Paul and Silas Sunday School Lesson

Paul and Silas Sunday School Lesson

Paul and Silas Sunday School Lesson

Paul and Silas Sunday School Lesson lays a solid faith foundation within children. Correctly laying this foundation will prepare the children to be future soldiers of Christ. Teaching children is not the easiest thing to do. It requires someone who is passionate and patient when it comes to passing knowledge. Hence, a Sunday school teacher must be passionate about teaching children and showing them the way to God.

We should note that what children learn at young ages is generally what determines their future. A good Biblical foundation will lead to more lovers of God who are willing to take up their cross on daily basis to follow Jesus Christ. A child who grows in the light of God’s message is likely to dwell in it even during his/her old ages.

As parents, it is our christian duty to teach our children the ways of God. We must tell them of the mighty works of God’s hands and his Heavenly glory. For this is what the Holy Scriptures recommend from parents. At young ages, children are more receptive to learning through images and stories. And the best place for such is the Sunday school.

We learn from the scriptures that Jesus Christ asked the little children to come unto him and let nobody stop them. Jesus’s love for children was an immeasurable one. He is pleased to see parents leading children to him. Such children are blessings to their generations. It is in this light that we hereby write Paul and Silas Sunday School lesson to teach kids. You can as well read the full story of Paul and Silas in jail for a better understanding.

Paul and Silas Sunday School Lesson Tips

Make the necessary craft on Paul and Silas in prison prior to the lesson. The craft will help in making the lesson interactive. Generally, making the craft and teaching the lesson on Paul and Silas in prison usually takes 45 minutes. Remember to dramatize the story so that the children will not only listen but they will see and partake in it. This is in accordance to the saying that “what we hear is forgotten, what we see is remembered, and what we do is understood”. By crafting and dramatizing the story, the children will not only remember but better understand it. This is the best way to prepare Paul and Silas Sunday school lesson.

As a Sunday school teacher, you should make pretend chains which the children will use in acting the story. Invite the kids to dress up in Biblical style before acting. That’s why you should always reserve a dramatic play area with acting costumes in the classroom. In this way, the children will feel deeply involved. They’ll hardly forget such stories which they partook in.

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You’ll need to start by gathering the equipment needed to make the craft part of the story. Use chalk to divide the paper into one and one-half inch sections. Give each child 10 strips for the craft. The main requirements here are kid friendly scissors, tape, stapler, blanket or towel, Bible or copy of Acts 16:22-40, and 8 ½ x 11” black construction paper.

Although this craft sounds fun and simple, it offers a tremendous positive impact on the children. After cutting the strips apart, invite the children to use staplers to make paper rings which they’ll later join to form a short chain. Encourage each child to make two chains; one to be used during the story and another to take home.

Dramatizing Paul and Silas Sunday School Lesson

Spread the blanket on the floor and tell the children that Paul and Silas were locked in prison without such to keep themselves warm. Tell them that even with the wounds that they had on themselves, no one cared to wash and bandage them. They let Paul and his companion in cold and hunger. Take the pretend handcuffs and chains made of papers to demonstrate how their hands and feet were bound. Invite the children to come forward for demonstration. This will boost their understanding.

Dim the lights in the room in order to create the dark environment of the prison room were Paul and Silas were locked. Once this is done, start telling them the story. When you reach were Paul and Silas were singing, stop and invite the children to sing “Jesus loves me”. Also remind the children that Paul and his companion did not only sing but also prayed. Lead them into a short and simple prayer of thanksgiving.

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Teach the children the importance of praising God no matter the surrounding conditions. Continue narrating the story in a demonstrative way. When its time for the Earthquake, shake the jail and shout with a big voice saying “Earthquake”. At the same time, break off the chains and invite the children to do same. End the story by precising that Paul and Silas together with the other prisoners did not escape but stayed back. And when the jailer saw what had happened, he believed in God.

Discussion questions with the children

Discussion questions are very important in completing Paul and Silas Sunday school lesson. Below are some of the questions which you can discuss with the children in order to help them better understand the story:

  • Why were Paul and Silas in Prison?
  • How should followers of Jesus Christ act whenever bad things happen to them?
  • Why were Paul and Silas happily singing and praising God instead of being unhappy for the unjust punishment that they received?
  • How did Paul and Silas get their freedom?

Key points to take home from Paul and Silas Sunday school lesson

Invite the children to memorize the following three key points from this story before going home:

  • God answers prayers
  • The Lord God takes care of us wherever we are
  • Trust in God is highly rewarded

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