Commentary on Acts 16 16 34

Commentary on Acts 16 16 34

Commentary on Acts 16 16 34

A precise commentary on acts 16 16 34 can boost your faith and strengthen your walk with Jesus Christ. It is written in the scriptures that no one can please God without faith. The Key teachings of Jesus Christ are focused on Faith and Love. Being his Apostles, Paul and Silas exhibited a scene of Faith during their stay in prison for the Gospel’s sake. And for this reason, God manifested his sovereign power before men by releasing them.

We learn from the scriptures in Acts 16 that they were innocently whipped and thrown into prison. Instead of maintaining a sorrowful face, they chose to be glad because they had joined the victorious group of men and women who are worthy of being persecuted for the Holy Gospel. Although the severe beating brought wounds and pains on their bodies, their hearts were filled with Joy and Happiness.

Another solid commentary on Acts 16 16 34 is that Paul and Silas found thousand reasons in jail to praise God. While they were locked up in prison with hands and feet bound, their suffering, hunger, and pains gave them a reason to pray the more. We can deduce from their actions that they had successfully drowned their human nature and desires with Jesus Christ. By so doing, they had picked up new spiritual natures which were led by the Holy Spirit.

While they were singing and praising God at around midnight, their voices were heard in heaven. The lord their God could not withstand to see his faithful servants bound in chain and pains. It was then that he sent an Angel of liberation to free them from jail. You can as well read our article on why Paul and Silas prayed at midnight. Also read their Full Story.

Commentary on Acts 16 16 34

Through a spirit filled commentary on Acts 16 16 34, you’ll learn what it takes to move God’s hand into action. For how long will you sit crying and complaining? It’s time to take things at hand just as Paul and Silas did. They did not sit with pity eyes looking at their situation. Paul and Silas were men of Faith. They walked by faith and not by sight. Paul and his companion chose not to believe their physical eyes which were given them reasons to be discouraged. They rather kept their trust on God who never fails.

Instead of being sorrowful because of the persecutions that they received, they went into an intense period of worship. They sang hymns and worshiped God. While they were singing and praising God, He saw the need to release them from prison. God knows our needs and heart desires. Instead of asking all the time, let’s get into praises and worships. As our worship reaches heaven, it opens doors for us to meet our needs through Christ. This is what happened to Paul and Silas. They simply praised God and God decided to free them from prison.

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Anointed Comments from the story of Paul and Silas

They were never discouraged

One of the main lesson that we learn from the story of Paul and Silas in Jail is never to be discouraged. No matter the degree of trouble and persecution that we encounter for the Gospel’s sake, we should keep our faith glowing. Paul and Silas were not discouraged in their christian struggle and God came to their aid just as He promised. You can confirm this by reading from prophet Isaiah 41:10. We clearly hear God reassuring us of his power to save and that we ought not to fear or be discouraged because he’ll never abandon his children.

They had a constant faith in God

Faith is the key to obtain Divine Favor. It is the gap between you and your freedom. You might be asking what is faith? It is the substance of things not visible. We can as well perceive faith as the certainty in God’s yet unfulfilled promises. It is the certainty that God is who he says he is and that he will do all that he says he will do. With God, nothing is impossible and that’s why Jesus Christ asked his Apostles in Mark 11:22 to have faith in God. Without Faith, no man can please God. Paul and Silas had a mature and firm faith in God. They refused to be controlled by their situations. Their trust was in God who never fails and he eventually came to their rescue.

However, for you to walk in higher spiritual dimensions with Jesus Christ just as Paul and Silas, you’ll need a mature faith. The type of faith that is capable of moving mountains and displacing oceans just as Jesus Christ revealed. Read the following articles on how to grow and maintain your faith for greater purposes in God’s kingdom.

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Remember never to doubt God no matter how terrible your situation might look like. God is aware of your situation and He will not leave you without saying a word of change. If you draw back, you’ll lose your testimony as it is written in Hebrews 10:39.

They praised God in the midst of their trail

This is another solid commentary on Acts 16 16 34 which you should take serious. It holds the key of winning trust before God. A pastor once said “God does not trust those he has not tested”. Paul and Silas were trustworthy to carry the gospel. Even in their painful trial moments, they praised God. This was in respect to Hebrews 13:15 which calls on us to praise God at every moment. For the fruits of our lips are pleasing to God.

They prayed while under heavy chains

The feet and hands of Paul and Silas were completely bound with heavy chains to a large wood block. This did not even stop them from praying. They called on God and he answered just as he had previously promised in Joel 2:32 that whoever calls on him will receive help. Thus, we should not let our situations discourage or prevent us from praying. The more you are persecuted, the more you should pray.

Their focus was on God

Paul and Silas were not the only prisoners. However, they refused to be distracted by the other prisoners. They chose to put their eyes on God’s saving power. This also applies for us today. We should not allow our situations change our focus neither should we allow friends or family change our focus from God. We should always keep our focus on God to whom nothing is impossible as we are advice in Hebrews 12:2.

They knew that their help will come from God

Paul and Silas were at peace because they knew that their help will come from God who is all powerful. This commentary on Acts 16 16 34 is worth remembering whenever you need help. For the scriptures say in Hebrews 13:6 that God is our helper.

There is power in your mouth

Note here that Paul and Silas did not remain with close mouths in prison. This is because God has put power in our mouths. Such power is released by the faith in our hearts through Christ. And there is nothing in Heaven or on Earth that can stop it without the knowledge and permission of God. You can confirm this by reading Psalms 50:23 and Philippians 2:10.

They understood the power of midnight prayer

Psalms 119:62 points out the importance of raising up for midnight praises and prayers. The midnight prayer has the power to overcome Satan and his agents. Midnight is the hour of the third watch. It is the time that Satanic forces step out to execute their major plans. Midnight also represents the hour for battle in the heavenly places. Get to know more by reading our article on why Paul and Silas prayed at midnight.

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