Synagogue Church Of All Nations

Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN)

Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN)

The Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) is a Christ-centered house of worship. It displays all the manifesting gifts and powers of the Holy Spirit through the authority in the name of Jesus Christ. The SCOAN was established in respect to Divine Instructions. It currently has headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria. That’s why you can easily hear names like Synagogue Church Of All Nations Nigeria or Synagogue Church Of All Nations in Nigeria. The General Overseer of the SCOAN is Senior Prophet TB Joshua while its Founder is Jesus Christ. Prophet Joshua turns to be one of the humblest pastors you’ll ever meet. With the authority in the name of Jesus Christ and by the power of the Holy Ghost, he passes through the SCOAN to:

  • Raise the dead;
  • Release captured destines by the enemy;
  • Bless God’s children;
  • Open the eyes f blind people;
  • Give speech to the dumb;
  • Open the ears of the deaf;
  • Strengthen the lame to walk;
  • Heal all kinds of sicknesses;
  • Free those who have been held in Satan’s captivity; and
  • Above all, preach the Holy Gospel that brings eternal life.

The SCOAN is also a place for spiritual growth and a training ground for ministers of the Holy Gospel. Everyone who desires to take a spiritual retreat and focus on the things of God is welcomed by this highly anointed Christian ministry. Those who are called by God to minister in his presence can be mentored or trained by Prophet TB Joshua. The ministry has a school for training disciples of Jesus Christ who will step out without fear to preach the Good news as led by the Holy Spirit.

Evolution History of the Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN)

Prophet TB Joshua first church
Prophet TB Joshua First Church

The current physical structure of the SCOAN has gone through so many stages. It went from ups and downs to what we have today. Whatever the case, we must point out that each stage served for a purpose. Apart from the current location of the SCOAN, the church had three previous locations. The roof of the first church was blown off by a strong storm. This led to the second location of the Synagogue Church Of All Nations which was uprooted by a strong flood. Even in this sad situation, the man of God saw more reasons to give thanks to God and continue his work. It was in this light that he went forth for the third location which was also damaged by bad weather conditions. The man of God, Prophet TB Joshua did not still give up.

Prophet TB Joshua second Church
Prophet TB Joshua Second Church

He went down on his kneels for an intense prayer and God made a way where there seemed to be none. The whole truth is that God was aware of all the ups and downs that Joshua was experiencing. That is why it is said that in every situation, God is saying something. The Lord Almighty allowed him to experience these troubles for a purpose. In short, we’ll say that God was preparing him for the reception of greater blessings. Today, the synagogue Church Of All Nations is an architectural premium masterpiece which is located at the heart of Ikotun-Egbe, Lagos. God provided the means and directions on how to build what we currently have today as the Synagogue. And since then, the ministry has been experiencing an exponential growth.

Prophet TB Joshua Third Church
Prophet TB Joshua Third Church

The Synagogue Church Of All Nations at Start

In the life of every man of faith, there is what we call the invisible hand or the divine hand. The almighty God is the divine hand we are talking about. He is the one who brings everything into existence through his mighty power. That’s why you should not be discouraged as a christian. Take a moment of reflection on your life and you’ll notice that nothing happens without a purpose. No matter the situation that you are living, do not allow yourself to be overwhelmed by sadness. God has not forgotten you neither has he forsaken you. Even if things are slow or not moving the way you expected, just have faith in God. He is behind the scene preparing you for something great. This was the case with prophet TB Joshua whose first ministry was blown off by a strong storm. Note here that nothing comes by chance.

The mega church we have today as the Synagogue of all nations is not a product of chance. It is the way God planned it to be and everything unfolded from the beginning according to God’s will. The Almighty God remains the chief driver behind the success of this ministry. He was from the beginning and he is still. If not of God’s intervention, we would have not been talking of this great ministry.

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Everything Big Starts Little

TB Joshua ministry

The saying that “Everything Big Starts Little” is highly loved by prophet TB Joshua because it resumes his story. Let’s not try to run ahead of time for God our Heavenly Father has set time for everything. He has set a time to be born on Earth, a time to grow, a time to face intense persecution, a special time to take control as you overcome, and a precise time to display mighty victory. A serious look at life will reveal that everything big starts little. A fact worth remembering is that a mega-cathedral always starts with one brick. A long journey of a thousand miles always starts with a single step. Just have a look at yourself and remember how you were once a tiny embryo in your mother’s womb. Today, you’ve become so big that your norther’s womb can’t contain a quarter of your body.

It was in this sense that Jesus Christ taught about the Kingdom of God in Luke 13:18. The scriptures say that Jesus Christ asked his Apostles how the Kingdom of God looked like? And because he was the only one who knew the answer, he went forth to say that it is like a mustard seed which when planted, it grows and birds make their nests on its branches. Joshua went from nothing to his current successful stage. He simply submitted to God’s calling in his life and was directed. That’s why we’ll say that a successful christian house does not come into existence by luck. Joshua’s success in ministry did not come as a matter of chance, luck, or mistake. Such levels are achieved through the genuine willingness to do God’s work. The Synagogue Church Of All Nations did not just appear from nowhere.

