Which is the most anointed man of God ministries in the world

Which is the most anointed man of God ministries

Which is the most anointed man of God ministries

Which is the most anointed man of God ministries in the world? This is a question that I regularly hear people asking. If you are reading this article, it definitely means that you are also interested in knowing the most anointed Godly ministry. There is no need to panic or worry about wanting to know the most anointed ministry. It is very normal given that everyone receives from Jesus Christ depending on his/her ability to believe.

We can as well say that men of God operate in different spiritual levels depending on their faith in Christ. This is why we have some Christian ministries today that turn to display a higher anointing than others. However, we must note that anointing and success in ministry is not a reward but God’s grace.

In other words, a man of God is not heavily anointed and successful in ministry because of his personal efforts. Anointing and success in ministry come as a result of God’s unmerited favor. However, when God opens a door, it is left for his servants to enter. Here, we mean to say that God calls and anoints a man for ministry but it is left for him to grow spiritually.

As he dwells in the light of obedience before God, his spiritual level is being elevated. Hence, he’ll be able to accomplish through Christ what others can’t. It is in this line of thinking that we’ll answer the question of which is the most anointed man of God ministries. By pointing out the most anointed man of God ministries, we do not mean to say in any way that the other men of God and their ministries are less important.

Which is the most anointed man of God ministries on Earth

If we are asked which is the most anointed man of God ministries on Earth, we won’t look any further than the Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN). We give this answer without being biased. The SCOAN is the most anointed ministries due to several reasons. As we proceed, you’ll get to know the different reasons supporting our answer. In brief, we’ll say that the SCOAN has done through Christ so many miracles and wonders than we can count. Through the power in the name of Jesus Christ:

  • Blind people are given sight;
  • Deaf ears are opened;
  • The dumb are given speech;
  • Lame people are strengthened to walk;
  • Those with HIV/AIDS and other incurable diseases are divinely healed;
  • The dead are brought back to life according to God’s will;
  • Those with deadly diseases are cured;
  • People with dreaded skin diseases are healed;
  • All kinds of sicknesses are healed;
  • The impossible is made possible;
  • Destinies restored from captivity;
  • Those with evil spirits are delivered;
  • Men and Women are blessed; and
  • Above all, the Holy Gospel that brings salvation is preached.
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The Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN)

The Synagogue Church Of All Nations is a Christian ministry which is situated in Nigeria, Africa. The Founder of this ministry is Jesus Christ and its General Overseer is Senior Prophet TB Joshua. We perceive Prophet TB Joshua in accordance with Isaiah 6:8 as one of those who have humbly submitted themselves to be used by God. He was born on June 12, 1963, in Ondo State, Nigeria.

His story revolves around that of a humble young man whom God picked from a poor home and handed the leadership of a worldwide ministry. Today, his ministry has thousands of international followers who are attracted by the reality of God’s mighty power. The headquarters of SCOAN located in Nigeria is regularly filled with international visitors. These are people coming from all angles of the world to witness the power of God through his servant.

Worth pointing out here is that he is one of the humblest pastors you’ll ever meet. Everything about him seems to be strange. Being one of the most solicited pastors around the world, one would expect him to appear in luxurious items. But this is not the case as there is nothing special about his clothes, cars, and office. The simplicity of his office and lifestyle will keep you wondering. In addition, one will expect to have him as the richest pastor in the world. But this is not the case. He is very far from the richest. This is likely because of his philanthropic works. He is well known to be:

  • A father to the fatherless;
  • The benefactor to the needy;
  • A supporting hand to the widows;
  • The good Samaritan to the less privilege; and
  • A friend to the poor.
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He runs a good number of charity organisations to show the love of Christ.

The purpose of his ministry

It is not only about pointing out which is the most anointed man of God ministries but also revealing its purpose. The Synagogue Church Of All Nations was not established out of human will but God’s. Joshua had a primordial anointing to serve God. In other words, he was chosen to serve in God’s Holy presence before being born. Born into a Christian family, his love for God from childhood was quickly noticed by those around him.

Although coming from a family that could hardly meet up with the basic needs of life, he did not take that as an excuse to remain unsuccessful in life. He worked during the day to meet up with the fees associated with the evening classes that he was attending. While working to meet up with his needs and school fees, he did not neglect evangelism.

Back in his youthful ages, he regularly studied the whole Bible. He did not keep the Goodness for himself but shared it with those he could successfully gather. Things went on this way until he was led by the Holy Spirit into 40 days fasting on a mountain. At the end of his fasting, he was taken into a 3 days trance in which heaven was opened for him to receive instructions about his mandate.

In the trance, he could see the Apostles and prophets of old sitting around a huge man whose face was too bright to look. It is this man whom he believed to be Jesus who commanded him to spread the Holy Gospel to all four corners of the world with the manifesting power of the Holy Ghost. It is in obedience to these instructions that the Synagogue Church of All Nations came into existence.

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