Pastor Paul Adefarasin

Pastor Paul Adefarasin Biography
Pastor Paul Adefarasin Biography

There is much to learn from Pastor Paul Adefarasin Biography. Pastor Paul is undoubtedly a remarkable African voice which is highly loved around the world. He is one of the famous Nigerian pastors who has taken the flag of the country to the European skies. With several church branches around the world, we can’t argue the fact that he is a successful minister of the gospel which was left by Jesus Christ.

Pastor Paul Adefarasin is the Founder, General Overseer, and Senior Pastor of House On The Rock. This church is one of the biggest in Lagos, Nigeria. It has over 40 branches across Africa and Europe at large. He is a man of God who is highly loved by his congregants. Pastor Paul also oversees “The Experience” which is the largest musical event regularly organized in Africa. In addition, he is a motivator, Christian author, and conference speaker. Records hold that before he gave his life to Christ, he was a drug addict. And today, he stands a better chance to help all who are into drugs to regain back their normal lives. Let’s now get into our main subject matter of discussion on Pastor Paul Adefarasin Biography.

Pastor Paul Adefarasin Biography

He was born in 1963 to a Nigerian Father and a Jamaica Mother. After birth, he was named Paul Adeolu Adefarasin. He attended St Saviour’s School Ikoyi for his primary education. Pastor Paul also attended the Igbobi College, Yaba. He went as far as attending a public school in England, Hailebury College, Hertfordshire, where he carried out his secondary education successfully. After his secondary education, he attended the University of Miami in Florida where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture. While residing in Florida, he participated for a while as an Architect with Baldwin, Sackman, and Carrington Architects.

Still, on Pastor Paul Adefarasin Biography, we’ll point out that he was born into an affluent home. Although he had all the basic needs of life with other extra needs, it did not stop him from becoming a drug addict. He was into drugs until his repentance and firm decision to follow Jesus Christ in 1994. After his conversion into the Christian faith and decision to serve Christ, he undertook a Diploma in Christian Ministry from the prestigious International Bible Institute Of London. After training, he served in a volunteer capacity as a youth pastor in the united states. It was only after this that he received his first pastorate at the Action Chapel, London.

Paul Adefarasin Ministry

Pastor Paul started The House On The Rock Church in 1994. The start of his ministry took place in his mother’s living room with just a few attendees. God being with him made his church to grow in an exponential manner. Today, his ministry has over 40 branches across Africa and Europe at large. Pastor Paul was mentored by Bishop T.D. Jakes. From the beginning of his ministry to date, he has been preaching the message of hope to every country that he comes across. It is worth pointing out here that he has demonstrated greater attention to Africa which is his continent of origin.

Pastor Paul is also the Founder and President of the Rock Foundation. The Rock Foundation is a Christ-centered organization that operates on the basis of love. This charity based organization is committed to social reformation, provision of healthcare, education, and relief of work for drug addicts, ex-convicts, and the less privileged in Nigeria and West Africa.

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His teaching approach

One of the reasons why this man of God is highly loved around the world lays in his ability to preach. He is able to demystify hidden Biblical truths and point straight to the ways of pleasing God. His ability to speak, preach and teach from a theological and personal platform has greatly encouraged many people across the globe. His ministry is one that promotes reconciliation, redemption, love, and reformation cutting across different denominations. Pastor Paul has a burning passion to see God’s people coming back to their Heavenly Father through Christ.

The Vision of his ministry

The House On The Rock Church has a goal of becoming the hand of power, the voice of excellence, and a bridge of hope for the hopeless. His ministry believes that the hand of God can bring changes to any situation no matter how intense it is. Pastor Paul lays emphasizes on the benefits of obeying the Holy Scriptures and perceiving them as words of life that come through Christ.

Pastor Paul Adefarasin Wife and Children

Pastor Paul Adefarasin Wife

Paul Adefarasin is happily married to Pastor Ifeanyi Adefarasin. Their union which was approved by God is blessed with three lovely children. These children are a source of joy and happiness for both parents. They brought up their children in the light of God’s love and today, they are proud to see them dwelling in God’s light.

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