How to know God’s calling for me in life

Few people like TB Joshua, Prophet Shephard Bushiri, Pastor Chris, Pastor Alph Lukau were fortunate to receive their calls to serve God at a younger age with a deep degree of certainty. Many people upon feeling the call of God upon their lives often experience mixed emotional feelings.

Knowing that God is calling for you to work in His vineyard can be awesome and exciting. However, you might just believe that you cannot serve God due to a few personal reasons or you might still be experiencing a sense of doubt or uncertainty about the calling on your life.

Uncertainty leads to questions like what is God’s calling for me, what is God asking me to do, how to know God’s will for your life, how to discover your calling, and the how to know the call of God for my life. Whatever the case, stay calm and relaxed as we are going to unfold the best ways through which you can actually know what God wants you to do. Just keep on reading and remember to subscribe for further teachings like these.

Before we proceed into discussing the main subject matter, we’ll like to add here that a good number of people find reasons why they firmly believe that they cannot answer God’s call for their lives. Whatever be the case, you owe it to yourself and will have to answer that with God alone. Just make sure that you are not backsliding because of doubt, fear, or a sense of insufficiency.

What is God asking me to do (God’s calling or call of God for my life)

Many Christians and ministers of the gospel have either given elements of answers or answers to the old question of how do I know what my calling from God is? One of the answers which caught my attention was that from Prophet T.B. Joshua who said that whatever you do through God or whatsoever God accepts you to do through Him is your calling.

When we read Psalms 119:105 we are made to know that God’s calling in our life is revealed by getting to know Him more through the Bible which is His Holy Word that brings salvation. Hence, we should hold tight to God and remain in his presence by regularly studying His Word and singing praises and worships to Him. He will, in turn, transform us by the power of the Holy Spirit and show us the way just as promised in Romans 12:2.

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Your call may be a leadership call in the government, church, ministry, business, family, media, sports, entertainment, neighborhood or just anything that God allows you to do through Him. It is not strange to experience doubts about your vocation at some point in your life. At such moments you might seriously begin to doubt if you even have a call from God. Whatever your case, just see on to it that you remain in the light of God for guidance. And always remember that whatever you do through God is your calling and that you can use it to bless the Body of Christ in one way or the other.

God blesses us with talents and gifts which can bring glory to His name in one way or the other. Simply figure out yours and develop it to the top. God will indeed be pleased to see how you value what He has blessed you with. Among God’s deposited talents within us are skills in science, teaching, public speaking, artistic work, designing, cooking, writing, singing, painting, and leadership just to name a few. On the other hand, we also have God-given gifts that are aimed at blessing our spiritual lives and allowing us to bless those of others. A few of such could be the ability to excellently preach the Gospel like Apostle Paul, Work miracles and wonders through the power of the Holy Spirit in order to set free those whose hearts have been captured by Satan, the ability to encourage, the ability to lead praise and worship services, the ability to walk in the power of the holy spirit, the ability to prophesy, the ability to genuinely love, and wisdom.

Stand firm in your calling

Galatians 1:10 pours out greater light on what it means to stand firm in your calling. Reading from it, we hear Apostle Paul saying that he knows fully that He was called by God to be an Apostle that is why he does not seek to win the approval of men but that of God. He further says that if pleasing people was his goal, he would not be a true Christian. By saying so, we realize that he was deeply certain of the call of God in his life that is why his main objective was to please God and not men. Most of us often turn to lean on the words and comments of men just to have them kill our convictions about our calling. Your calling is between you and God alone. If you are seeking to get approved by men rather than God, you won’t be seeking to serve God. Apostle Paul further calls on us to carry out the ministry that the Lord assigned to us without fear of any human neither need for any human approval (Colossians 4:17).

We must carry our cross every day to follow Jesus Christ

There are things that God might want us to do but the challenges in doing them keep us discouraged and afraid to step out. You might not want to abandon the wealth you have gathered and are enjoying in the main city of the country to travel to faraway areas in the bush to do God’s work. Others might simply be filled with fear of risking their lives. Some people might simply be afraid of facing the challenges that lay ahead in the journey of carrying their cross and answering their calls to work for God. Others might be blinded by the riches, wealth, and pleasures of this world. Whatever be your case, just remember that God cannot give you a mission which He knows that you cannot make it. When God calls us, he prepares us for the task ahead. This preparation time might seem long but we must remain patient and continuously study His ways till He releases us for our mission. Still on what God’s calling for my life is, it is wise to pay attention to the different ways in which God communicates with us being dreams, persons, Bible, visions, internal voice, audible voice, and strange ways. God can use any one of these to tell you what he wants you to do.

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