Paul and Silas Bible Lesson

Paul and Silas Bible Lesson

Paul and Silas Bible Lesson

Paul and Silas Bible lesson is worth learning and remembering by every Christian. It reveals how to please God and obtain Divine Favor. There is much to learn from the story of Paul and Silas in prison. These men did not only teach by words but by actions as well. Their story reflects genuine faith in God and its results. No one comes before God in faith and goes back without a blessing.

Paul and Silas kept their eyes on God without panicking and they were delivered from the hands of evil men. For the sake of the Holy Gospel, they were arrested, false-fully accused, severely whipped, and thrown into prison. Even with wounds and pains all over their bodies, they did not give up their faith. They welcomed suffering for the sake of the gospel as a qualification for being followers of Jesus Christ.

Another Paul and Silas Bible lesson worth remembering is that Christians should always praise God. While Paul and Silas were locked up in prison, they did not keep their hearts full of worry. They rather chose to sing praising and honor God. We can even say that their pains gave them a reason to pray and sing the more. Whether we are in pains or joy, we should always thank God.

At midnight when Paul and Silas were praising God, an Angel of liberation was sent from Heaven to set them free. Their praises pleased God who in turn break all the prison doors and chains binding the prisoners. You can as well learn Paul and Silas song. Also read our article on why Paul and Silas prayed at midnight.

Paul and Silas Bible Lesson

The following Paul and Silas Bible lessons should be embraced by all Christians. They should be taken even more serious by men and women who want to walk in higher spiritual dimensions of power through Jesus Christ. Lessons from their story reveals what it takes to experience God’s mighty or sovereign power. If God did it for them, you can be sure that he will also do it for you. For God has not changed as we can read from Hebrews 13:8. He is still the same as he was from the beginning.

Complete Lessons explained


Discouragement is a big faith killer. It weakens your faith and prevents you from claiming and obtaining your divine blessings. In addition, it blinds you from seeing who God says you are. It creates a distance between you and your Divine Helper, Miracle, and Divine Favor. Christians should avoid discouragement. Paul and his companion were not discouraged in prison because they knew that God was their helper as written in Isaiah 41:10. Always remember this Paul and Silas Bible lesson in order to keep your faith glowing. Also read our remedy to curing a weak faith.

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Trial moments

Trial moments are vital for spiritual growth. They can’t be eliminated from our Christian journey because even our master was tested. Successfully crossing trial moments will set you apart for spiritual favor. Though trials, men are entrusted more divine duty. Always avoid being a complaining christian. Learn to welcome situations as they are as you thank God through songs of praises. Paul and Silas did and were led out of prison through the mighty power of God. Instead of complaining, they found their trial moment as a reason to pray and fast the more. The secret is this “Praise God and he will wipe your tears”.


We cannot talk about Paul and Silas Bible lesson without mentioning faith. For it is said in the scriptures that nobody can please God without faith. It was their faith in God that let to their freedom. So what is faith? It is the confidence that God is who He is and that he will accomplish all his promises. In addition to learning the scriptures, also learn the key teachings of Jesus Christ in order to know the promises of God for his children.

Take God for his words and do not doubt in your heart. It is this type of faith that moves mountains and displaces oceans from their original positions. Always remember that God never fails. Come to him and claim your blessings through Christ and your situation will change. God is aware of your situation and He will not leave you without a blessing.

God’s will be done

Soliciting God’s will to be done is another Paul and Silas Bible lesson worth taking serious. When Paul and Silas left for the prayer ground, they did not know that they’ll end up in the prison yard with wounds all over their bodies. But when it happened, they thanked God because it was his will for them. In the same light we ought to give thanks to God in every situation. Instead of always fighting to accomplish our wills, we should rather solicit God’s because it is the best.

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