Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola

Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola Biography

Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola

Get to know everything about Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola Biography and his miraculous walk with God. He was the type of Prophet who calls down fire from heaven and it comes before the eyes of everyone. Also, get to know about the true story of Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola Wife as well as Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola Children and ministry. Learning about this supernaturally anointed man of God is something worth doing by all Christians. His story will boost your Christian experience. His life was a reflection of the heavenly supernatural dimensions which God has reserved for those whom he has called to love and serve in his presence. Through the supreme name of Jesus Christ and the mighty power of the Holy Spirit, Apostle Babalola performed great miracles and wonders before the eyes of many.

Apostle Babalola shook the Earth upon receiving the Epikaizo Anointing and Power of God. The Epikaizo is the highest level of Anointing and Power received from God through the Holy Ghost. Such power is usually handed to a few people who have been chosen by God to accomplish a particular task in his kingdom. Babalola with this anointing within a period of three weeks had cured about 100 Lepers, 60 Blind People, and 50 Lame Persons. Anyone who hears of such can only give glory to God. He did many more wonders and miracles which were not written down. If we must start writing on all, we’ll soon get exhausted. Catholic, Baptist, Anglican, and Wesley churches together with hospitals in Ilesha were left desolated as their sick people and congregants left and went to experience Divine Intervention from God through Apostle Joseph Babalola.

Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola Biography and Untold History

Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola Biography

Christianity is where it is today thanks to the efforts and sacrifices made by those who consecrated their lives in God’s service. From Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola Biography, you’ll realize that he is one of those who contributed much to the Christian faith. The story of Apostle Joseph Ayodele Babalola was materialized through what we have today as the Christ Apostolic Church (C.A.C). The Christ Apostolic Church is an Anointed and heavily empowered indigenous Christ-centered Christian gathering in Nigeria. This Church which was founded by Babalola under the directives of the Holy Spirit is still operational to date. It still stands the test of time as God is using it as a means to transform the lives of many. Let’s now get into our main subject matter of discussion on Apostle Joseph Ayodele Babalola.

Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola Biography

His Background

Joseph Ayodele Babalola was born on the 25th of April 1904 to David Rotimi and Madam Marta Talabi. Both parents belonged to the Anglican Church. Born in a Christian family, Joseph Ayodele Babalola was destined with a primordial anointing to serve in God’s Holy Presence. He hails from Odo-Owa, llofa town, Kwara State, Nigeria. His father, David Rotimi who lived with his family at Odo-Owa was the Baba Ijo (“Church Father”) of the C.M.S Church. Famous pastor Medayese wrote in his book entitled “Itan Igbe dide Woli Ayo Babalola” that there were many mysterious events and happenings that surrounded the Birth of Prophet Joseph Ayo Babalola. Records hold that on his birthday, a strange object exploded and shook the clouds.

Babalola was taken on the 18th of January 1914 by his brother, M.O. Rotimi who was a Sunday school teacher at the C.M.S Church at Ilofa. Ayodele Babalola started his primary education at Ilofa at All Saints’ School, Osogbo. During his primary studies, he went as far as standard five before quitting to learn a trade. This led him to become a motor mechanic apprentice. He did not last long in motor mechanics as he changed his mind and joined the Public Works Department (PWD). In the PWD, Babalola operated as a steam roller driver among the workers who constructed the road from Igbara-Oke to Ilesa.

Babalola’s Call to the Prophetic Ministry

Just like the Old Testament Prophets, Babalola was called by God to serve in his Holy presence. His prophetic call was unique and specific. He had a predestined mission to accomplish in the Body of Christ. The strange experiences that manifested his calling to work for God started on the night of September 25th, 1928. Records hold that he became extremely restless and could not sleep either help himself. This strange experience continued for a period of one week. During this one week period, he could not figure out what the problem was. He tried resolving the matter at his own level without success. The more he tried to make things go, the more the strange happenings intensified. The climax of these strange happenings occurred one day when he was working as usual on the Ilesa-Igbara-Oke road.

It all happened that at a twinkle of an eye without prior notice, the steam roller’s engine stopped. Joseph upon noticing that there was no visible mechanical problem became confused, worried, and perplexed. It was in this state of confusion that he heard a roaring voice that sounded like the collision of many water bodies that are in movement. This voice called him by his name three times. The voice was so loud and clear that he heard every single word which was said. This heavenly voice told him that if he rejects the Divine Call to go into the world and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, he would die. Just like many Biblical prophets, Babalola did not want to listen to this voice. Indeed, he responded like most of the Old Testament prophets who would normally try to escape from Yahweh’s call.

