Money in the Bible

Money in the Bible

Money in the Bible

Money in the Bible is a reality which must be carefully analyzed in the light of God’s righteousness. The entire Bible is full of God’s wisdom and advice on human matters. And the money topic is not without God’s opinion or advice. If you have been wondering what the Bible says about money, you are at the right place. We’ll guide you through Biblical light on how to handle money in a way that pleases God. Money is considered by many as a taboo topic in Christianity. You are right in saying that money cannot buy life, love, and many others. But you can’t also exclude the fact that without money, you’ll hardly make a living on Earth. We live in a world that has subjected us to the use of money in almost every step. Everyone on Earth moving from children to parents need Money.

If you are a parent, you’ll obviously need money to purchase shelter for yourself and your offspring. You’ll still need money to feed, educate and cloth them. That’s why you should not regard the money topic as a taboo. Doing so will force us to class you among those who are ignorant about money in the Bible. Regard money as a medium of exchanging value. Money is not different from the harvest made from your land through hard work. That’s why you can convert your harvest into money as well as convert your money into household foodstuffs, shelter, and services. Even Jesus Christ needed money during his days on Earth for many purposes like paying the Temple tax (Matthew 17:24-27). We are even told by the scriptures that Judas Iscariot was the one carrying the money bag which financially supported Jesus’s ministry (John 12:6).

Money in the Bible: A Deeper Look

But what do we mean by speaking against the fact that Christians are taking the money topic as a taboo? Are we speaking against 1 Timothy 6:10 which says “For the love of money is a source of all kinds of evil. Some have been so eager to have it that they have wandered away from the faith and have broken their hearts with many sorrows.” We are definitely not speaking a single word against this Holy Scripture which was written by Apostle Paul to Timothy. Note that we are simply pouring more light on the subject matter. For this very scripture in itself does not speak against money but against does who are so desperate to have it that they wander far away from God. The scripture is simply against does who partake in evil activities to obtain money.

We regularly hear of people breaking God’s law by stealing money, killing for money, accepting the devil for money and rejecting Christ for money and all the facilities that come with it. On the other hand, I’ve never come across a scripture which is against honestly earned money in God’s light. For it is God’s will that men and women labor to meetup with their daily needs. The problem steps in when you value money more than your faith. Money is a reward for hard work or labor. And onto my knowledge, God promised to make the land fertile and rewarding for his children. Thus, if you love God with all your heart and obey the key teachings of Jesus Christ, prosperity and divine success will follow you.

God’s promise to make those who obey his laws prosperous

Let’s confirm this by reading from Deuteronomy 30:9 – “The Lord will make you prosperous in all that you do, you will have many children and a lot of livestock, and and your fields will produce abundant crops. He will be as glad to make you prosperous as he made your ancestors prosperous.” In other words, prosperity is children’s bread in the kingdom of God. Honor God and he will fill your store rooms with more than they can contain. Put God first in your life and you will live to testify his goodness.

Malachi 3:10 says ” Bring the full amount of your tithes to the Temple, so that there will be plenty of food there. Put me to the test and you will see that I will open the windows of Heaven and pour out on you in abundance all kinds of good things.” Thus, as you are concerned about the things of God, He will be concerned about your well being and pleasure. As you seek first His kingdom, all the other things will follow in abundance (Matthew 6:33). The land which God will bless and make prosperous could also be your business or other life activities.

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Whatever the case, you must note that the way Christians handle money or financial aspects is different from the way the world does. The world believes in money but Christians believe in God. While the world believes that money is all, Christians believe that God is all. The world believes in nonexistence without money but Christians believe in nonexistence without God. Thus, Christians perceive money as a secondary need and not a primary need as the world does. This is what money in the Bible is all about.

What is money?

In simple terms, money is a medium of exchange which is generally accepted in the society for payment of Goods and Services. While may see money as a necessity for life, it can turn into a source of trouble to one’s mind. It is without doubt that money is a problem to those who overvalue it whether they have too little or too much. However, those who find their primary satisfaction in God’s love and faithfulness will hardly led their minds troubled by money. Let’s further expand our topic on money in the Bible given that the Bible is an authoritative guide in living a life that pleases God.

