Paul and Silas in Jail

Paul and Silas in Jail

Paul and Silas in Jail

The story of Paul and Silas in Jail is worth reading by every Christian. It is even of a greater importance to those who have consecrated their lives to serving God. The story reveals the mighty power of God in defending those who faithfully serve him. It also reveals what it takes to move God’s powerful hand to release Divine Power and Intervention from above.

We’ll learn from the story of Paul and Silas in jail that God is aware of the persecutions and sufferings that his servants are enduring. And for sure anyone who successfully endures to the end will be entitled to a throne and crown to rule with Christ. However, every happening in our lives does not manifest without the knowledge of God. That’s why Apostle Paul calls on everyone to give thanks and praise to God in every situation whether bad or good.

This saying by Apostle Paul can be seen in action when he was severely beaten and thrown into jail. Instead of crying and grinding his teeth, he embraced serious songs of praise and worship. Thus, we can say that his suffering was a motivational reason to pray the more and sing the more. His voice touched the heart of God who could not afford to see his faithful servant in chains. And as a result, God sent an angel of liberation to set Paul and his companion free.

What God did to them in the past can still be done today. Always remember that God has not changed as we can read from Hebrews 13:8. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He is ready and willing to faithfully rescue his servants according to his will. All you need is a strong or mature faith that works.

The Story of Paul and Silas in Jail

The story of Paul and Silas in jail took place at Philippi. It so happened that one day, Paul took with him Silas so that they could go to the prayer place to exhibit their normal christian duty. However, things did not turn out as planned. It was instead God’s will that was done rather than theirs. This did not diminish the joy and happiness they had in serving God. It rather boosted their faith to stand for the truth and nothing but the truth.

While on the way to the prayer place, they came across a lady who was posses by an evil spirit. This evil spirit gave her supernatural powers like those of seeing the future. With the power to see the future, she became a fortune teller and worked for a group of men in the city. Immediately she saw Paul and Silas, the evil spirit recognized them and made her to start following them. She followed them while shouting that these men are from God, let everyone listen to their message which brings life.

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For several days, she was behind Paul and Silas shouting the very message. At some point in time, Paul got upset and commanded the evil spirit to leave her in the name of Jesus Christ. And at once, the evil spirit left her and she was completely free. She regained her normal human nature and senses. It was then that she stopped following them and shouting.

The story of Paul and Silas in Jail begins

It did not last long that the owners of the fortuneteller learned that Paul and his companion had put an end to their money making business. Note that when Paul drove the evil spirit from the lady, she also loosed the ability of seeing the future which was given to her by the spirit. Her owners realized that they won’t be able to make the huge sums of money they use to make through her skills. This got them mad at Paul and Silas to the extent that they wanted to kill them. However, it was day time and they were afraid of what the town officials would do to them if they killed two men. In their anger, they dragged Paul and Silas to the Public Square to hand them for trial.

Accusations laid on Paul and his companion

The accusers dragged Paul and Silas to the Roman Officials and accused them of several crimes that they din not commit. They told the Roman Officials that they caught Paul and Silas who were Jews in the very act of causing trouble in the city. They further added that Paul and Silas were teaching new and unsound doctrines which were forbidden by their laws. And that they can’t allow such men to destroy their culture and broke their laws. While they were saying these things, the crowd joined in support to their accusations. This convinced the Roman Officials to take action.

They took off the cloths that were on Paul and Silas and had them severely whipped to the extent that they had wounds all over. In other words, we can say that Paul and Silas received the beatings of the year in one day. As if this was not enough, the Roman Officials order the jailer to throw them in jail. The jailer was also ordered to bound their hands and feet with heavy chains on a large block of wood. In obedience to these instructions, the jailer did as he was commanded. He bound them to the extent were he knew they could not be freed. But little did he know that God’s power starts where man’s own end.

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One will normally expect Paul and Silas to be crying and weeping in their situation. But this was not the case as they instead saw the need to pray and sing the more. Their pains served as a motivational factor to come closer to God in prayers and worship. They welcomed persecution and suffering as a qualification for being faithful servants of Jesus Christ. That’s why they rather sang songs of praises and worship God.

Divine intervention

It so happened that at around midnight, Paul and Silas were singing praises and worshiping God. Even with hands and feet bind to wood with heavy chains, they did not still find a reason not to praise God. The chains binding them and the pains on their body did not stop them from praising God. Their praises pleased God who could not stay back and observe his beloved servants in chain. And as a result, God sent an angel of liberation to display a little of his power to men. It was then that a sudden Earth quake of deadly intensity shook the whole prison from its very foundation. You can as well read our article on Paul and Silas Song that led to their freedom.

The intensity of the earthquake was so high that all the heavily protected gates and doors of the prison were broken and scattered into pieces. In addition, all the chains binding the prisoners to heavy blocks of wood were also broken. Hence, we can say without doubt that thanks to Paul and Silas, everyone in prison was set free. It was then that the jailer woke up and upon noticing that the doors of the prison were open, he drew a sword to take his life. He thought that all the prisoners had escaped in his guard.

When he was about to take away his life out of fear of the Roman Officials, Apostle Paul called out with a loud voice saying that they were all present. The jailer requested for a lamp and ran into meet with them. When he arrived, he fell trembling before Paul and Silas. They helped him up and he led them out.

The Jailer and his family receive Christ

After leading them out, the jailer asked what he must do to be saved. Paul and Silas answered him saying that he needs to believe in Jesus Christ. The jailer instantly welcomed the idea and requested for more teachings about Jesus Christ and the message of the Holy Cross. Paul and his companion proceeded by explaining the teachings of Jesus Christ to the jailer and his family. His family members also welcome the message and gave their lives to Jesus Christ.

The jailer out of love gently washed the wounds of Paul and Silas. After doing this, the jailer and his family members were all baptized with water. This was an outward sign which reflected their inward change and new nature in Christ. The jailer took Paul and Silas to his house and offered them enough food and shelter. Together with his family, they were all happy to have given their lives to Christ.

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Paul and Silas are released

The next morning, Roman Officials sent a message requesting the jailer to release Paul and Silas. When the jailer told Paul and his companion, they did not welcome the idea. Paul asked the jailer to tell the Roman Officials that they won’t leave without being led out by them. He further added that they were unjustly punished and thrown into jail for crimes they did not commit. And as result, they can’t leave the jail in secret.

When the Officials learned that Paul was a Roman citizen, they were afraid and came as quick as they could. Upon arrival, they presented their apologies and led them out of prison. However, they asked Paul and Silas to leave the town. They left and went straight to Lydia’s were they met and encouraged a group of Christians before moving further. This brings us to the end of our story on Paul and Silas in Jail. You can as well read our article on Paul and Silas Sermon.

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