Babalola finally accepts the call of God

Although Babalola tried to resist God’s call, he ended up giving in. We know of prophets like Moses and Jeremiah who gave in only when it became inevitable. In other words, God’s will was the only path that was left in front of them if they wanted to advance. This was the same with Babalola who gave in upon receiving the assurance of Divine Guidance and protection. Upon accepting to serve in God’s presence, his determination to spread the gospel was more than that which a normal human being will bear. To carry out the Divine task which was given to him, he had to resign from the Public Works Department. By then, Mr. Fergusson was the head of his unit at PWD. He tried to persuade Joseph not to resign but the more he insisted, the more Joseph’s desire to start doing God’s work intensified.

Still, on Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola Biography, we’ll proceed by pouring more light on how his life proceeded after resigning from PWD. Not very long from when he resigned, the same Mighty Divine Voice came to him for the second time and asked him to fast for 7 days. This time around, he did not resist but submitted to the voice and went in for 7 days fast. God was with him all through the 7 days to strengthen and grow his faith. Pastor Alokan recounts that at the end of the 7 days, Babalola perceived a great figure of a man whom he believed was Jesus Christ. The Divine Being told Babalola of the persecutions that were awaiting him for the gospel’s sake while reassuring him of God’s protection and victory over the whole world.

Babalola receives a Divine Symbolic Prayer Bell

Records hold that the mighty Divine Figure that appeared to Babalola gave him a symbolic prayer bell. This bell was given with the words that its sound will always drive away evil spirits. Joseph Ayo was also given a bottle of “Life-giving water” to heal all types of sicknesses. From that day henceforth, every water that Apostle Ayo prayed on for therapeutic purposes brought effective healing to all those who drank it. The Divine encounter made Joseph Ayo Babalola a prophet of the most high God with extraordinary powers from above. It is said that Babalola could spend several weeks in prayer as guided and empowered by the Holy Spirit. Elder Abraham Owoyemi of Odo-Owa said that Angels regularly brought Divine Messages to Babalola during his long prayer sessions. In addition, it is said that in one of his visions, an Angel asked him to stop wearing caps.

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The Itinerary of Prophet Babalola

During one of Babalola’s prayer sessions, an angel came and gave him a big yam to eat. After he had eaten it, the Angel told him that the yam represented the tuber with which God fed the whole world. The Angel further revealed to him that God had anointed him with the power to deliver those who were possessed by evil spirits. It was at Odo-Owa that Babalola was first sent to go and start preaching the gospel. The instructions from the Angel were that he arrives in the town on a market day while covering his body with palm fronds. In addition, he was to disfigure his look with charcoal paint. He respected these instructions and entered the town in October 1928. When he arrived, many perceived him as one who is insane. Some went the extra mile of calling him a mad man.

However, this did not worry him as he found his joy in doing the work of God. Upon arriving in the town, he did not waste any time but he immediately started preaching and prophesying in the name of the Lord. He warned the inhabitants of Odo-Owa of an impending danger that was to hit their community should in case they fail to repent and turn to God for mercy. Just like the people of the Old Testament, the inhabitants of Odo-Owa did not listen to Prophet Joseph Ayo Babalola. He was rather arrested for allegedly disturbing the peace and taken to the district office at Ilorin who tried him but did not find any proof to hold him back. A few days later, there was an outbreak of smallpox in the whole town.

Babalola prays and heals the people at Odo-Owa

The outbreak of smallpox in the whole town kept the people worried as they wondered what the problem was. It was then that they remembered the prophecies of the man whom they rejected. They quickly went out searching for him to help them. Babalola did not stay back but came to their rescue as he prayed to ask God to have mercy and heal them. God out of His immeasurable love did not hold back his healing hand from the people but stretched it out to heal them. It is in this light that Babalola went round praying and healing all those who were suffering from this sickness.

The Wrath of Bishop Ilorin diocese on Babalola

Babalola’s Father, David Rotimi was instrumental in the establishment of a C.M.S church in Odo-Owa. It was in this church that Babalola regularly organized prayer meetings. Many people from different areas loved attending these prayer sessions because of the miracles and wonders that God was doing through Babalola. This led to the wrath of Bishop Smith of Ilorin diocese. It happened that information reached the Bishop that almost all the members of the C.M.S. church in Ilofa were seeing visions, speaking in tongues, and vigorously praying. Having heard this, the Bishop ordered Babalola and those who believed in his calling to leave the Church. Babalola eventually left the church but did not leave the town until June 1930.

