The remedy to curing a weak faith

“I assure you that whoever tells this hill to get up and through itself in the sea and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says will happen, it will be done for him” – Mark 11:23


This Bible verse is one that makes my heart to shade tears due to our ignorance about the power that Jesus Christ has given us. Indeed, He has given us the necessary power to change situations around us for the best. All that we need in order to accomplish this is faith. If we can stand on the words of Jesus Christ and act on them, we will reach the impossible.

Many people claim to know the Bible yet they are not acting on it. It is very common to hear a Christian say something like “by His stripes we were healed” yet they are still laying on the sick bed. This is an example of weak faith. It is useless to know the word when you cannot apply or act upon it. We must always remember that Jesus spoke spirit and life giving words which are still capable to wake you up from your sick bed, free you from suffering, and above all give you everlasting life.

Weak faith comes as a result of not exercising the spirit and life giving words of Jesus Christ. It is said that by his stripes we were healed, then what are you still doing on the sick bed. If Jesus Christ has given us the power to command mountains to uproot themselves and be deposited in the oceans, we can also exercise this very power in changing the situations that are around us. The main problem that we have is our unbelief and inability to take Jesus Christ for His words.

This creates need for you to learn how to grow your faith and make it mature enough to walk in the impossible dimensions before the eyes of men. It is only through faith that we can reach the impossible. The gap between the physical and the spiritual dimension is linked by faith. The miracle you are looking for can be achieved through faith. You’ll just need to grow your faith and put it into action.

If you are serious about learning how to grow your faith, you’ll have to start by saturating your body and spirit with the word of God. By regularly studying the word of God, you gain consciousness of the promises He has reserved for us. With time, these life giving words will create an unbeatable faith within you which will allow you to speak and make the impossible possible.

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In order to grow your faith, you must regularly exercise it. Don’t worry about the number of times that you fail neither dwell on your mistakes because it is not about you but about Jesus Christ. Call on Him to strengthen your faith to the level that He wants. And for sure He will give you faith in an unmeasurable amount because He said anyone who asks for anything from Him without doubt will definitely have it.

Not exercising your faith or not walking on the word of God can be compared to a person who regularly eats huge quantities of food but does not exercise his muscles. It is without doubt that his muscles will grow big but remain weak due to lack of exercises. In the same light, if you continuously listen God’s word without acting upon it, you’ll always have a weak faith. Every life challenge is likely to overcome people with weak faiths. Weak faith creates fear and allows room for Satan to manipulate those having it.

The chief cure for weak faith is acting and walking on the word of God. In order words, we are trying to say that you need to take God for who He says He is. One of the best ways on how to grow your faith is to start acting on the words of Jesus Christ without any doubt or fear. By reading from 1 Thessalonians 5:18, we are called upon by Apostle Paul to give thanks to God concerning every situation in our life. This is a perfect place to start. Challenge yourself to see beyond the troubles and hardships that you are presently facing by living a life of praise and worship. Allow everything in the hands of God because nothing happens to us without His knowledge.

Prophetic decrees

We should learn to speak the words of God into our lives. It is time for you to confess that by his stripes you were healed and that your place is not on the sick bed. By the authority in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth:

  • wake up from your sick bed;
  • be set free from every satanic bondage;
  • may your faith be strong;
  • may your faith in God stand the test of time;
  • may fear leave your life; and
  • may you succeed in the things you are doing.
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Heavenly father we beg on you to have mercy on us, show us the light of your favor, and above all strengthen our faith to take you for who you say you are. May our faith prevail as we put your words into action in our daily activities. We ask all these in the name of Jesus Christ.

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