Pastor David Ogbueli

Pastor David Ogbueli Biography, Wife, Children, and Ministry

Pastor David Ogbueli

Get to know everything about Pastor David Ogbueli Biography, Pastor David Ogbueli Wife, and Pastor David Ogbueli Children. We’ll also provide you with information on Pastor David Ogbueli Ministry, Pastor David Ogbueli Net Worth, and Pastor David Ogbueli Contact Details. Also get to know about Pastor David Ogbueli House, Pastor David Ogbueli Cars, and Pastor David Ogbueli Private jet.

Ogbueli is a radical and vibrant ministerial soldier of the Pentecostal denomination. He stands today as one who has dedicated his whole life to working in God’s presence. Nigeria is a country that is highly blessed with Apostles, Prophets, evangelists, pastors, and great teachers of the Holy Gospel. Some of them whom you’ve probably heard of are pastor Enoch Adeboye, Prophet TB Joshua, Bishop Oyedepo, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin, and Apostle Johnson Suleman. When listing these famous and highly reputed men of God, we can’t afford to omit pastor Ogbueli.

Pastor Ogbueli is a Nigerian Pentecostal icon who’s name can be heard resonating not only in Nigeria but across Africa. He happens to be among the few Pentecostal pastors who are influential and popularly known by many. Over the years, he has been able to make himself and the gospel of Jesus Christ known across Nigeria and many surrounding countries. He is one of the pastors who was fast in identifying the importance of social media in gaining a large following. Highly loved by his congregants, we’ll say that this pastor has fans all around Nigeria and Africa at large. He has been into ministry for so long. And he has gained a reputation of good teachings. That’s why its not strange to hear people asking for Pastor David Ogbueli teachings.

Pastor David Ogbueli Biography

Pastor David Ogbueli Biography

We’ve got much to say about Pastor David Ogbueli biography. He was born on the 28th of April 1968. At birth, his parents gave him the name David Ogbueli. He hails from the South Eastern State of Anambra. While he was still young, his parents took his education seriously. It was in this light that he was sent to one of the primary schools in his parents’ local area. Records hold that he took his studies seriously. With hard-working spirit, he was able to complete his primary studies with good results. This encouraged his parents to further register him in one of the secondary schools that was around. Filled with joy, Ogbueli was even more determined to make it. This determination pushed him to work extra hard. And as a result, he was able to graduate from secondary school with good grades.

His amazing grades from secondary school brought much joy to his family members. This gave them a greater reason to provide Ogbueli with what it took in terms of finance to get registered in the University. His parents did not only choose any type of university for him. They picked out the best from those which were around. And today, Ogbueli is a graduate of microbiology from the prestigious and highly credited Nigeria University, Nsuka. Back in the university, he did not give his parents any reason for regretting why they sponsored his higher education. His success continued bringing them joy and happiness. And for sure, they could add him to the list of scholars in the family.

Pastor David Ogbueli Wife

Pastor David Ogbueli Wife

There are lots of reasons why we want to talk about Pastor David Ogbueli Wife. Without her, we don’t think the pastor would be where he is today. She has played a vital role in his success moving from ministry through finance to other life sectors. Records hold that she stands as a pillar of encouragement and motivation to the pastor’s ministerial journey. She is actively involved in her husband’s church given that she is a pastor. The church’s congregants love and appreciate her very much. This is obviously because of her pretty nice and welcoming character. A character that suits the pastor’s wife. You could be asking yourself who is this lovely lady? She is named pastor Sarah Ogbueli. Pastor Ogbueli met with her back in his university days. By then, she was an undergraduate.

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Pastor David Ogbueli Children

Pastor David Ogbueli Children

We can’t afford to go through our writing without making mention of Pastor David Ogbueli Children. They’ve been serving as a source of motivation and joy to the pastor. Ogbueli’s marriage with Sarah called the blessings of God in their lives. And today, they are happy parents of four children. All these children are being trained in the Christian light. Seeing them every morning gives the pastor a reason to continuously work hard. They fill him with the joy of being a successful father.

Pastor David Ogbueli Cars

Pastor David Ogbueli Cars

Being a man of God does not stop him from having cars as any other successful man would. God has greatly blessed him both financially and spiritually. Today, he owns a number of cars which serve as a transportation means for him. Pastor David Ogbueli Net Worth is estimated in millions of dollars.

Pastor David Ogbueli Private Jet

This should not sound strange in your ear. For sure the pastor needs a private jet for fast movements from one country to the other. Worth noting here is that his voice is highly loved and solicited around the world. And what could better take him around the world than a pretty nice private jet?

Pastor David Ogbueli House

Pastor David Ogbueli House

We agree that he is a man of God. But does this imply that he has to dwell in the desert? We don’t think so. Being a man of God does not prevent him from owning a house. Today, he owns a pretty nice mansion in Nigeria. It’s the type of mansion that you’ll love to live in.

Pastor David Ogbueli Contact Details

It’s not strange to hear people asking for his contact details given that he is a man of the people. He stands today as a spiritual father to thousands if not millions. And for sure, everyone wants to reach out to the pastor for one reason or the other. Some people are coming to him for healing, others are coming for deliverance, others for counseling and others for blessings. Whatever be it the reason that you want to meet with the pastor, we’ll recommend that you take precautions. But why do we say so? It’s obviously because of the fake Facebook accounts and websites which are all in the name of this pastor. They are owned by thieves who won’t waste a second when it comes to stealing your cash. And for this reason, we’ll recommend that you get the pastor’s contact from his official website.