Babalola is invited to Lagos

It was evident that those who had eyes could perceive the call of God and the works of the Holy Spirit in the life of Babalola. It is in this light that he was invited to Lagos by Elder Daniel Ajibola. By then, Daniel Ajibola was working in Ibadan where he attended the Faith Tabernacle Congregation. Elder Daniel Ajibola happily introduced Prophet Joseph Ayo Babalola to Pastor D.O. Odubanjo who happily welcomed him to the Faith Tabernacle. Worth noting here is that Pastor D.O. Odubanjo was one of the leaders in the Faith Tabernacle of Lagos. Senior Pastor Esinsinade who was the president of the Faith Tabernacle was invited to see Babalola. After the leaders of the Faith Tabernacle had listened to Babalola’s calling and experience with God, they warmly welcomed him as a young prophet in their midst.

Babalola’s Baptism

Babalola arrived Lagos when he had not yet been baptized by immersion. This is not strange given that he was coming from an Anglican background. Although he was baptized through the pouring of water, Senior Pastor Esinsinade insisted that Babalola had to go through the Christian rite of baptism by immersion. Upon Agreeing, pastor Esinsinade baptized Babalola in the Lagoon at the back of the Faith Tabernacle Church. This event took place at 51, Moloney Bridge Street, Lagos, Nigeria. A few days after being baptized, Babalola returned to Odo-Owa. During his stay in Odo-Owa, Elder J.A. who later became pastor paid him a visit.

The conversion of the new prophet goes viral

The news about the conversion of Ayo Babalola went viral and many began talking about it. This news intensified when people heard of the wonders and miracles which God was doing through this his servant. This created the desire to know more about this servant of God. Hence, people started requesting for Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola Biography. The news about him and the things which God was doing through him reached Pastor K.P. Titus at Araromi in Yagba which is currently known as Kwara State. Pastor K.P. Titus was a preacher and teacher at the prevailing Sudan Interior Mission. Upon hearing what people were saying about Babalola, he invited him for a revival service. While in Yagba, Apostle Babalola performed many wonders and healing miracles by the power of God. During this revival, many Christians from other denominations rededicated their lives for God.

In addition, many Muslims and Pagans accepted Christ. Up to date, many people are puzzled by the fact that Babalola did not start his own ministry even though he had a large following. Starting a new church was not part of his plans. He clearly told his followers that he had registered his membership with the Faith Tabernacle. That’s why he recommended that those who are interested should rather join the Faith Tabernacle Congregation. In order to facilitate this process, he traveled to Lagos to confer with the leaders given that he was not versed with the Church’s doctrine and administration.

Oke Oye Mighty Revival

It happened that some major controversies on Doctrine had broken out among the leaders of the Faith Tabernacle in Nigeria. These controversies had at their center the Oyan and Ilesa branches of the Faith Tabernacle. The Oyan branch of the Faith Tabernacle was supervised by Pastor J.A. Babatope. This pastor was previously an Anglican teacher who later converted and became a prominent leader of the Faith Tabernacle in Nigeria. Some of the issues that arose and were troubling the peace of the Church were the use of traditional and western drugs versus divine healing, and whether polygamous husbands should be allowed to partake in the Lord’s supper. Doctrines concerning these points needed to be agreed upon in order to eliminate the possibility of a split. These issues were greatly experienced by the Faith Tabernacle at Ilesa.

In order to promote peace in the Church and avoid division, a delegation of peacemakers made up of Faith Tabernacle pastors was sent to Ilesa. This delegation was headed by Senior Pastor J.B. Esinsinade of Ijebu-Ode. He was the president of the Headquarters of the movement and D.O. Odubanjo of the Lagos missionary headquarters. It was on the 9th and 10th of July 1930 that the Ilesa meeting was scheduled. Prior to the delegation’s departure from Lagos to Ilesa, Apostle Babalola was invited to meet with them at Pastor I.B. Akinyele’s residence at Ibadan. It happened that pastor I.B. Akinyele joined the delegation with Prophet Babalola to Ilesa. When they arrived Ilesa, Babalola was introduced to the whole conference and lodged in separate respect to his prophetic calling. The representatives began their meeting with 24 items to discuss on the Agenda.

