Richest Pastors in Nigeria

Richest Pastors in Nigeria

Richest Pastors in Nigeria

Unfold our writing to learn about the Richest Pastors in Nigeria. Unto our knowledge, being a pastor is not a call to live a life of financial struggles or poverty. That’s why we haven’t hesitated in coming up with a list of the richest pastors in Nigeria. Our list is made up of men and women who are currently benefiting from the financial blessings of God for having dedicated their lives into his service. It will not be wrong for us to say that these pastors have attained what we can call Christian Financial Freedom. This is a stage in life when a Christian worries no more about financial issues since God is in total control. Achieving financial freedom for most of these pastors was not a days job or something that came overnight. Most worked hard day and night following God’s directives.

Truth be told, most of these pastors did not get into ministry to make money. Their goal is to spread the gospel to the four corners of the world. In the course of accomplishing their missions, God in his goodness blessed them financially. In simple words we can say that they honored the call of God in their lives and ended up finding financial favor before him. Just as Jesus Christ said, all workers should be given the necessary resources to accomplish their missions. Be kind and realistic enough not to dwell in a skeptical point of view when it comes to Christian Finances. Remember that when Jesus Christ was on Earth, he used money to run his ministry. That’s why the scriptures say that Judas Iscariot was in charge of the group’s money bag.

List of Richest Pastors in Nigeria

In descending order

1. Bishop David Oyedepo – $180, 000,000

Bishop David Oyedepo happens to be the richest pastor in Nigeria. It’s just impossible to constitute a list of richest pastors in Nigeria without mentioning his name. He is the founder of Living Faith Outreach World Ministry. This ministry is popularly known as Winners Chapel. Bishop Oyedepo is also the owner of Dominion Publishing House through which his books are sold. Note that he is also the founder of the Covenant University, Landmark University, and Faith Academy. In addition to this, he owns large estates in Lagos, and several fashionable cars. His ministry has 4 private jets. Also read Bishop David Oyedepo Biography, Ministry, Wife and Children.

2. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome – $70,000,000

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is the Founder of the Believers World Fellowship which was transformed to what is known today is Christ Embassy. His ministry has branches all over the World and its headquarters are located in South Africa. He is also one of the most popular pastors in the world. He keeps his followers actively involved with the things of God by publishing scriptural reflections on monthly basis called Rhapsody Of Realities. Also read Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Biography, Ministry, Wife and Children.

3. Pastor Enoch Adeboye – $50,000,000

Our list of richest pastors in Nigeria won’t be complete without pastor Enoch Adeboye. He was born in 1942 in Ifewara, Osun State. Pastor Enoch Adeboye is currently acting as the General Overseer of the Redeemed Church Of God. He took over the overseeing position from Papa Akindayomi. During the time that Papa Akindayomi handed the church to pastor Enoch Adeboye, it was not very popular. But today, it has become one of the largest churches in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large. Note that with headquarters in Nigeria, the church has branches in 192 nations in the world. There are over 14,000 churches of the Redeemed Christian Church Of God in Nigeria talk less of those around the world. Also read Pastor Enoch Adeboye Biography, Ministry, Wife, and Children.

4. Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua – $25,000,000

Prophet TB Joshua is the founder and general overseer of the Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN). He is a well known and highly respected servant of God in Africa and the world at large. Prophet TB Joshua happens to be one of the pastors with a huge social media following. His ministry runs one of the most popular Christian TV channels known as Emmanuel TV. It happens to be the most watched Christian channel. Also read Prophet TB Joshua Biography, Ministry, Wife, and Children.

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5. Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo – $20,000,000

It is without doubt that pastor Matthew Ashimolowo is one of the richest pastors in Nigeria. He operates as the senior pastor of Kingsway International Christian Centre. Matthew Ashimolowo converted from Islam to Christianity by the age of 20. He happens to be one of the few persons in Nigeria to own a private jet, a collection of luxurious cars, and real estates. His wealth is estimated at $20 million. Also read Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo Biography, Ministry, Wife, and Children.

6. Bishop Ayodele Oritsejafor – $15,000,000

Affectionately called Papa Ayo Oritsejafor, he is the founder of the Word Of Life Bible Church. Located in Warri, Nigeria, his church host hundreds of weekly attendees. He was born in Lagos and was lucky enough to realize the call of God in his life when it was still day time. Without hesitation, he dedicated his life to serving God who has blessed him both spiritually and materially.

7. Pastor Chris Okotie – $12,000,000

Pastor Chris Okotie is one of the richest pastors in Nigeria who is currently benefiting from God’s financial favor. Back in the 1980s, he was a popular pop singer. His encounter with Christ brought lots of changes in his life and led him into full time service in God’s presence. Today, he works at the Household Of God Church as a shepherd to those that God has sent to him.

8. Bishop Mike Okonkwo – $3,000,000

Bishop Mike Okonkwo is a former banker who currently works as a full time servant in God’s presence. He is the founder and general overseer of the Redeemed Evangelic Mission. Since his dedication into serving God, his life has been a reflection of spiritual and material blessings.

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