Difference between a weak and a strong faith

“His faith did not leave him, and he did not doubt God’s promise; his faith filled with power, and he gave praise to God” – Romans 4:20


Faith is the substance through which we please God. Without faith, it is not possible to please God. By reading from Romans 10:17, we are told by Apostle Paul that faith comes by hearing the word of God. But did you know that it is very possible to have a lot of faith which is weak? Yes, of course it is very possible. We observe an example of such when Jesus Christ commanded peter to come to Him by walking on water. Peter had been regularly listening and seeing Jesus rendering impossible things possible. Although he knew it was possible to walk on water, his certainty was not deeply rooted that’s why at some point in time he started sinking as we can read from Matthew 14:27-31.

We can look it from the other way whereby we have a young boxer who regularly consumes much food but does not exercise his muscles. It is obvious that his muscles will develop massively but remain weak. And whenever he encounters a small fit and well-toned guy, he’ll easily be beaten even though he is big. The reason for his defeat is quite simple, he is big but weak.

With this in mind, we can further move ahead to bring out the difference between a weak and a strong faith. A weak faith comes as a result of not exercising faith or not even having faith at all. It is obvious that if you hear God’s word and don’t act on it, you’ll always have a weak faith. It is for this particular reason that you can easily memorize all the Bible passages about a particular topic yet still lack results.

You will always remain with a weak faith until you start acting on every word that comes forth from the mouth of God. With a weak faith, you can be sure to stagger every time that the storms of life strike you. But whenever you make up your mind about taking God for who He says He is and firmly walking on His words, your faith will be made strong.

We consider Abraham as the father of faith because his faith was really strong. Upon hearing the voice of God in his life which promised him that he’ll be a father to many nations, he started calling himself “father of many” even when he did not yet have a physical descendant. From Romans 4:13-25, we hear the Bible say that Abraham had a strong faith even when there was no hope. Even though he was almost 100 years, his faith was not weakened upon looking at his physical conditions or the fact that Sarah could not have children. Instead, he remained tight to what he received as message from God and had full confidence that God will fulfill his promises.

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When your faith is strong, you readily accept, believe, and walk on every word that God gives you. The point is not about getting the word into your notepad or into your heart. Rather it is the application of the words that you hear that makes your faith strong. That’s why you should speak forth the words that you hear irrespective of the contrary circumstances around you. It is only in this way that you can build a strong faith.


In the name of Jesus Christ:

  • My faith is strong;
  • I put into practice every word from God in my life;
  • I do not walk by sight but by faith; and
  • God has fulfilled all his promises in my life.


Lord Jesus Christ may you have mercy on us and strengthen our faith.

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