The Objectives of the Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN)

Synagogue Church Of All Nations Nigeria

It was in accordance to Luke 19:10 that the SCOAN came into existence after Prophet TB Joshua’s 40 days of fasting on the mountain which ended up in a three days trance. In the trance, heaven was opened and he was asked by Jesus Christ to Seek and Save the lost through the power of the Holy Gospel. He humble accepted this task which began so many years ago with a small gathering of 8 members who came to partake in the first meeting which was held at a Squalid Swampy Jungle located in Agodo-Egbe Lagos, Nigeria. Yes, this is is how his ministry started. And as days unfolded, it was quickly noticed by everyone around that he was not only an ordinary pastor with ordinary words. God was with him at every step in terms of Biblical Knowledge, Wisdom, Protection, and Provision.

Everyone has a divine calling, and for those who follow their callings, they end up making a difference in their times. Prophet TB Joshua followed his calling and before he could notice, the clear evidence of outstanding miracles and wonders were following him. Before the eyes of many, the lame began to walk, the blinds had their eyes opened, those with cancers were healed, and the lame could walk. In short, there are many miracles and wonders he did and is still doing. We’ll only have ourselves exhausted if we try to start writing these miracles down. We won’t be exaggerating to say that the miracles and wonders are uncountable.

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Where is TB Joshua’s power coming from

The accomplishment of wonders, impossibilities, and miracles can only leave many people wondering were the power of TB Joshua is coming from. It’s not strange or wrong to ask such a question because these acts are not of men. The problem lays at the point where men start attributing the works of God to Satan. Such acts against the Holy Spirit are unforgivable as we can read from Luke 12:10. Do not base your judgement on the points of views given by others about this man of God. Get to listen his sermons and find out whether they reflect the teachings of Jesus Christ or Not. It is without doubt that TB Joshua’s power is from God. Open your Bible to Hebrews 13:8 and you’ll be told that Jesus Christ has not changed. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

With this in mind, we’ll say that he is still walking the streets to do wonders and miracles. The scriptures say that we receive from God through a ability to believe. In other words, you receive from God in respect to your proportion of faith. That’s why Jesus Christ said in John 14:12 that anyone who believes in him will do all the things he did and even do greater things for God’s glory. Hence, instead of condemning those whose faiths permit them to walk in higher spiritual dimensions, you should rather blame yourself for having believed little. However, you can always look unto Jesus Christ for a bigger faith that works. Although spiritual gifts are not rewards but unmerited favors from God, we ought to prove ourselves trustworthy to handle them. God adds to your spiritual strength depending on your level of handwork and determination to serve him.

Why the name Synagogue Church Of All Nations?

Synagogue Church Of All Nations in Nigeria

Perhaps you are among those who have been wondering why the name Synagogue. The Holy Scriptures clearly say that Jesus Christ went into the Synagogue and drove all those who were not his. He sent out all those who were making business in the Synagogue telling them that it is a House Of Prayer and not a gathering for thieves. We perceive the Synagogue as a house of prayer for God’s children. When Jesus Christ was physically present on Earth, the Synagogue was his dwelling place. He would pass most of his time preaching, healing, and delivering those with evil spirits in the Synagogue. Jesus Christ asked his followers to continue spreading the works which he had accomplished. Prophet TB Joshua turns to be one of these followers who accepted the task of spreading the Good News. It is in this light that the name Synagogue was adopted.

The Mega building of the Synagogue Church Of All Nations had just one chief architect in the name of Holy Spirit. The church was constructed as directed by the Holy Spirit in order to reflect the glory and majesty of Jesus Christ. Just as God instructed Moses to build the Tabernacle and Solomon to build the Temple, he also instructed Prophet TB Joshua to come up with what we have today as the SCOAN. During its construction, God provided all the necessary materials and they did not get into lack or want. The church moved from benches to comfortable chairs and other low quality items to those of premium quality. This gives us a sufficient reason to thank God for being our provider. The church is designed with Biblical figures showing the suffering and persecution of the Apostles of old and Biblical verses for spiritual growth through self examination.

Persecutions and attacks directed to the SCOAN

The SCOAN and its General Overseer received all types of persecutions from men and women who were influenced by the Devil. Hence, we can say that since the creation of the Synagogue, it has received uncountable spiritual and physical attacks. But because Victory in Christ is victory indeed, prophet TB Joshua stood strong and God rescued him. The Scriptures say that a servant is not greater than his master. So if Jesus Christ was persecuted and humiliated, we should not expect things to go well on our side as followers. If things are too smooth on your path of preaching the Gospel, you should question yourself. For Jesus Christ ask his followers to be ready for persecution because they do not belong to this world. The interesting part in this suffering for Christ is what awaits us at the end.

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