Prayer for financial miracle

Prayer for financial miracle

Prayer for financial miracle

Learn the best prayer for financial miracle and use it to call upon God’s financial blessings in your life. The scriptures say that nothing is impossible for God to do. In addition, we are also told by the scriptures that Jesus Christ has given us the authority to change situations for the best. All we need for this purpose is enough faith in God’s words. Let us speak forth to God in prayers and for sure He will hear and answer us. We should not doubt neither fear to request from God what He has promised us. Let’s speak forth the word of God to every situation in our lives. It is in this same light that we are inviting you to put your faith to work by adopting a prayer for financial miracle.

Are you financially down? Could it be that you are not where you ought to be financially? Have your financial star been stolen by the devil? Are you having difficulties to make it in the financial world? Have you started a business just to realize that it has fallen? Are you struggling financially? Could it be that you are working hard yet unable to reap the fruits of your labor? Today is the end in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Things must change for the best. Use your faith and speak forth what you believe in your heart about your financial situation. And for sure things will turn for the best in the name of Jesus Christ. Always remember to put God first in your life whether poor or rich. You can be sure that He has the best plans for you.

Keys to unlock a prayer for financial miracle


Repentance prepares the way for our prayers to reach God. God is all holy and hates what is not holy. That’s why we can say without doubt that prayers in a sinful nature are disgusting to God. Such prayers are not pleasing at all. They chances that you won’t receive an answer to your prayers made in a sinful nature are very high. It is for this reason that Christians are always advised to start their prayers by asking God for forgiveness. Always ask for forgiveness even when you haven’t clearly figured out what you have done wrong. The scriptures say that all have sinned and are no longer in God’s righteous presence. However, through the sacrifice of His son Jesus Christ on the cross, we are able to enter God’s presence and receive answers to our prayers.

Acknowledge and give thanks to God for being a miracle working God

The scriptures says that when we praise God for what He has done, He will do more. You can not get into His presence with a prayer for financial miracle and expect an answer without faith. Just as the scriptures say, God’s early children spoke because they had first believed in their hearts what they said with their mouths. And in deed, God heard and manifested Himself among them in ways far beyond what men could imagine. He rendered the impossible possible and made ways where none existed. It is in this same light that we ought to speak what we believe in our hearts. Word’s of faith coming from our hearts put God’s angels into action as they bring forth heavenly answers and solutions. If you need a financial blessing or a financial miracle, start by believing that God can do it. Give thanks to Him for doing it.

Remain faithful to God

Did you know that just by being faithful to God can make Him bless you with your heart desires and needs with out you necessary asking? Yes, He can do this. God is our heavenly father and let no one deceive you that He is not aware of your struggles, hardship, joy, needs, and desires. He best knows what we need even before we ask Him. If we human beings know and provide the needs of our children without them asking, what more of God? The truth is that God will do much more that this. All we need to do in order to benefit from this favor is to proof our son-ship to Him. It’s obvious that you are asking yourself how to do this. We display our son-ship to God by obeying His laws. In order words, our duty is to remain obedient to God.

Request God’s will to be done

God knows everything. He knows what is best for us. How far are you sure that what you are requesting is actually what you ought to request. You request might possess an immediate danger for you. It might not be the best time for God to bless you. This is to say that there is time for everything. Have you ever asked yourself why Jesus Christ had to wait until the age of 30 years before starting His ministry? If you had ever did then you’ll realize that God has time for everything. Apostle Peter says in the scriptures under the influence of the Holy Spirit that God is not a respecter of men. Hence, you can’t popup with a prayer for financial miracle and expect things to be done according to your will alone. It is wise to end your prayer by requesting for His perfectly to be done.

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Ask, Seek, and Knock

Jesus’s words in Matthew 7:7 are very clear. He who ask will receive, he who seeks will certainly find, while he who knocks will have the door pen for him to enter. The message is very clear, it is now left for you to believe. In short, it depends now on your ability to believe Go’s words and receive everything that you ask. We are unable to receive from God because of our unbelieving nature. However, if we call and believe in Him, He will certainly do what His word promises. All we need is a faith big as a small mustard seed. However, this is not a call for us to look down on our faith or get discouraged. It is rather a call for us to count more on God for an increase in faith. We can always beg on Him to help us out of our unbelief.

