what did Jesus teach about hell

What did Jesus teach about hell

what did Jesus teach about hell

What did Jesus teach about hell? The chances that you’ve ever asked yourself this question are very high. Relax and feel comfortable. It’s normal for every Christian to seek to know what Jesus Christ said about hell. Thus, you are not making a mistake to step out with an intention of learning what our savior taught about hell. Luckily enough, you are at the right place. We hereby write to reveal and pour more light on what Jesus Christ said concerning hell. Just as every spiritual leader ought to do, we will support all our points with Biblical passages and verses. As Christians, the Bible is our chief guide in the Christian race. Whatever question or worry that we might have, the answer is found in the Bible. We simply need to ask God to guide us to finding these answers.

The question of hell is more of a contradictory one in the modern Church today. Many false teachers have formulated new teachings on hell in order to deceive and mislead the children of God. Although sad, we must say that they deceive only those who do not know the voice of their master. If you know the voice of your master, Jesus Christ, you’ll be able to detect and stay away from all strange voices. Today, we have spiritual leaders who reject the existence of hell. The Holy Bible says that we shall know these false teachers from their words and actions. And you can figure them only by mastering the voice of Jesus Christ as well as his actions. You do this by getting familiar with your Bible as you regularly study the Holy Gospels. In this way, you’ll know words and actions that reflect Jesus Christ.

What did Jesus teach about hell?

There are so many things that Jesus taught about hell which we shall unravel today. Before Jesus’s ascension to heaven, He had taught everything that His follows need to know about hell. Hence, we are not in accordance with those who claim that the Bible or Jesus’s teachings on hell are incomplete. The Bible fully and clearly answers the question of what did Jesus teach about hell. If you doubt, simply hold your Bible and go along with us to the end of this writing.

Did Jesus say there is hell?

We’ll start by answering the question regularly asked by newbies in Christianity which is “did Jesus say there is hell?”. Today, many people who do not clearly understand the Bible as well as false teachers of the gospel believe that the concept of hell is an outdated one. They believe that it is more of an ancient relic which has already served it purpose and can be forgotten. But before you get carried away by such evil doctrines, start by learning what Jesus Christ said about hell. And for sure if you are really interested in learning what Jesus Christ said about hell, you’ll realize that the concept of hell can’t be dismissed so easily.

The whole truth is that Jesus Christ spoke about hell in the Bible more than any other spiritual teacher. The two most common Greek words which are used to describe hell in the Bible are “gehenna” and “Hades”. Hades refers to the real of the death but Jesus Christ regularly used it to describe a horrible place of torment after death as we can read from Luke 16:23. Jesus Christ in Matthew 11:23 refers to Hades as a place of torment which is situated opposite the heavenly kingdom. On other other hand, gehenna refers to the hinnom valley which is situated south of Jerusalem. This place as described in Jeremiah 7:32 and 2 Kings 23:10 use to be a terrify and horrible place which was initially used for child sacrifices. This place was later used as a picture of hell during the time of Jesus Christ (Matthew 10:28).

The way Jesus Christ presented hell

Still on bringing elements of answers to what did Jesus teach about hell, let’s find out how He presented hell. When we read Matthew 10:28, He acknowledges the existence of hell and presents it as a place of destruction for both soul and body. He makes us to understand here that disobedience to God will lead to the destruction of our bodies in hell as punishment. Upon reading Jesus’s teachings on hell, we realize that he regularly combines the word gehenna (place of terrible suffering) with fire. This point is backed up by Matthew 5:22.

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A place full of darkness, suffering, and all sorts of terrible pains was also used by Jesus to describe hell. We can read this from Matthew 8:12. Here, He says that those who refuse to access eternal life through repentance and faith will be thrown into darkness. in addition to being thrown in hell, they’ll have to weep all through as they grind their teeth in deep pains.

What did Jesus actually teach about hell?

If we decide to put down everything that Jesus actually taught about hell, you’ll soon get tired reading. But don’t worry, we have a better approach. It is that of summarily presenting everything he said about hell. In this light, we hope to clearly answer the question of what did Jesus teach about hell. Jesus Christ said hell is a place of eternal torment which is prepared for the devil and his fallen angels. In addition, human beings who join these spiritual beings in rebelling against God will also have a place prepared in hell. To get the veracity of what we are saying, you can read Matthew 25:41 and Matthew 11:20-24.

The punishment of hell is so intense that Jesus Christ advises that if your hand causes you to sin, cut it off. He adds that it is better to enter life crippled than to enter hell with both hands. We can read this from Mark 9:43 were he further presents hell as a place of unquenchable fire awaiting all sinners who refuse to repent and do what’s right. Jesus Christ pours more light on the aspect of hell as we can read from Matthew 25:46. In this Bible verse, Jesus Christ says that on the last day, He will judge mankind to separate the sheep from the goat. The sheep are those who have accepted Jesus Christ and repented while the goat are those who have rejected Him. The sheep will be given eternal life while the goat will be thrown in the everlasting lake of fire.