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The meeting at Ilesa where Babalola raised a dead child

The first thing which the leaders had to discuss was the validity of baptism administered to a man with more than one wife. The second thing on the agenda which they had to discuss was the use of divine healing given that many believed in the use of drugs like quine to properly treat sicknesses like malaria fever. These leaders had only been able to discuss the first point on their agenda when they had a sudden interruption. This sudden interruption was described by Pastor Adegboyega as a sudden mighty sweeping revival which began with the raising of a dead child by Babalola. The mother of the dead child who was brought back to life could not resist the urge of spreading this good news. She Moved around Ilesa praising God and telling the people that a prophet of the most high God is around.

Many were happy to perceive the manifestations of the power of God in the life of Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola. Many praised and gave glory to God. The raising of the dead child attracted many people from different places to Oke-Oye who wanted to see the prophet. Records hold that many people who came from different places with different illnesses were healed through the power of God. In addition, Babalola used the prayer bell to perform many wonders and miracles as well as consecrated water from a nearby stream known as Omi Ayo. Omi Ayo can literally be translated as a “stream of joy”. As a result of this, thousands of people among which were pagans, Muslims, and congregants of other denominations willingly moved and joined the Faith Tabernacle. At some point in time, the church hall could no longer contain the people who were coming from different places.

The Testimony of pastor Odubanjo on the power of God in the life of Babalola

The power of God in the life of Babalola was so intense that people traveled from different countries to meet with him for healing, deliverance, and blessings. Pastor Odubanjo testifies that within a period of three weeks, Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola had cured about 100 Lepers, 60 Blind Persons, and 50 Lame persons. The pastor further attests that both the Weslayan and Anglican Churches in Ilesa were left desolated as their congregants transferred their allegiances to the revivalist. He further adds that all the patients in the Wesley hospital abandoned their sick beds to seek Divine healing from God through Babalola. In those days, most of the schools belonged to the Wesleyan, Anglican, Catholic, and Baptist churches. But at a twinkle of an eye, most had to shut down because most of their pupils had left to join the revivalist. Thus, the money to pay teachers became insufficient.

The Testimony of the Assistant District Officer in Ilesa

In 1930, the assistant district officer in Ilesa wrote that he visited the scene of the revival incognito. He proceeded in his writing that when he arrived at the scene, he perceived hundreds of people among which were the blind, lame, and sick who needed a Divine touch. Upon observing the miraculous works of the lord, he concluded that everything was orderly done. It was really a great period of revival where hopeless barren women were made fruitful, lunatics were cured, the lame walked, witches confessed, and the possessed delivered. A few people found it difficult to accept this report of things which were done under the sunlight before the eyes of hundreds if not thousands. The general superintendent of the Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society of Nigeria at the time of revival described the reports as inaccurate. What else can we expect from a person whose followers were taken?

Babalola and the big mystical tree

A divine revelation came to prophet Joseph Ayo Babalola with the instructions that he should burn down a big tree that was in front of the Owa’s palace. This tree was traditionally believed to be a mystical gathering or meeting place for the witches and wizards. Popularly known as “juju tree”, it was highly feared by many. Those residing around the tree were called upon to regularly offer sacrifices to please the spirits that were believed to be residing within the tree. When Apostle Babalola spoke about his vision to a few people, most of them started perceiving him as a dead man. This was because they knew that no one can dare try to hurt the tree and go alive. The people knew that the acts of Babalola to bring down the tree will arouse the anger of the gods who will kill him.

God being with Babalola kept him completely safe and sound. Everyone from the most important to the least important in the town was amazed that not even a single hair of Babalola was touched after he had brought down the big mystical tree that was highly feared. Babalola’s mighty revival moved from Ilesa to Ibadan, Lagos, Efon Elaaye, Abeakuta, and Aramoko Ekiti. Up to date, we have not seen any other revival with the intensity of that which was headed by Babalola. His revival meetings had attendances that rose to about 40,000 people per session. Some men of faith followed Babalola as his disciples. Those who were recorded among these men are Peter Olatunji, Daniel Orekoya, and Omotunde. These men learned and assisted Babalola in serving God. Orekoya went and stayed at Ibadan where he started a great revival during which he raised a dead pregnant woman.

Additional missionary Journeys made by Prophet Joseph Ayo Babalola

Babalola did not end with the great revival of Oke-Oye. He was furthered directed by the Holy Spirit to go out for other missionary journeys which he executed successfully. He went along with the men of faith who followed him to Offa which is currently known as kwara State. While in Offa, many people came to him for different reasons. Some came for miracles and healing while others came for blessings and to listen to the good news of Jesus Christ. The Muslims in that area noticed that he was already gaining a high number of believers so they blackmailed him before the people. The people were ready to fight each other for their beliefs. When Babalola noticed that his presence was about to cause bloodshed among the people, he left the area.

