Prophet TB Joshua cars

Prophet TB Joshua cars (Cars of prophet TB Joshua)

The whole public is curious about knowing Prophet TB Joshua cars. Many popular men of God are known to be owners of the latest luxurious cars. Does this fact also apply to the founder and general overseer of the Synagogue Church Of All Nations? Could it be that he does not love luxurious cars? Or could it be that he has pretty nice cars that we are not aware of? These are all questions which we shall be answering all through our writing concerning this famous man of God.

In Search of Prophet TB Joshua cars?

Let’s look at the top luxurious vehicles in the whole world to see if our man of God has one among. For sure he has a car. And if anyone should try to argue otherwise, he/she could be trying to say that the man of God walks on foot all day long. Now that we are sure that he has a car, we’ll strive out to investigate which is his among the best luxurious cars in the world. Let’s get into our main subject matter of finding out prophet TB Joshua cars.

Are these Prophet TB Joshua Cars?

Lamborghini Veneo Roadster£3.3

Prophet TB Joshua cars

Lamborghini Veneo Roadster is certainly one of the best and most expensive cars in the world that comes at a price of £3.3. It is generally looked upon as the most expensive luxurious car in the world. It has no roof and comes at a maximum speed of 221mph. In just about 2.8s, it is capable of doing 0-6mph. Since the creation of this car, only 9 of its kind have been made worldwide. You’ll be surprise to hear that the identities of these 9 people have been kept as a top secret up till date. But we can be certain that this is not one of Prophet TB Joshua cars. This implies that we’ll have to look elsewhere to find his.

Lykan Hypersport £3million

Prophet tb joshua cars

The Lykan Hypersport is one of the latest flying cars in terms of speed that comes at a whopping price of £3million. Its appearance and functionality really makes it outstanding. It stands out as the first car to have ever been made by W Motors which was first established in Lebanon. It is fully powered by a sophisticated 3.8L twin turbo flat 6 engine. This sophisticated engine produces 770hp.

What is even more amazing with this Arabian Sophisticated Supercar is the presence of diamonds within its headlights. In less than 2.7 seconds, it has the ability of reaching 0.62mph. It roughly has a maximum speed of around 245mph. Only 7 of these cars where made and up till date, there is no known popular person using it. This implies that it is still not among Prophet TB Joshua cars. That’s why we’ll have to further our analysis to find out that which he is using.

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Bugatti Veyron – £2 million

The Bugatti Veyron is a master piece of great engineering skills that tops in the classification list of most luxurious cars. It comes at a whopping price of £2 million. It has been proven worthy of standing the test of time be it in terms of resistance or functionality. Its strong engine gives it 1200bhp with a top speed of 254mph. A good number of celebrities and world stars have been seen using this car. What’s certain is that we’ve never seen it among Prophet TB Joshua cars. This implies that we’ll continue our search among the best luxurious cars to see if we can find that of the prophet among.

Aston Martin One – £1.1 million

The Aston Martin One is another outstanding luxurious vehicle that is capable of withstanding the adversities of nature. It comes at a pretty nice price of £1.1 million. Several celebrities have been seen running to purchase this car due to its amazing features and elegance. It has a 7.3L V12 engine that is capable of making up for 757 bhp. Only 77 of these cars were made. This led to a high demand but little to no supply and in return the value of the car was increased before the eyes of men. We must add here that we’ve investigated and found out that our prophet is not in possession of this car. But this won’t stop us from continuing our search. perhaps we might find one that he has.

La Ferrari £1million

Prophet tb joshua cars

La Ferrari is certainly the worlds best hybrid sport car that comes at a price of £1million. It has a 3.6L v12 sophisticated engine that is capable of producing 950bhp. In just 3 seconds this astonishing car has the ability of reaching 0-62mph. It has a top speed of 227mph. In addition, its eye catching nature will certainly speak on the behalf of its owner. Very few people have it around the world. And if our prophet had it, everyone should have already been aware. This is to say again that it is not found among his cars.

The type of Vehicles he uses

We’ve cross checked the top 5 best luxurious cars in the world and we haven’t found his among. This can only lead us to saying that the man of God prefers a simple lifestyle rather than one full of luxury and money spending. He chooses to use his wealth in the accomplishment of religious duties like feeding those in famine, assisting the widows, sponsoring the orphans and working towards making the world a better place.

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Prophet TB Joshua sees himself as a father to the fatherless, as a mother to the motherless, as a husband to the windows, and as shepherd to lead the people of God. He’s always trying to make life comfortable for those around him rather than looking only at himself. That’s why he uses the simplest designs of cars which you and I are using. There is nothing special about his car. His car is not different from the one you and I are using. Get to know this man of God Live by Visiting the Synagogue Church of all Nations. In this way, you’ll better understand what we are talking about. You can as well read about this Prophet and his family.

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