Believe that you have received after praying

You might be asking yourself how it is possible to pray and believe that you have received even when there are no physical proofs. We’ll clear your doubts by saying that a good Christian is one of faith. And such a christian walks not by sight but by the trust that they have in God. He/she has complete confidence that God will fulfill all His promises. Always keep in mind that men can fail you in everything but God will never fail you. His words are reliable. Let’s increase our certainty about this by opening our Bibles to John 14:14 to hear what Jesus Christ has to say. In this verse, we clearly hear Jesus saying that anything which is asked of Him in His Holy name will certainly be granted. Your faith will bring forth the answers to your prayer for financial miracle.

Intention behind your prayer for financial miracle

Anyone can pray for financial blessings but what makes the difference is the motive for these blessings. Might be you were not aware that the motives in your heart greatly influence God’s decision about answering your prayer or not. God is of the heart. In other words, what justifies are actions and deeds before God is our heart or intentions. You can be sure that God knows your mind and motives for requesting anything from Him. If they are good, you can count on our good and righteous God to be with you. But if they are not, do not count on Him to answer your prayers. You should rather seek for repentance.

The way you had previously managed your financial blessings

This is strange right? yes, it is strange for many who are not very familiar with the teachings of Jesus Christ. Jesus was very clear when he said that anyone who was able to correctly manage small things will be given bigger ones. It is in this same light that he who cannot manage small things will be deprived of the little he thinks he has. With this in mind, you’ll agree with me that this also applies for the Christian’s financial blessings. If you are making a prayer for financial miracle today, it does not mean that God had not previously blessed you financially. And you can be sure that the way you managed the previous financial blessings will determine whether or not God should bless you the more. Hence, always use your financial blessings in doing the things that God loves. You could share with others too.

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Prayer for financial miracle

Anointed prayer for a financial miracle

Righteous father, you reign from the highest place in heaven. May your holy name be praised for all times. I acknowledge the fact that I am a sinner who merits punishment. I am not worthy to be in your presence. That’s why I ask for your pardon. Wash me with the blood of Jesus and make me whiter than snow. Father, thanks for having mercy and forgiving my sins. May you give me the necessary strength to remain in the light of your righteousness through an obedient heart. Father, your word says that whatever I bind on Earth is completely bound in Heaven. It also says that whatever I loos on Earth is completely loosed in Heaven. It is in the light of your word that I stand with the authority in the name of Jesus Christ to release my financial blessings from the enemy’s hands.

In the mighty name of Jesus Christ and by the power of the Holy Spirit, I recover all my financial blessings which were stolen by Satan and His agents. Heavenly father, may you bless me today with a financial miracle. By requesting for a financial miracle I do not mean to sound ungrateful for all the financial blessings you’ve been giving me. Father, you best know my present financial situation and heart motive for making this prayer. May it be done according to your will and not mine. In the name of Jesus Christ, I declare my financial blessings too hot for the devil and his agents. I cover my financial miracle with the blood of Jesus Christ which overcomes Satan and all his agents. Father, thank you for hearing and blessing me financially. Guide me to use these blessings for your glory.

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Powerful prayer for financial abundance

Lord God, maker of Heaven and Earth, I give you all the praise and honor because there is none like you. King of Heaven and Earth, you were my provider yesterday, you are my provider today, and you will be my provider tomorrow. With you, I lack nothing. You take me to reap from a fertile field at all times. With all these in mind, I can only say thank you for always providing my needs through your bounty riches in my lord Jesus Christ. Today, I come before you to request for wisdom over my finances. Lord, may you increase my channels of blessings and always locate me in your financial favor. Father, may you close the wrong doors in my life as you open new fruitful doors that will lead me to success. In the name of Jesus Christ, may all my fruitful financial doors remain open.

Father, you always hear and answer me every time I pray. I believe that as I have made this prayer for financial miracle, I and my neighbors shall never lack. Lord, I thank you for haven answered and blessed me abundantly in the financial sector. May you guide me through your wisdom to rightly use these blessings to meet up with my needs and those of your other children. Father, always give me new ideas on how to work hard and wisely in my business industry. Lord, protect all my businesses and keep them too hot for the devil not to temper with. Holy Father, may it b done unto me according to your will and not mine. I make this prayer for financial miracle in the mighty name of Jesus Christ and by the power of the Holy Spirit.


This brings us to the end of our article on how to pray for a financial miracle or financial blessing. Worth noting is that we receive from God based on our capacity to believe in Him. That’s why we’ll advice you to meditatively speak out any of the anointed prayer for financial miracle that we’ve given you. Believe in your heart and God will not let you down. We’ll recommend that you also read our articles on:

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