Working for provision is part of God’s perfect plan for mankind

We cannot talk of money in the Bible without narrowing our path to creation when God fashioned the Earth and all that is in it. Upon creating Adam and Eve, God gave them a mission or task which was to take care of the Garden of Eden and all that lived withing it. That’s they were to rule over the fish in the sea, birds in the sky, livestock, wild animals, and all living creatures on land. However, things went bad when Adam and Eve disobeyed God. They were sent out of the Garden which had all life facilities. Their disobedience brought sin and a resulting death into the World. As a result of their disobedience, they were under God’s punishment. God cursed the ground which man was to work hard before producing what was necessary to make a living.

From the beginning, we see that mankind had work to do. You might say that there was no money in the Garden or Eden. But remember that there was work to do and it is this work to do that we perceive today as a job. As long as Adam took care of the Garden and all that was in it, God provided his needs. Even when he was out of the garden, he had to work the ground in order to meetup with his needs. Today, you are either working the ground to make a living as God planned or you are executing a job which will yield money for you to purchase food produced from the ground. In either way, mankind is fulfilling God’s will of working to make a living. We couldn’t afford to omit this from our writing on Money in the Bible.

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Money is a precious gift from God

Skeptical people are already up with their stones to throw at us because we said money is a precious gift from God. Start by asking yourself why this saying and by the end of they day, you’ll be OK with us. But what do we really mean by this saying? We say that money is a precious gift from God because it is both a reward for the work he commanded us to do and a means of sustaining the valuable life which he breathe into our bodies during creation. Money is the reward that a person earns from working. It is what you use to purchase your needs. With money. you are able to sustain your life and those for whom you are responsible.

Biblical wealth is perceived as the result of hard work, honesty, and wisdom. That’s why it is written in the proverbs that lazy hands yield poverty while diligent hands yield prosperity. It is also written that dishonest wealth dwindles away. Note that dishonest wealth has led to the downfall of many great men and women. That’s why playing around with such is not different from entering the Lions presence. You’ll likely get devoured for dinner. However, wealth which comes as a result of hard work, honesty, and wisdom is what brings glory to God. With such wealth, God will certainly bless you the more for he who has shall receive more while he who doesn’t will be taken even the small that he/she believes in.

Do not embrace poverty in the name of the Gospel

Brethren, do not lazily embrace poverty in the name of the gospel for it is not written anywhere in the scriptures that pleasing God is being poor. If you are poor, hold yourself responsible for being lazy and do not dare attribute it to the scriptures. For the scriptures are clear on the fact that God will bless the efforts of his children so that they would not lack bread. Step out with a hardworking spirit and God will bless your efforts to be successful. Folding your arms to sit back is simply being lazy and has nothing to do with obeying God. For God’s will is that man should work the ground and eat what it produces. While on Earth, our savior Jesus Christ worked as a carpenter till the age of 30 when he took up his Father’s work. All his Apostles were skillful and hardworking men.

Money in the Bible requires hard work, honesty, wisdom, and the fear of God. The Bible in itself is not against money. A look at most Biblical figures who pleased God will testify on our behalf. Some of the godly individuals in the Bible who were rich and extremely wealthy are Abraham, Solomon, Job, Joseph, and Arimathea. In God’s covenant with the children of Israel on Mt Sinai, He promised them wealth if they will keep all his commandments. This reveals God’s nature of providing for his children. God loves those who honor and keep his commands. He calls them his children. And just as a Father, he makes sure that he blesses their efforts to yield their needs. Although you can be poor yet be a child of God, if you work hard, God will bless your efforts and make you prosperous.

Lots of temptations come with money

While money itself is not bad, the temptations surrounding it can turn to be deadly. Money in the Bible clearly points out the possibilities of deadly temptations which can lead your soul to the fire of hell. You can as well read what Jesus Christ taught about hell. Coming back on the temptations surrounding money, we say that they are real. That’s why Apostle Paul wrote saying that the love of money is the root of all evils. And this is absolutely true because out of the desire to get money, many people are so desperate that they abandon their faith. Some are so desperate that they go up to the extent of sacrifices human lives. Others do not hesitate to steal it while some people simply get it through dishonest ways. All these ways are evil and God hates them.

Do not be misled by the security which money promises to give you because it cannot protect you from God’s Holy Judgement of fire. Money promises lasting happiness but the more you gather, the more your worries and anxieties. Always remember that money can “disappear” overnight and leave you stranded. That’s why you should rather fight for everlasting riches in heaven by honoring God on Earth. Remember to love God with all your heart and also love your neighbor as you love yourself. Do for others what you will love to have them do for you. When God blesses you with money, be a father to the fatherless, a mother to the motherless. Become a benefactor to those in need. Share with others the things which God has blessed you with and your riches will be stored up in heaven.

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