000.

Apart from business success, Alph Lukau is also experiencing success in his ministry. He stands today as one of the most solicited pastors in the world. Many people in different countries are longing to meet and hear his sermons. Others desire to experience the power of God in his life. This led him to establishing church branches in many countries around the world. Hence, in addition to making business flights, the need for gospel flights also stepped in as he has to Overseer churches in different countries. It is because of this overall success that we are talking of Pastor Alph Lukau Private Jet.

Pastor Alph Lukau Private Jet

Pastor Alph Lukau Private Jets

Private jets are the fastest means of teleportation in the 21st century. This makes them the best choice for businessmen and important personalities in the society. If you’ve ever seen a business man crying for having lost a few minutes of his time, you’ll understand what we are saying here. Time for many people represents much money. That’s why they are always looking for ways to cut down the time spent during their business journeys.

Pastor Alph Lukau happens to be one of these businessmen who values time and can’t afford to misuse it. That’s why he went in for a private jet. We also know him as a man of great taste who enjoys benefiting from the best products and services around. And for sure a private jet clearly tailors the type of pretty nice environment he enjoys to have while traveling. His personality also demands a private jet which is supposed to be available at all times for journeys anywhere and everywhere.

It is not like he is unable to afford a private jet. We are talking here of an important personality with a net worth of $1 Billion. That’s why you should not be alarmed to hear of pastor Alph Lukau Private Jet. His life reflects the evidence of hard work. He spent almost half of his life working hard to make it in business. His quest for business success did not affect his prophetic calling. Through skills of management, he is able to control both sectors. In short, we can say that the grace of God is sufficient for his success.

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Reasons why he is using a private jet

Pastor Alph

People use private jets for different reasons or motives. While some purchase private jets for reasons that will favor their business activities, others purchase them for leisure trips. Below are some of the reasons why Pastor Alph Lukau is using a private jet.

Time Saving

This is one of the main reasons why Pastor Alph purchased a private jet. His aircraft can be made ready in just a few hours. It allows him to arrive the airport just a jew minutes before the scheduled departure time. He is able to make productive use of his time on-board. It eliminates the time spend during hangovers and flies directly to destination. His private jet also saves him from making extra spending on Hotels. It eliminates the time wasted at the airport when waiting on the line. Private jets can land in over 5,000 airports in the USA. We mean to say that he can choose the closest landing airport beside his destination. In this way, pastor Alph remains time productive.


Pastor Alph’s schedule is one that must be flexible in other for him to attend to issues depending on their degree of importance. That’s why he went in for a private jet which offers him a highly flexible schedule. With it, he can travel at anytime and to anywhere. He even has the possibility of cancelling a flight at midway or having the aircraft wait for him when he is running late.

Quality of service

Pastor Alph Lukau is a man of great taste. Everything about him reflects quality and some luxury. A private jet comes with luxurious furniture and provides your favorite drinks and meals. You simply need to call and give a command for their preparation in advanced.

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Time to spend with your family

A busy schedule without a private jet can keep you far from your family for a long while. But with a private jet, you can regularly move home to spend time with your family before proceeding to attend other business meetings.

This brings us to the end of our article on Pastor Alph Lukau Private Jet. Perhaps in the nearby futures, we won’t be talking of private jet but Pastor Alph Lukau Private Jets. His business and ministry success continues to flourish as days unfold. If there is one thing to learn from this pastor, it is the hardworking habit while having faith in God for success. And because God never fails, he will give you many reasons to keep on singing his praises.

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