What is a Vigil

What is a Vigil

What is a Vigil

what is a vigil? This is a major question among Christians worth pouring more light into. If you’ve once asked this question or desire to know the importance of vigil then you are at the right place. We hereby write to provide you with the meaning of vigil, vigil synonyms, vigil history, and how to plan a night vigil prayer.

A night vigil is a period of sleeplessness which is done in order to honor, worship, and praise God. It is a human sacrifice which is pleasing to God when done with a heart full of love and faithfulness. Generally observed as a period of all night prayer, it creates a platform where Christians can gather for worship and also request their heart desires from God.

This human sacrifice made in God’s name is not without a major reward. It leads to open heavens where participants benefit from Divine Favor and Mercy. It reveals a heart after God’s will and for sure God who sees and knows everything is always blessing those who are after his will. There is much to benefit from a night vigil than you think. For more info, read our article on the benefits of night vigil.

A vigil is an all night period of prayer which leads to spiritual fortification and a higher walk with God. This all night prayer incorporates the hour of the third clock, midnight. Midnight which is the hour of battle in the heavenly places will meet you in serious prayers. It is at midnight that the evil forces are at max in carrying out their plans. Many great servants of God and great destinies have been destroyed at this hour. That’s why you have to keep watch in prayer. Learn why Paul and Silas prayed precisely at Midnight.

What is a Vigil

Still on our main subject of answering what is a vigil? We’ll invite you to open your Bible to Exodus 12:42 – “The Lord kept watch that night to bring them out of Egypt. So on that same night every year all of the Israelites must keep watch. They must do it to honor the Lord for all time to come.” We are made to know from the scriptures that the lord himself kept watch all night in order to free his children from the hands of oppressors. Hence, by keeping watch all night, we are honoring God.

Keeping watch all night is an act that fortifies your spiritual being and strengthens you to overcome all attacks and temptations from the Devil. Our savior Jesus Christ was at watch when he was arrested. It was during his watchful time of prayer during that very night that God sent an angel to empower him for the suffering that awaited ahead. He requested his Apostles to keep watch as well but they fell asleep and could not stand with the Lord when the Devil attacked.

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The importance of all night prayers

You can be certain that there is much to benefit from all night prayers which are done in praises and worships. That’s why the psalmist wrote that he will wake up at the middle of the night to praise God for his righteous judgement (Psalms 119:62). By further reading Acts 16:25, we are told that at midnight, Paul and Silas were singing and praising God in prison when an angel was sent from heaven to rescue them. In this very light, we’ll say that by embracing all night praises and worships, you can move God’s hand to grant you divine favor. You can as well benefit from the Sermon on Paul and Silas in prison.

Night vigil fortifiers you against Satan’s trials

As Christians, we are in battle with evil forces of the heavenly places. This is one of the main reasons why we should always keep watch and pray without ceasing. Through prayers, we call on God’s grace to keep us strong during trial moments. That’s why Apostle Paul wrote inviting all Christians to pray at all times so as to remain under God’s light.

Night vigil leads to answered prayers

If you remember Jesus’s saying then you’ll realize that after asking comes the knocking process. Hence, as you ask from the father, you should also be ready to knock at every close door that you wish to have it opened in your life. It is not a physical door that you are knocking here but a spiritual one. You do this through self sacrificial acts like night vigils and fasting. That is, you deny your physical body and work towards uplifting your spiritual body for a higher walk with God. Our Scriptures on Prayer and Fasting will help much for this purpose.

Night vigil brings Divine Favor and Mercy

Still on what is a vigil? we can say that it is a call for God to locate you in his favor and mercy. And for sure, if God locates you in his favor, it shall be well with you and your generation. It is without doubt that if God is with you, no one can successfully be against you. Any door he opens, no one will be able to close it. You’ll dwell in good health and success will follow your plans because he is God.

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We hereby come to the end of our writing. You can as well read our article on trusting God in the face of impossibilities.

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