Trusting God in the Face of Impossibilities

Trusting God in the Face of Impossibilities

Trusting God in the Face of Impossibilities

Trusting God in the Face of Impossibilities is the duty of every mature Christian. This is because as Christians, we serve a God to whom nothing is impossible. That’s why we ought to relax, rejoice, and be glad through our savior Jesus Christ. For he has given us the right to become children of the Most High to whom everything is possible. With an absolute conviction of this divine truth in our hearts, we can completely put our trust in God.

Trust in God can as well be perceived as Faith. Faith is the certainty that we have in God’s yet unfulfilled promises as explained by the scriptures. In other words, it is the substance of things not seen. It has to do with taking God for who he says he is and believing that he will certainly do all that he says he will do. Faith moves together with obedience to God’s instructions. Both can’t be separated.

And because God’s promises never fail, you can be certain to reap the fruits of those who remain faithful to him. Do not doubt God’s sovereign power but rather doubt your doubt because God never fails. Man can fail but God will never fail. From the beginning of time, he has always kept to his promises. And you can be sure that he will always keep to them. Do you part by respecting the key teachings of Jesus Christ and God will render every impossible situation possible for your good and his glory.

When you are face with impossible situations, do not loose hope because we are serving a God who is able. Yes, he is able to render the impossible possible for his children. Let’s get into our main topic of trusting God in the Face of Impossibilities for a solution.

Trusting God in the Face of Impossibilities

Note that God reveals himself across the Holy Scriptures as one to whom nothing is impossible. For sure you’ve read about his marvelous deeds and wondrous works. God parted the Red Sea to make a travelling path for his children and fed them in the desert with food from heaven. He walked the Earth raising the dead, healing all kinds of sicknesses, opening the eyes of the blind and freeing the captives.

God did it in the past, he is still doing it today, and he will certainly do it tomorrow because he has not changed. By opening the Holy Scriptures to Hebrews 13:8, we are told that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. In other words, he is still doing the things he used to do in the past. Keep your whole trust in Jesus Christ and he will not leave you without rendering the situation that seems impossible in your life possible.

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Trusting God in the Face of Impossibilities is an act of mature faith. And just as the scriptures say, no one can please God without faith. As children of God we walk by faith and not by sight. That’s why everything around might seem impossible before the normal eye but possible for the spiritual eye of faith. Remember the words of Jesus Christ that anyone with a faith as big as a small mustard seed can move mountains and displace oceans. Read the following articles to grow and mature your faith in God:

Biblical support on God’s ability to make possible the impossible

The Holy Scriptures clearly support without doubt the sovereign ability of God to make possible all impossibilities. He has the ability to do all these because he is God. And unto him, nothing is impossible. Let’s get our first Biblical support from Mark 10:27 – “Jesus looked straight a them and answered, “This is impossible for human beings, but not for God; everything is possible for God.” Hence, Trusting God in the Face of Impossibilities is what you ought to be doing.

Prophet Jeremiah in his writing further points out that there is noting too difficult for God to do (Jeremiah 32:17). And for this reason, you ought not to panic but to bring forth to the lord your problem and wait on him to grant a solution. Genesis 18:14 is still pointing at God’s mighty power to which nothing is impossible. That’s why you must not led your heart troubled by worries of things your perceive impossible with the physical eye. Come to God and he will give you rest just as the scriptures say.

Abraham’s faith before the impossible

Romans 4:19 – “He was then almost one hundred years old; but his faith did not weaken when he thought of his body, which was already practically dead, or of the fact that Sarah could not have children.” This single verse reveals most of what you need in order to familiarize yourself with a mature and working faith. God had previously promised Abraham that he would have many children and become a father to many nations. But it so happened that Abraham was almost 100 years old but had no child. In addition to this, his wife Sarah had reached menopause and could no longer give birth. Looking with the human eyes, we’ll say that giving birth to a child talk less of a nation was an impossibility. To the natural mind, it was impossible but Abraham did not entertain such because he Knew that unto God, nothing is impossible.

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However, Abraham refused to look at is situation with the human eye or from the human point of view. He refused to look at his practically dead body or his wife’s inability to conceive. By so doing, Abraham laid his whole trust in God alone. He denied to be discouraged by looking at his strength but rather focused on God’s. While every situation around was contrary to God”s promise in his life, he was not distracted neither did he doubt God’s ability to fulfill his promises. He kept his eyes on God who never fails. Abraham did not worry about his situation but saw himself a father of many just as God had promised. And because of his faith, God made a way where there seemed to be none. Abraham ended up as a father to many nations.


Trusting God in the Face of Impossibilities should be your priority and way of proving son-ship to his kingdom. Always remember that when God is producing a faith in a person that can be tested and found worth more than gold, he puts a sentence of death on all human resources. In other to demonstrate his sovereign power, he closes the doors to human reasoning, human help, human power, human technology, and human wisdom.

A mature faith that pleases God is born in a place of deadness. By this, we mean deadness of all human possibilities. And when you have an impression that it is the end, God resumes a new beginning. When you think that there is no more hope, God displays his mighty working power to bring back life in whatever was not working. That’s why you should always trust in God even when things are not moving the way you had planned. At any time, he can change your story and lead you into abundance.

This brings us to the end of our writing on Trusting God in the Face of Impossibilities. You can as well learn and exploit our Anointed Prayer Points for Impossible Situations.

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