Christian Financial Advisor Network

Christian Financial Advisor Network

Christian Financial Advisor Network

The Christian Financial Advisor Network is made up of like-minded financial professionals who respect Biblical Responsible Investing (BRI). These individuals share the Christian faith and are more than willing to guide Christian investors in growing and maintaining their wealth. They do this without negatively affecting the clients relationship with God. Handling finances is not an easy task given its complexity from a Biblical point of view. However, everyone aspiring to be successful in life must stick to wise financial advice. Such advice can easily be obtained from a Financial Advisor. You can as well take personal financial decisions and have them work for the best. But you must keep in mind that a single financial mistake can ruin all your investments. That’s why everyone needs a professional financial advisor.

A Christian Financial Advisor Network is made up of individual professional financial advisors that fear God. But who is a Christian financial advisor? A Christian financial advisor is a qualified, experienced, professional, and God fearing individual who understands the application of Biblical financial principles in achieving financial freedom God’s way. He/she focuses on providing you with reliable and wise financial advice when it comes to making investments, growing your wealth, maintaining your possessions, and planning for retirement. A Christian financial advisor guides Christian investors into investment opportunities that align with the will of God and act as a blessing to the world. They have nothing to do with immoral investment opportunities like those revolving around human trafficking and abortion.

Christian Financial Advisor Network – Everything you need to know

What a Financial Advisor does

A financial advisor is a professional or specialist in investment. He/she works in investing as a primary career. Such individuals operate in two ways, that is functioning as either an investment advisor or an active manager of your account. As an investment advisor, they help in making recommendations that you will chose to invest in (or not). Functioning as an active manager of your account implies that they will contribute to your investment security selection as well as the security of all assets that are in your portfolio.

An advisor has the ability to be completely independent. He/she can as well act as an agent for an investment firm. However, many advisors prefer working independently and benefiting from their freedom. In some cases, an independent financial advisor can as well work with a large investment brokerage firm. Such an advisor makes use of the large investment brokerage firm as a trading platform for their client’s portfolios. In such cases, they’ll require that you move all your asset positions into an account with the brokerage firm of their choice.

Reasons to hire a Christian Financial Advisor

As a serious Christian investor desiring to achieve financial freedom, a time will come in life when you need a financial advisor. Below are some of the reasons why you’ll need to do this:

  • The desire to diversify into different asset classes that you don’t entirely understand.
  • A feeling of not having the skills and experience necessary to successfully invest your own money.
  • An unsatisfactory feeling with the performance of your self-directed investments.
  • A desire to move your investments into a more professional level.
  • The desire to seek higher returns from individual stocks rather than relying on exchange-traded funds, and mutual funds.
  • A strong desire to focus on your business or career, rather than managing it alongside investments.
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Benefits of using a Financial Advisor

Apart from the above listed reasons that you might want to hire a financial advisor, there are also benefits or advantages obtained by hiring them. Below are the main advantages for hiring a financial advisor:

  • A financial advisor frees up your time by taking over your investments.
  • The stress that comes from multitasking between your career and investments is eliminated by a financial advisor.
  • A financial advisor may have a successful track record, as indicated by your close friends.
  • By working full time, a financial advisor is better placed with sufficient experience when it comes to taking wise financial decisions.
  • The difficulty to succeed in certain markets is eliminated by the skills of a competent financial advisor.

What to look for in Financial Advisor

You’ll need to spend some time and effort in order to chose the best financial advisor. It is a process worth your time, money, and effort. A professional financial advisor won’t come as the first person that you meet on the road. We are talking of someone capable of offering reliable, wise, and efficient financial advice. Thus, you’ll need to set some standards or qualities to look for in a financial advisor. In choosing a Christian Financial Advisor, go for someone with references. It is wise to have received references from 3 to 4 reliable sources concerning the person in question. A professional financial advisor should be able to provide you with some sort of independent verification of his/her investment performances.

How to find a Christian Financial Advisor

You can easily find such an individual through a Christian Financial Advisor Network. Also read our article on how to find a Christian financial advisor near you. You can as well find them through the following Christian Financial Advisor Networks:

  • Christian Wealth Management
  • Christian Financial Planners Directory
  • National Association Of Christian Financial Consultants
  • SmartVestor Program
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How Financial Advisors get paid

There are several ways through which a financial advisor can be compensated. He/she can earn commissions on the investment they put you into. They can equally earn on a direct compensation method than can be based on a flat fee, an hourly rate, or even a percentage of your investment portfolio. With a fee-based on percentage, you can expect to pay at least 1% of your total assets on an annual basis. In a few cases, some advisors charge a little more. Embracing a flat fee one-time financial plan will necessitate much money. Here, the advisor provides you with a detailed write up about your finances with recommendations to take actions.

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