Babalola’s next stop for his missionary work was at Usi in Ekitiland. While in Usi, he performed many miracles and works of healing. After completing his mission at Usi, he moved with his men of faith to Efon-Alaaye, still in Ekitiland. Upon arrival, they received a warm reception from the Oba Alaaye of Efon. An entire building was provided for Babalola and his men of faith. Babalola humbly requested for an open space for prayers from the Oba. The Oba willingly and cheerfully gave him the privilege to choose any place. Babalola and his men choose an open space on the outskirts of the town. The place was popularly known as the Evil Forest and no one would dare step into it for fear of death. The Oba tried to persuade Babalola not to get into the evil forest because of the dangerous spirits which were believed to reside there.

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Babalola’s Evangelical success at Efon and his stay in prison

Babalola and his men of faith told the Oba that they were not afraid to face the battle at the evil forest and restore the land back to God’s children. The Oba gave them the go-ahead signal and they went forth and cleared the bush. When they were through, they consecrated it as a prayer ground for the children of God. Those in the town were amazed as they questioned each other how it was possible for a man to get into the evil forest and come out unhurt. This boosted many people to welcome the faith in Jesus Christ which Babalola and his men were preaching. Some white pastors from the Baptist missionary school upon hearing this came to see for themselves the mighty works which God was doing through his prophet.

Revival in this area was accelerated by the conversion and baptism of both the Oba of Efon and the Oba of Aramako. After baptism, they were respectively given the names Solomon Aladejare Agunsoye and Hezekiah Adeoye. This act inspired most of their subjects to embrace the light coming from Jesus Christ. Babalola later visited other towns in Ondo State with his men of faith. Some of these towns which we can list are Ikare, Owo, and Oka. After this, Babalola retreated to his home town, Odo-Owa in order to fortify himself spiritually for greater works. A warrant of arrest was issued from Ilorin accusing him of having preached against witches and some other practices which had caused disorder at Odua which is the present-day Bendel State. In March 1932, he was sentenced to Jail for 6 months in Benin City.

Babalola is solicited

The man of God did not worry about his jail sentence given that he knew that it was the price to pay for spreading the gospel. He served all the 6 months and when he was released, he returned to Efon Alaaye. During his stay there, he was visited by Mr. Cyprain E. Ufon who came from Creek Town in Calabar. Upon hearing the mighty deeds of the Lord through Babalola, he came to invite him to come over to Macedonia and help. As usual, Babalola sought God’s will about the journey and found out that God wanted him to go. He left for the journey and God was with him to perform miracles and wonders as a testimony of our Lord Jesus Christ. From Creek town, he visited Duke town where he was welcomed to preach the good news and heal the sick.

Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola Wife

Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola Wife

When the prophet returned from Calabar area, he settled down for a while. It was during this time that he decided to get married. The next question you’ll obviously be asking yourself is to know who was Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola Wife? She was named Dorcas. They got married in 1935.

Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola Children

It won’t make sense for us to complete our writing without making mention of Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola Children. His marriage with Dorcas was blessed by God with the fruit of the womb. And Babalola fathered his children in the fear of the Lord.

The Birth of C.A.C. in Nigeria

Babalola’s missionary journey was not appreciated by all. He had a large following anywhere he arrived. Most mission churches became allegedly jealous and very hostile to him and his followers. However, some of his followers were coming from mission churches. Upon noticing that the majority of Faith Tabernacle congregants were converting from their mission churches, they were not very happy. This pushed them to intensify the persecution of Babalola. Many perceived the revival movement as an unruly and lawless organization. This led them to reporting t the government who decided to take action. When the church leaders found that the situation was getting out o control, they solicited help from the American Faith Tabernacle. But they refused to come to their rescue saying that their practices go against their laws.

The Faith Tabernacle in Nigeria had difficulties in finding a foreign body that will keep them safe from the Nigerian government and other mission churches. They were finally accepted into the British Apostolic Church. This led to a change of name from Faith Tabernacle to Apostolic Church. Not very long, they started experiencing differences in religious views. Some believed in the use of drugs to heal sicknesses while others believed in divine healing. Many other differences came up. At some point in time, they could no longer contain in one body. The first large part of the church maintained the name Apostolic Church while the other large part took the name Christ Apostolic Church. The Christ Apostolic Church was headed by Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola.

Other achievements

This brings us to the end of our article on Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola Biography. Before his death on the 26th of July 1959, he had accomplished so many things. Apart from the Christ Apostolic Church, we can also talk about Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola University and Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola Books.

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