Biblical evidence for hell

Have you ever asked yourself whether a loving Jesus will teach about hell or a place of suffering? If you’ve wondered about this question, then the answer is yes. It is true that He is loving and His love knows no limit. That’s why he welcomes even the most terrible sinners and forgives them whenever the repent ad believe His message. In the same line of thinking, we’ll recommend that you read our article on How to repent. Worth your attention here is that Jesus can’t save those who refuse salvation. That’s why hell exist.

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Hell as presented by the gospel of Matthew

When Jesus was giving the sermon on the mount in Matthew 5, He did not only emphasize on love, charity, and the kingdom of God. He also talked about hell. When we read Matthew 5:20-30, we hear Jesus presenting hell as the opposite of hell. He warns that hell is real and completely made up of all kinds of sufferings which are aimed at tormenting sinners. Much emphasis is laid on the fire and justice of hell as punishment for those who reject his forgiveness and teachings. In addition, we hear Him warning us to do all that we can in order to avoid being cast in to hell by God.

In the gospel of Matthew, Jesus explains that hell is for anyone who does not enter the Kingdom of God. Those who know the truth but prefer to dwell in sin are not free from the fire of hell. This gospel writer also describes hell as a place of eternal suffering for those who rebel against the laws of God. In Matthew 18:8, Jesus describes hell as a place of eternal fire. Reading from Matthew 23:33, we hear Jesus warning the Scribes and Pharisees about hell which is a place for those who have rejected the revealed truth of God through Jesus.

Hell as presented by the Gospel of Mark

Even in the gospel of mark, we clearly get a presentation of hell as taught by Jesus Christ. When we read Mark 9:42-48 we hear Jesus presenting hell as a place of punishment for sin. He further presents it as a place that is worst that death and the Earthly suffering that we know. In addition, Mark’s Gospel presents hell as a result of God’s active judgement on sin.

Hell as presented by the Gospel of Luke

Reading from Luke 13:1-5, we hear Jesus referring to hell as the punishment that awaits those who refuse to repent. Further Biblical readings from Luke 16:19-31 reveals Jesus’s words on the justice that shall be brought by hell onto those who dwell in evil.

Hell as presented by Apostle Paul

Paul has written so much that it will be difficult for us to write down everything. However, we will briefly present his major teachings on hell through the letters he wrote to the christian churches. Apostle Paul refers to the horrific future punishment of the wicked in Hebrews 6:1-3 as the eternal judgement. He further adds in Hebrews 10:27-30 that this judgement will call down eternal fire that will continuously burn all God’s enemies for all times.

Hell as presented in John’s revelation

Apostle John teaches under the directives of Jesus that hell is a horrible place where God’s wrath and fury are deeply felt. We can read this from Revelation 14:10. He further explains that hell is the worst place where fire and sulfur rains on God’s enemies. In Revelations 20:15, we are told by John that everyone whose name is not in the book of life will be cast into the fire of hell. The Apostle also points out in Revelation 14:11 that hell which is the punishment reserved for the wicked will torment all sinners without ceasing. He further explain that this punishment will go on day and night alike without any stop.

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Truths about hell

Let’s bring out more points on what did Jesus teach about hell. There are some truths which he revealed in the Bible which cannot be changed about the subject matter of hell. We’ll explore some of these truths for advanced spiritual growth and understanding of the gospel. Being equipped with these truths will make you less vulnerable to the many false doctrines which are circulating around about hell.

Hell is real

We can affirm without doubt that Jesus taught of the reality and existence of hell. It is indeed real and awaits all those who have refused to repent and welcome the teachings of Jesus Christ. It is the place of eternal punishment for those who join Satan and his angels to rebel against the authority of God. If you die without repenting and welcoming Jesus in faith, you’ll end up in hell.

Hell is a choice

The decision of going or not going to hell eventually depends on you. God offers eternal life in heaven and eternal punishment in hell. It’s left for you to choose where you which to pass your eternity or life after death. The decision of hell or heaven is made while you are still alive on Earth. Choosing heaven is accepting that you are sinner whose sins need to be washed by the blood of Jesus Christ. Making the decision of going to heaven has to do with learning and executing the teachings of Jesus Christ or putting them into practice. On the other hand, choosing hell has to do with rejecting Jesus, His teachings, and pardon.

This brings us to the end of our article on what did Jesus teach about hell. We are certain now that you know the voice of Jesus about the subject of hell. Hence, you won’t be misled or confused with false teachings. We encourage you to keep up with your Christian race and with the grace of God, we shall make it to His Kingdom.

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