  • Official website:
  • Twitter: @pstdavidogbueli


Pastor David Ogbueli Ministry

Pastor David Ogbueli Ministry dates back to the age of 12. Records hold that he pioneered the campus fellowship as an undergraduate. This is what led to the actual birth of his ministry known as “Dominion City Worldwide”. His ministry stands today as one of the fastest-growing Pentecostal ministries in Nigeria. Records hold that his church(Dominion City) started back in 1996 as a small gathering of nurses. This gathering was regularly taking place at Marcus Garvey Street, Enugu State. It later moved to 95 Chime Avenue, Enugu State. God being with Ogbueli, made his ministerial traveling path smooth. And today, his church has about 450 branches across Nigeria. This is not all as the church also has about 60 branches which are spread over Africa, Asia, and Europe.

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Pastor Ogbueli is the founder of the New Covenant Family Ministries. It is a University focus arm of his ministry. It is highly perceived in most Southern Nigerian Universities. Pastor Ogbueli is the Senior Pastor and General Overseer of the Dominion City International. Ogbueli is currently the president of the Dominion Leadership Institute. This institute is one that focuses on training and equipping Christians with what it takes to succeed in their various devours. He is also a senior facilitator and a regular resource person at Institute National Transformation which is abbreviate as INT. Pastor David is a highly credited Christian author whose books are highly loved by his congregants. He has authored lots of books on spiritual, leadership, and metal knowledge. Pastor Ogbueli is a social reformer who owns and hosts the satellite TV and Radio Christian program named “Expand Your World”.

More things to know about the man of God

His Christian program runs across different TV and Radio stations around the nation. He is also the host of his ministry’s annual camp well known as the “Dominion City’s Annual Camp Meeting”. This is a spiritual retreat that usually lasts for three days. It welcomes delegates from over 4 continents in the world. This moment of spiritual growth usually takes place during the Easter weekend. Pastor Ogbueli is also the president of the Golden Heart Foundation. It is a not for profit and non-governmental organization. The GHF is focused on youth value re-orientation, youth empowerment, Leadership education, and entrepreneurial development. It is also in charge of convening the Annual National Youth Submit. Today, his congregants perceive him as a credible minister of the gospel. Others also perceive him as an icon of excellence in leadership. He has a great passion for personal, national, and international transformation.

His desire to see people succeed is one that can’t be veiled under the sunlight. He has taken steps to better the lives of many. His transformation strive has stirred up changes among youths, governments, media, corporate institutions, and NGOs. Worth noting is that he is a gospel minister who has been delegated governmental authority in the country. Today, he speaks in the name of the government both nationally and internationally. He does this in embassies, government houses, and churches.

Dominion City Church

Dominion City Church is also well known as the New Covenant Family (NCF). It was started back in 1996 by David Ogbueli. Although it started with few members, it was not long that it started experiencing exponential growth. In short, it has experienced immense growth since then. The New Covenant Family is currently one of the most popular ministries in Nigeria. It also turns out to be one of the most established with a high following from Africa. The ministry currently has about 40 city churches, campus churches, and a huge membership across the whole of Nigeria. There are about 70 pastors serving under the vision of the Dominion City Church. The Church’s vision according to its founder is to preach the undiluted gospel of Jesus Christ. This vision started back in an apartment in New Haven, Enugu State, Nigeria.

From a few congregants to thousands can only keep Christians marveling and wondering at his success. His ministry has a mission arm which is called the Global Mission Network. This mission has made a name for itself through its philanthropist activities. They do not hesitate when it comes to stepping out and meeting the needs of the less privileged. The Dominion City Church focuses on winning countless souls for Jesus Christ while empowering the members of the society. This ministry seems to be more than ever prepared to step out and meet the needs of the poor, needy, orphans, and widows. The church is highly involved in human empowerment. Pastor David Ogbueli Ministry has headquarters in Enugu State, Nigeria. Records hold that in 2015, they moved out and offered free medical checkups, and treatments to dozens of poor Nigerians.

Pastor David Ogbueli Books

You can be sure that you’ll enjoy reading most of Pastor David Ogbueli Books. He is a highly credited author who has written many books. These books are widely read across the world. They’ve helped in bringing changes and amelioration to the lives of many. People testify of having had their mentalities, visions, and mindsets changed for the best upon reading some of his books.

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The Dominion Mandate By David Ogbueli

This is one of the books written by the pastor which points out the fact that God gave man to man during creation. He also pours light on how man lost his authority and dominion. The pastor also presents God’s plans on how to restore man’s authority and dominion.

Building Friendship By David Ogbueli

This is another pretty nice and worth reading book that was written by the pastor. Within the book, he unfolds the basics which a person needs to know about friendship. He also points out the importance of choosing friends that want to see you succeed. In short, he covers everything from what it takes to choose good friends to what it takes to maintain healthy friendship relationships. You can be certain that the lessons and teachings in this book will definitely guide you in choosing and maintaining good friends.

How to choose political leaders By David Ogbueli

This is another worth reading book which was written by the pastor. Within the book, he answers questions on whether God is interested in politics and if minds the type of people we choose to lead us. You can be sure that you’ll be well equipped with what it takes to choose a good leader upon reading this book.

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