Benefits Of Night Vigil Prayer

Benefits Of Night Vigil

Benefits Of Night Vigil

The Benefits Of Night Vigil are numerous and rewarding so much that everyone should embrace the spiritual activity. Night vigil is a booster that helps prayers to be quickly answered by God who sees every sacrifice made in his name. But what is a Night Vigil? A night vigil is a period of intentional sleeplessness which is generally characterized by spiritual activities aimed at moving God’s hand to release Divine Favor and intervention.

Vigil originates from the Italian word vigilia which literally means “eve”. A good number of vigils are usually held on the eve of religious festivals. However, it is worth noting that Night Vigils are great moments of sacrifices aimed at lowering or overcoming the physical body in order to uplift one’s spiritual being thereby pleasing God and obtaining Divine Favor.

That’s why we’ll say without doubt that there are numerous benefits of night vigil. You can be sure to obtain God’s blessings upon subjecting your body to his will and glory. We ought to feed our spiritual beings just as we regularly feed the physical. And it is only through spiritual activities like fasting and prayers that it is possible. You can as well read our scriptures on fasting and prayers.

A night vigil is a prayer which takes place all through the night. This means that the hour of the third clock (midnight) will catch you in prayers. And as we all know, there is power in midnight prayer. Midnight is the hour of battle in the heavenly places. It is the hour which Satan and his agents put in action their main plans. Also learn why Paul and Silas prayed precisely at midnight. Let’s now present the benefits of night vigil.

Benefits Of Night Vigil

Is praying at night scriptural?

Before diving into the benefits of night vigil, let’s first find out whether praying at night is scriptural. For this purpose, let’s open our Bibles to Psalms 119:62 – “In the middle of the night I wake up to praise you for your righteous judgement.” Hence, we can say that the night a quiet moment to praise and give thanks to God for his marvelous and wondrous deeds. We can as well read from Acts 16:25 where we are told that at about midnight, Paul and Silas were singing and praising God in prison. Their praises moved the heart of God. God could not hold back his angel of liberation from freeing them for they had faithful served Him till the prison yard. In other words, there is power in midnight prayers. Let’s now present the different great benefits of night vigil.

Night vigil fortifies your relationship with God

Night vigil is a Holy Sacrifice which when done with a heart full of love, it reinforces one’s relationship with his/her heavenly father. It is an act of self denial just like fasting which lowers the body for God’s glory. And because you are willing and have sacrificed your sleep because of the love in your heart for God, he will uplift you to higher spiritual levels where you can experience him at a closer range.

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Night Vigil leads to quicken answers after praying

The more you are concerned about God’s kingdom, the more He will provide quick answers to your prayers. By happily embracing Night Vigils, you are developing a heart which goes after the things of God. And whenever you call unto him, he will hear and answer you just as it is written in the Holy Scriptures.

Night Vigil brings for Divine Mercy

Through a sacrificial sleepless night in order to praise and worship God, you’ll obtain his unmerited mercy through Jesus Christ. Truth be told, we have all sinned and fallen short of God’s glory. And it is not human effort that leads to the forgiveness of sins but God’s unmerited love and grace.

Night Vigil brings Divine Favor

By sacrificing a night of sleep to praise and worship God, you’ll certainly obtain his favor and blessings. These blessings will follow you in all your activities and plans. And for sure, when God is with you, no one can successfully be against you. Your plans will end up seeing the light of the day. You will live to testify the goodness of God in your life.

Night Vigil invites the Holy Spirit in your life

When our savior Jesus Christ was physically departing from the Earth, he promised not to leave us alone but to send a helper in the person of the Holy Spirit. Partaking in a night vigil creates a Holy environment through which the Holy Spirit can provide the help and direction which you need in life.

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Night Vigil strengthens your spiritual life

While on Earth, we are in a continuous spiritual battle with the devil and his agents. They are fighting to distract our hearts from the love of God through power, wealth, and other Earthly things. And for us to remain faithful to God, we need to be in an attitude of prayer asking for the grace and strength to overcome all temptations from the devil.

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